7 Most Common Causes of Saggy Breast and Treatments

Breast Sagging There are following factors that lead to sagging of the breast like;

  1. Age,
  2. Patients hormonal level,
  3. General health conditions,
  4. Pregnancies,
  5. Breastfeeding,
  6. Weight fluctuations,
  7. Physical activity.

What is the Most Common Reason for Breast Sagging?

  • Age

With age, the content of hyaluronic acid in the skin inevitably decreases and the balance of collagen and elastin changes as well. The skin loses its ability to retain moisture, as a result the patient may experience loss of elasticity. In addition, it is stretched under the influence of the weight of the gland.

  • Pregnancy

During the breast feeding  of a child, under the influence of specific hormones, the mammary gland increases in volume. After the end of lactation, breast volume decreases again, and the skin still remains. With each following pregnancy, it becomes less and less elastic, so ptosis becomes also more visible. Sometimes an increase in the volume of the gland occurs even before childbirth, so some sagging breasts cannot be avoided even by those who refuse to breastfeed.

  • Weight Fluctuations

Most often, the increase in body weight leads to an increase in breast size. This is due to the fact that the fat layers located between the lobules of the breast gland change in volume. In this case, the skin stretches and loses its elasticity. In the future, with a decrease in the size of the breast, the skin does not have time to contract and its excess is formed, which leads to ptosis.

The volumetric ratio of adipose and glandular tissue of breast changes with age, and the individual characteristics of health  also play an important role . In young women, glandular tissue most often predominates; in the postmenopausal period, the gland involutes and is replaced by adipose tissue. Therefore, fluctuations in weight at an early age affect the shape and position of the breast to a lesser extent than at a later age.

  • Physical Activity

Running and jumping without wearing proper garments (bra).

With increased physical activity, the chest is actively displaced in all directions, while the skin is stretched. The smaller the volume and consequently the mass of the gland, the lower the load on the supporting apparatus. That is why a small breast is practically not deformed during constant physical exertion, even if its owner trains without a supporting bra.


How Do I Fix My Saggy Breasts?

Most women in adulthood are tormented by the question: sagging breasts – how to restore it?

What is the Fastest Way to Tighten a Saggy Breast?

There both surgical and non surgical options:

  • Do breast massage
  • Use cosmetics with collagen
  • Perform physical exercises to maintain pectoral muscles in good shape;
  • Adhere to a diet with an abundance of protein, vitamins A, E;
  • Choose bra according to size
  • Use a contrast shower

However, these are only preventive measures that will only prevent further sagging  of the breasts. If the breasts after childbirth or weight loss sagged to a large extent, the listed methods will not help. You can only improve the condition of the skin and create a muscular frame that will slow down further omission.

Saggy Breast Reconstruction by Plastic Surgery Methods

Mastopexy or Breast Lift

Aesthetic surgery for lifting the soft tissues of the bust, correcting the shape and location of the areolas, nipples. With a slight omission, periareolar mastopexy the surgeon  will remove excess glandular tissue and skin, tighten soft tissues in the areola area.

With grade II ptosis, vertical mastopexy will be required with tissue correction from the nipple to the submammary fold. If the changes are significant, a T-shaped mastopexy is performed, which allows you to lift even a large breast, if it sags, fix it in a spectacular position, and give the areolas a harmonious look.

Augmentation Mammoplasty

Breast augmentation with silicone implants allows you to give the bust the necessary volume. You can choose the shape of the endoprosthesis (round, drop-shaped), its volume, profile (high, medium, low). During the operation, the doctor will install the implant in the selected area: under the pectoral muscle, mammary gland, or both. Access may be performed through the armpit, submammary fold or lower edge of the areola. With any option, any scars will be hardly noticeable.

Breast Fat Injection

Lipofilling Surgery to correct the shape of the breast with the help of the patient’s own tissue. It can be performed  simultaneously with liposuction – the removal of adipose tissue from areas of the body where there is an excess of it. Patients own fat tissue   is injected in small doses into the corrected area of ​​the breast. The result is a taut, harmoniously shaped breast.

Breast Sagging

Can Sagging Breasts be Firm Again?

It is quite difficult to return the sagging breast into its original look but there are some ways to minimize and prevent further sagging. To minimize the likelihood of changes in the shape of the mammary glands, during pregnancy and throughout the entire period of feeding, it is recommended to follow a few rules.

Proper Nutrition

Keep track of your weight throughout your pregnancy and lactation. When pregnant, try not to gain more than your doctor recommends by the 9th month (usually, weight gain of no more than 14-15 kg by the 40th week is considered normal). Remember that the more the mammary glands increase with excess body weight during pregnancy, the greater the risk of them sagging after childbirth.

It is also important to remember that a strict low-calorie diet is contraindicated for pregnant women. Therefore, nutrition should exclude an excess of “fast” carbohydrates, but at the same time provide all the needs of the body of the mother and child for nutrients.

Moisturizing and Choice of Linen

Compliance with the drinking regimen and the use of skin moisturizing creams will reduce the risk of stretch marks on the chest. During the feeding period, the size of the mammary gland is always larger than your original, however, after the end of feeding, it gradually decreases in volume. Be prepared to change the size of your bras so that they do not squeeze or injure the mammary gland.

Physical Exercises

Regular weight-bearing exercises (dumbbells) help strengthen the muscles of the chest and back. This helps to reduce sagging of the mammary glands and increase their tone. However, if there has been a significant increase in the size of the glands, then training the pectoral muscles will have a subtle effect.

The fact is that the size of the breast increases due to the growth of the glandular tissue, and the pectoral muscles lie deeper, under it. And although muscle tone improves, and the chest may become more “tight”, a noticeable loss in the volume of the soft tissues of the gland will not occur.

Therefore, very often, even despite the measures taken, the shape of the mammary glands changes, stretch marks appear on them. A woman notices how she has lost her tone, her breasts have sagged, and “what to do” becomes the main question when physical education and diets are frustrating with their low efficiency.

Plastic Surgery

Mammoplasty or Breast LIft is the only guaranteed way to ensure the restoration of the shape of the breast after  sagging due to childbirth, breastfeeding or other factors. The prices for such interventions are made up of the technical complexity of the operation, the cost of consumables, the type of anesthesia, etc.

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