Hip and Leg Aesthetics

As the spring is approaching, now is time to decide to get steep curves on the hips and slim legs…

The most attractive parts of women are the central part of the body, namely hip, waist and thigh, on which we unwittingly focus. Every woman with upright, curved hips and a slim waist stands out at the first gaze. Indeed, legs are the most attractive parts that give a clue on the proportion. Unfortunately, Turkish women have the common genetic problem of wide hips and thick legs. When combined with excessive weight gaining-losing, junk food we consume, lack of sporting habit, postpartum deformations, the situation becomes uncontrollable.  Solution is to be open to any kind of methods to bring hip and leg aesthetics. 

Today, several non-surgical ways are available. However, the way to permanent solution is though aesthetic surgery.

The word surgery scares everyone, who is willing to get rid of the fat in the hips, thighs and waist and get shaped. Because everyone knows someone that underwent classical liposuction and got unsatisfied with the results. Number of those having grooves and bumps in the legs and saggy lower hips after the surgery is not low at all. However, combined with the technological developments, surgical skills can produce the best results.

The most frequently used method in aesthetic surgery is sucking the fat with vacuum, namely liposuction, as in the entire world. With the accelerating technological developments, classical liposuction is replaced by new methods. The most frequently used techniques include ultrasonic (VASER) and LASER liposuction. VASER melts only the fat tissues with sound waves. Laser, on the other hand, is applied to make use of the thermal effect.

We can not only use either of these methods for the some patients, but also use them together to obtain the desired results faster. We can break up and remove the fat with VASER. Targeting only the fat tissues, this technology brings more diffused, ungrooved look. Particularly waist and thighs have a thick and deep fat tissue. Deep ultrasonic liposuction is effective in these regions. And because the subdermal surface in the concerned region is hard and tight, we use Vaser to produce a smooth look.

Inner legs and lower hips are sensitive regions with thin skin and are prone to get saggy. Superficial subdermal tissue is also quite thin and spongelike. Increasing fat formation in this region confronts us in cellulites. Removal with liposuction leads to undesired results such as grooves in the inner legs called ondulation, and hip sagging called “banana roll”. Therefore, particularly in these regions we apply deep laser liposuction. In the superficical subdermal region, we use LASER technology to tighten the fat tissue, rather than to remove it. Therefore, we apply LASER energy on the connective tissue under the skin (re-tightening) to ensure faster tightening. Actually hip and leg aesthetics must be considered as a whole and must show a smooth gradation. When shaped by applying both new technologies to remove excess fat, we not only get smaller hips, waist and thighs, but also can have a tighter look.

After all, it is not difficult or scary at all to obtain a beautiful and successful result… However, we can have the look we desired by using suitable technologies in right hands.


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