Op. Dr. Leyla Arvas on PRP Method

I cannot tell how excited I am. Now I am in the waiting room of a hospital. A patient was taken to the doctor’s room a few minutes ago. I overheard that she will have the mole in her face removed. Then, it's my turn. Nurse came and recorded my personal information. She asked my name, surname, age, if I have any illness, and I quickly replied. However, my heart is about to burst! A couple of friends told me about the method called PRP, and I came here to have it applied. Before coming here, I watched a few videos of the treatment, which is also known as the vampire’s method. Actually, what I saw would almost make me run away from the waiting room. In the videos, blood was being removed with huge syringes and the same blood was being injected into the face with the same huge syringes. It was literally frightening. We had covered this method in several news. But the difference is now I am to try it at first hand… Half an hour passed, I drank some water and coffee and the doctor approached me. When I hear her saying “Let’s take you in” after a short conversation, I got a sudden headache. Thinking that cowards die many times before death, I followed her in.


Now we are having an interesting experience with Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Specialist Op. Dr. Leyla Arvas. First they drew my blood from my arm, but not with a syringe, as in the videos I saw. So it did not hurt at all. Then, they centrifuged the regenerative cells and growth hormones obtained from my blood, and injected it into my face. Although when an opiate cream was applied on my face I thought to myself “This is the end”, and after the treatment began, I realized that I was wrong. It is not painful… Most of the people don’t see the change in my face now, I refuse telling them what happened. I just say “I sleep and rest well”…

The characteristic of the method that was used by Ayşegül Aldinç, Tiger Woods and Madonna is to rejuvenate the people with their own blood…

PRP brings solutions for the color problems, dryness, damage, wrinkles and spots in the skin affected by the sun in particular, and can be applied to bring health and brightness to the skin of anyone over 30. The results become visible in 1 to 3 weeks, depending on the person’s age, how his/her skin is affected by the sun, as well as his/her smoking and eating habits.

Blood drawn from your arm and centrifuged is dissociated, and while the red and white blood cells separate, platelet-rich part is concentrated. This plasma is taken with a special method and injected via microinjections on the region to be treated, such as the face or hairy skin. Treatment lasts around 30 minutes and the person can go back home on the same day.

After the treatment, the skin looks moist, tighter, brighter and lighter colored. It is also applied on the hairy skin to prevent hair loss and improve hair quality and quantity.

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