VASER Liposuction

The most frequently applied aesthetic surgery method in the world is liposuction, which is removal of the fat with vacuum from any region desired. With the rapid technological developments, conventional liposuction is replaced by VASER Liposuction, which brings less complication and side effects, as well as a faster recovery period.

Compared to the classical methods, less damage occurs after the operation, almost no side effects such as pain, bruises, edema and topognosis are observed with this method, and its characteristic is being fat tissue selective. Thus, thanks to the sound waves that only break down, no other tissue is damaged. In classical liposuction while fat is broken down and removed with vacuum, support tissues are damaged. Vaser method, on the other hand, eliminates the damage. Therefore, the skin gets recovered faster after the operation, sagging is prevented and the region of fat removal becomes smoother.

Used to break down the fat tissue and to remove it from the body, this method combined the new technology with the advanced surgical techniques. Applied in America for over 10 years, the method is preferred all around the world. Without any diet program and exercise, undesired fat is removed effectively from any region of the body that is desired to be tightened, such as legs, arms, neck, jowl, breasts, knee, hips, back and abdomen.

Vaser uses ultrasonic energy technology, breaks down the fat tissue with specially designed cannulas and absorbs and removes this tissue that it broke down with its canal system. It does not damage the connective tissue, veins and nerves. Patients prefer it because it leaves no pain and bruises after the operation. It brings more reliable and effective results in much more sensitive and thin regions such as face, chin, neck, arms and legs.

Vaser Liposelective Liposuction can be applied on any region of the body. It is also quite effective in treatment of Breast Enlargement in men, which is called Gynecomastia. While it corrects the breasts without leaving any scars, it can also provide a more muscled-masculine look with its special technique.

Vaser Liposuction is very effective in treatment of the persistent fat around the waist and back. After its effective application on these regions, in general people can get two sizes down. We can also use it to remove the fat in the abdomen, waist and butt. With this technique also called “Liposculpturing”, body can be reshaped.

Because there are less bruises and swelling after the surgery, recovery is faster. Patients can get back to their daily life soon after the surgery. Even when massive fat is removed, recovery is faster.

Vaser lipo is a highly reliable method. It can easily be applied on small areas under local anesthesia. Due to its fat selective feature, fat can be removed more homogenously, and therefore no wavy look, cavities or irregularities are observed.  Because it is applied with thin cannulas and skin protectors, incisions are small and leave no big scars. It allows removing more fat.

Before the operation, one should not consume Omega Fat Acids, Green tea, Vitamin E and Aspirin. They may increase the risk of bleeding in all surgical operations. Instead, with natural edema solvents and adequate diet, edema can be reduced before and after the operation and recovery can be accelerated. After the operation, wearing the corset for at least for two weeks brings faster results. One can have a shower and hike on the next day. Regular massage that begins after 7-10 is very effective in remedying the edema.

When applied on the right patient’s right areas effectively by the right hands, it is inevitable to produce beautiful results.

To obtain nice results without irregularities and waves in our society, where people suffer from excessive fat particularly in the butt, hips, thighs and legs, suitable technology, advanced technique and careful work are musts.

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