15 Facts About Liposuction

liposuction Want to remove excess fat from your body? Liposuction will help you in removing fat from the specific areas of your body. But will it really help in removing the complete body’s weight? Ahh! Not really. Liposuction is a surgical procedure that reshapes specific areas of the body such as hips, abdomen, thighs, buttocks, arms or neck.

Now you’re probably thinking about what’s the need of diet & exercise then. Right? Dieting & Exercise definitely helps in making the body healthy & fit but sometimes it doesn’t affect specific areas like upper Arms, chin & neck, chest & back or calves & ankles. Liposuction removes stubborn fat cells from specific areas where diet & exercise doesn’t respond. Some treatments like breast reduction & gynecomastia also use Liposuction procedure.

Fat cells increase in volume & size when you gain weight. Liposuction works here by reducing the number of fat deposits from the specific area. In order to get the Liposuction surgery, the patient’s health should be good and the patient shouldn’t have health diseases such as coronary artery, diabetes, restricted blood flow or a weak immune system. Diseases like these can create complications while performing surgery. Before having any kind of surgery, don’t forget to take an appointment from the expert.

But before taking any decision, let’s discuss top 10 facts about Liposuction.

1- Reusable of Fat Cells

While removing fat cells from the specific areas, your extracted fat can be reused in other parts of the body such as face, butt, breasts or buttocks. It’s one of the safest procedures compared to other implantations. Improve your body’s appearance now with Liposuction.

Fat cells taken by liposuction can be beneficial in people in the fight against diseases.

With liposuction, all fat can be removed from the body from head to toe, including cheek, neck, chest, abdomen, hip, arm and leg. Today, there is evidence in recent studies that some fats are beneficial to the body. Some fat cells taken by liposuction can be a very valuable source for mesenchymal stem cells, which are the stem cell type of the person, by joining the structure of bone, cartilage and muscle.

In the studies carried out, fat stem cells; It has been observed that it is beneficial for people with diabetes, heart and neurological diseases. The more fat a person has in his/her body, the more harmful it is to be without excess fat. For this reason, it is very important that people do not fall below the amount of fat required for their bodies with liposuction treatment.

Vaser Liposuction

2- It’s a Painless Procedure

Don’t be scared about getting Liposuction surgery as it’s a painless surgery. So many people often think that removing fat cells hurts a lot but it’s one of the biggest myths. According to experts, Liposuction is one the most performed procedures in the World. While treating, the surgeon uses a tumescent method to fill the treated area. This method minimizes swelling.

3- Liposuction doesn’t Removes All Fat

Most people usually think that Liposuction removes all the body fat. But it’s not true! This procedure is only for those who are close to their ideal BMI. Liposuction improves the body’s contour by removing fat pockets. Liposuction is not suitable for people with excess amounts of fat or obesity.

“Liposuction” is not for obese people
Liposuction is a medical word meaning removal of fat. There is no cure for weight loss or obesity. In fact, in order to apply liposuction, a good patient should have a maximum of 30% fat. Liposuction; It takes fat formations that cannot be removed by exercise and diet from the body of the person. This type of fat is dependent on genes, especially different from a person’s lifestyle.

In order to fully benefit from the liposuction treatment, the person must be especially fit, active and non-smoker. Before deciding on the liposuction operation, the patient should keep his expectations reasonable and decide together with his doctor to be sure. This is the most appropriate.

4- For Better Results After Liposuction

No doubt that Liposuction provides better results. In general, adult bodies don’t generate new fat cells after removal which makes this procedure permanent & effective. But the unremoved cells can grow in the future if you don’t follow a healthy diet.

The surgery generally takes around 5 hours and gives instant results that makes your body more beautiful than ever.

5- Available for Both Men & Women

Yeah it’s right! Liposuction normally used for reshaping & contouring the body to improve appearance. Nowadays, men are choosing Liposuction procedures and finding them effective. Some of the common areas such chin, handles, waist & other can be treated with Liposuction.

6- Quick Recovery

Are you planning to start work directly after surgery? Never do this! It may take around 1 to 2 weeks to fully recover from the surgery. Without rest, you may experience some problems such as swelling, soreness & bruising. These side effects depend on the body’s nature & amount of fat extracted.

So, don’t be in a hurry. Wait for a minimum of 2 weeks and you can get back to Daily routine.

liposuction- corset

7- Wear Compression Garments

Many people think that wearing compression garments can cause problems. Don’t believe it! According to experts, wearing compression garments reduces bruising, swelling & bleeding from the treated area. With compression garments, the body starts absorbing fluids & heals it faster. It helps you to recover faster & give good results.

8- Scars

People often think that Liposuction surgery leaves so many scars on the body. This is just a myth. During Liposuction surgery, there is a minimal chance of scarring as surgeons already kept some cuts to be hidden. That’s why Liposuction leaves very small marks on the body.

9- Anesthesia can be Performed

During Liposuction surgery, surgeons usually perform either local or general anesthesia. General anesthesia applies into the unconscious state while local anesthesia applies into the particular area of the body where the liposuction is being performed. It totally depends on the amount of fat, whether a patient should be given local anesthesia or general anesthesia. In most cases, surgeons perform local anesthesia.

10- Liposuction for Smokers

Not at all. According to surgeons, Liposuction surgery can be a hard decision as it requires a healthy life. After surgery, people should rest for about 10 days in order to fully recover. But for smokers it will be difficult to quit smoking. There are examples where people quit smoking just because of this surgery. That’s great. Isn’t it! But most doctors recommend not smoking for at least 10-15 days after the Liposuction surgery.

11- Liposuction is not an Alternative to Diet or Sports!

Liposuction is not a surgery performed by people who do not want to diet and do sports. In order to have liposuction, the patient must state whether he is on a diet or not when he applies to the aesthetic and plastic surgery specialist. For liposuction, patients must be healthy and lose their excess weight. However, he should have a balanced diet and sports routine.

If the person does not do sports and diet, but wants to get rid of excess fat with liposuction, this request is not accepted by the doctor. The importance of this is that; In people who do not change their life and movement patterns, lubrication increases after the operation. The most accurate way of applying liposuction; Although the ideal weight of the person is reached, it is done with the remaining fat stores in the body.

12- Stretch Marks do not Disappear with Liposuction!

The human skin consists of two layers. The upper layer is a thin layer called the epidermis, and the layer below it is a thick layer called the dermis. Stretch marks in the skin can occur as a result of rapid weight gain and loss, as a result of drug use or genetically.

Stretch marks are formed as follows; The thin skin layer on the top remains intact, the thick elastic layer on the bottom is torn and becomes apparent with the formation of a cracked appearance from the outside. With liposuction, the fat at the bottom is removed and the stretch mark in that area cannot be treated. For this reason, the stretch marks that existed before liposuction also exist after the procedure.

13- Liposuction is not Applied to Lose Weight!

Liposuction is the operation to shape the body lines of the person. And this operation is not applied for the purpose of losing weight. For example; Removing five liters of fat from a patient does not mean that that patient has lost five kilograms. The reflection of the liter as a kilo cannot be exactly the same. Liposuction is applied to eliminate regional protrusions or deformities in the body of the person, especially in the body lines.

14- Liposuction does not Destroy Your Cellulite!

Liposuction is never a cellulite treatment in people. After this procedure, the appearance of cellulite does not decrease. The orange peel appearance, especially on the legs, occurs by a different mechanism other than fat accumulation. If the skin quality of the person is not sufficient, the appearance of cellulite may continue after liposuction.

Vaser Liposuction

15- Care should be Taken to Avoid Gaining Weight After Liposuction!

After liposuction, people may have the idea that “I have had my fat removed, no matter what I do after that, I will not face the problem of getting fat again”. This thought is not true. In the area where liposuction is applied, 80-90% of the fat cells are removed and fat accumulation does not occur easily in that area. But the way people gain weight can vary.

The weight gain of a patient who has liposuction in the waist region does not affect this line much, this situation causes fat accumulation in the hip and belly area of the person. For this reason, after liposuction, people can gain weight again and experience getting fat problems. Liposuction must be done by an experienced doctor who is an expert in this field and attention should be paid to the amount of fat to be removed in one session.


Liposuction is one of the best cosmetic procedures in the World. It doesn’t remove all the fat from your body but it removes the fat deposits from the specific areas of the body that can’t be rid by diet & exercise. Surgeons advise wearing garment suits for 5-6 weeks after the Liposuction surgery.

Liposuction is usually performed for cosmetic purposes but it can be helpful for other conditions also such as Lipomas, Gynecomastia, Lymphedema, Lipodystrophy syndrome or weight loss after obesity. According to experts, you should meet around 40% of your BMI in order to have Liposuction surgery.

There are some recommendations that need to be made from the patient side before having the surgery:

  • People who often take anti-inflammatory drugs should stop taking it,
  • Smoking should be totally stopped,
  • Decrease or adjust your medications,
  • Changing diet and building up muscle.

People often think that the anti-cellulite lotions can help them in reducing the excess fat of the body. Anti-cellulite lotions only work upon the surface but when it comes to underneath fat cells then nothing can replace Liposuction. Above top 10 facts will help you to understand the surgery & decide the best for you.

Liposuction is Done at a Very Affordable Price Today in Istanbul, Turkey

Many people who decide to have liposuction operation are primarily curious about the price. Since it is an application for cosmetic purposes, liposuction is not covered by Istanbul insurance. Despite this, liposuction is performed at a very affordable price today. 

Liposuction Prices are determined according to the areas to be applied on the body and the experience of the applying doctor. Liposuction application is performed under fully equipped hospital operating room conditions. Depending on the area to be applied and the amount of fat to be removed, the patient can be hospitalized for 1 night in the hospital. 

Liposuction Istanbul Prices are determined according to the content of the operation to be performed. In this case, the cost of the Liposuction may vary. It is not possible to talk about a standard price for the Liposuction in Istanbul, Turkey.

As a result of liposuction, very good results are obtained. For Ministry of Health-accredited centers, it is not legal to specify prices on their website. Therefore, please dial 0212 241 46 24 to contact Quartz Clinique and get information on Liposuction Prices in Istanbul, Turkey.

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