Lip Aesthetics

Lip Augmentation is used to enhance the appearance of thin, aged or asymmetrical lips. The treatment provides the perfect solution to achieving a naturally seductive and desirable pout.

Injectable lip enhancement is a procedure involving the strategic injection of dermal into areas of the lips to enhance, shape, or add volume to the lips and reduce surrounding wrinkles.

  • Lip Aesthetic Surgery

    Lip Aesthetic Surgery Lips get thinner and lose their plumpness with aging. Plump lips make one look younger and more attractive. Lip deformation may also be observed for other reasons than aging. We either transfer your own fat tissue or inject a substance called Hyaluronic Acid. However, these impermanent methods have to be repeated in 4-6-month intervals.

  • Lip Plumping Surgery

    Lip Plumping Surgery It is the aesthetical application preferred by those who complain about thin lips or want to plump her lips. Lip plumping applications is the augmentation operation conducted to make the women’s lips, the symbol of their beauty, look more aesthetical and feminine. Lip augmentation is applied not only to beautify the appearance, but also by reason of volume loss due to traumas, some hormonal activities and reduction of tissue support structures.

  • Aesthetic Methods for Plump Lips

    Aesthetic Methods for Plump Lips Lips account for an important component of our face both aesthetically and functionally. Mucosa giving the lips their wetness and color is the main part that makes lips prominent. Lips consist of the skin that combines the lips with the outer environment and peripheral structures, the muscles, fat and connective tissue between these two structures that play an important role in both lips’ function and their looking plump or thin.

  • Lip Plumping

    Lip Plumping It means increasing the volume of the lip that is thin either for genetic reasons or because of aging. When more prominent lips are preferred, by using hyaluronic acid or autegenic to reshape the lip contours. Lip plumping applications are made for a singe session that takes 15-30 minutes. Before the application, anesthetic cream is applied on the area. Filler is injected into the lip contours to make the contour more prominent and the lips plumper.