Secondary Rhinoplasty

There are 4 basic rules in rhinoplasty surgeries:

1- Nose must be fit for the facial symmetry and be found aesthetically beautiful by most of the people.  Note that nose in a round face and oval face must not be the same.

2- Form of the nose must not change in time. The procedure must bring permanent results and not require revision.

3- No one must understand that the person underwent rhinoplasty. Even when the nose looks very nice and cute, no one likes to be asked “Your nose looks great, where did you have your surgery?”

4- Nose’s breathing function must be kept in mind. Nose is the organ that warms up the cold air and wets the dry air, which means one cannot live with a small and cute nose that cannot breathe.

Post-surgery care:

1- Light foods that are not too hot can be consumed 4 hours after the surgery.

2- Cold compress is applied around the eye and surgery area for 24 hours after the surgery, and when required, this period may be extended to 24 hours, with the person applying a plastic bag of ice cubes for 10 minutes in every 2 hours at her home.

3- To prevent the scabbing within the nose, nasal sprays with sea water content prescribed by the doctor is applied and softening creams are applied on the stitches.

4- If used, silicone packing is removed on the 2nd or 3rd day. After the silicone packing is removed, nasal spray application continues, and ocean water and pomades are applied to prevent scabbing. One can easily breathe through the nose after the packing is removed, but nose can be blocked afterwards in a few hours. This is due to the swollen tissues within the nose and will be solved with the sprays prescribed by the doctor.

5- For 1 week after the surgery, one should avoid laughing and mimicking too much.

6- One can have a bath after the surgery. Thermal splint applied on the nose tip is water resistant. Nevertheless, one had better to avoid direct water contact and have her hair washed at the hair dresser with no water contacting the face. Washing the body brings no harm.

7- On the 7th day after the surgery, brace on the nose, as well as the stitches on the nose tip are removed. Bandage is applied on the nose to be kept for 3-7 days.

8- After the bandage is removed, finger massage must be applied on the nose, if the doctor recommends so.

9- One should not wear glasses for 6 months after the surgery.

10- One should not play sports, sunbathe for 1 month, and should wear a wide hat to protect the nose against the sun, when required. Sun may cause swelling on the nose and thickening skin.

11- One should avoid sports such as basketball and football with risks of taking a blow on the nose, for 6 months.

12- After rhinoplasty, bruises around the nose disappear within 1 week in general and 70% of the swelling on the nose reduces within 2 months. Complete healing of the swelling on the nose may extend up to 6 months.  Swelling disappears on the nose tip and nose root at last.

13- The nose gets it final form on the 6th month-after 1 year.

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