The most popular category of wrinkle fillers is hyaluronic acid. Each type works in a slightly different way with varying results. The treatment is fast and easy.
  • Plump Lips

    Plump Lips Aesthetic procedures for the lips are listed as prepaid hialuronic asid filler, fat injections and botox applications. Basic principle of aesthetic procedures for the lip is increasing the volume. In addition to this volume loss due to aging, botox injections are quite of use to the horizontal lines, depending on the frequency of lip pursing and condition of the patient. All these applications are made under local anesthesia. Surgical operations such as dermofat grafts and skin excisions for sh

  • Redensity II Filler For Tear Through Defomity

    Redensity II Filler For Tear Through Defomity Redensity II under-eye light filling is used to minimize the under-eye fat bags, puffiness, black-and-blue and wrinkles due to aging and external factors, and is the first and only filling to help the aesthetic eye problems with single application. Tired looking under-eye is at the top of women’s biggest aesthetic problems. Hyaluronic acid filling aims to remove the under-eye puffiness and black-and-blue, to restructure the skin. Even if you are young, the black-blue and fat bags under your

  • Shining Skin with Redensity I

    Shining Skin with Redensity I Applied against the drooping and wrinkles in the skin that lost its elasticity due to stress, insufficient sleep and sun, light filling is a new concept combining mesotherapy and filling techniques to give back its light reflecting capacity to the skin. The most important characteristic of light filling is its completely natural hyaluronic acid content, which is also found in the human body and some other species.    

  • Light Filling for the Wrinkles and Sagging

    Light Filling for the Wrinkles and Sagging Women do not want to go under the knife to look younger and more beautiful. The new favorite in the advancing and constantly developing world of aesthetics is “light filling”. You can regain the youth glitter with this method, without going under the knife.