Nasal Tip Surgery

Nose is very important because it not only occupies the middle of the face, but also serves to breath.   As it is one of the most evident organs in the face, nose plays a big role in our appearance.

Interventions with the nose must be planned well in all aspects and prudently applied. Rather than making perfect small noses for those with too long or too wide noses, a person-specific approach must be adopted in planning and application.

Nose form fit for the face, with no sign of surgery is preferred more. Those applied for aesthetic nose surgery in their twenties prefer upright and smaller nose, while women over a certain age want less changes and prefer minimal operations for the nose tip.

Applied where the nose tip is too sharp, thick, saggy or wide, tip plasty is quite a simple application. The intervention is only with the cartilage tissue on the tip, with no other area being affected.

Cartilage in the tip may be separate and big in some people, which is medically called Bulbous Nose. Nose tip seems as if divided into two in the middle.

Too wide nose alas may make the nosetrils look too big. Moreover, if the nose alas are asymmetrical, the patient is fit for the operation.

If the nosetip is prone to go down and the curve is beyond the normal limits, it may cause difficulties in breathing. In this case, Tip Plasty is indeed the most suitable solution.

The procedure of reshaping the nose tip cartilage is performed with a simple technique called open nose surgery. It takes around 20 to 25 minutes and performed under local anesthesia in the operation room.

This technique is the most ideal method to adjust the angle between the nose and lip. It does not require packing or plaster. Therefore, the patient has no difficulties in breathing after the operation. No bruises is seen in the face and the possible edema on the nose reduce in a few days. You may go back home right after the surgery and to your social life after a week.

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