Are There Any Scars After Breast Lift?

breast lift The question of whether there will be a possibly visible scar after a breast lift, is one of the most frequently asked questions by patients who are looking for Breast lift surgery.

Breast lift Surgery itself is an operation that helps to solve such problems as the loss of volume and vitality of the breasts, sagging occuring with the effect of gravity after aging, sagging after frequent weight gain and loss, gastric sleeve  surgery, pregnancy or breastfeeding processes.

Loss of elasticity occurs in the breast area due to different reasons as a result, sagging and deformations that occur may disturb the person both visually and psychologically. In this case patients looking for a permanent solution (breast lifting). Breast lift is an ideal permanent solution for patients with sagging and deformations in the breast.

Breast lift operation can be easily applied to the patient as long as their general health conditions are suitable. It’s ideal for patients that stop losing weight after sleeve gastrectomy or an intense diet program and switch to the weight maintenance phase. For patients who lost weight after pregnancy and breastfeeding processes.

For patients who lost  volume and elasticity of breast. Also if patients have loosening of the nipples, when the nipples fall under the breast fold area when they are not supported by a bra. It can be a solution for patients who suffer from asymmetry, if one breast is anatomically drooping compared to the other, and this asymmetry becomes more visible with aging.

It is quite normal to have scars in the incision and suture areas after the operation, since the incision method is applied according to the size of the sagging in the breast in breast lift surgeries. However, during the healing process, this scar is tried to be minimized with creams and silicon plasters recommended by the doctor.

After about a year post  breast lift operation, the color of the scar will gradually fade and begin to approach the normal skin color. Even if a slight amount of scar remains after breast lift surgery, these remaining scars will not disturb the person as much as the saggy and deformed breast look.

When Does the Scar Go Away After the Breast Lift?

Although it is said that the scars that will remain are minimum visible  and in sizes that will not disturb the person, people who are considering this operation are extra sensitive about the scar and want to know what it will look like after the breast lift surgery.

It is not possible for breast lift surgeries to be scarless, since incisions and stitches are made. In breast lift operations, the nipple is taken from the bottom and moved up due to the sagging of the breast. 

In breast lift surgery, with implants that give volume to the breast, there  can be used different types of incisions. These different incisions leave different scars.

For example, in breast lift surgery with implants, a small incision is made from the nipple or under the breast so that the implants can be placed in the body. The scars left after these operations are in areas that can be easily covered, and with the fading of the color, they will never disturb the person.

However, if the sagging and deformation of the breast is advanced, instead of using the implants preferred in breast augmentation surgeries, a vertical incision is made from the nipple to the bottom of the patient’s breast. The breast lift operation will be performed by the surgeon in a most suitable for this exact patient technique depending on recovery of the person’s own breast tissue and excess skin. In this case, the scar that may remain after the breast lift operation varies according to the size of the incision, sagging level and skin laxity.

The process of scarring after breast lift operations is following: 

  • Approximately one week after the breast lift operation, the tapes that were placed during the operation to cover the wound can be taken off. These bands are removed when the doctor deems it appropriate, 
  • Approximately one month after the breast lift surgery, the scars in the places where the incisions were made are completely closed, and the suture marks are red and prominent,
  • Approximately 3 months after the breast lift operation, the color of the suture marks begin to fade and lose their clarity,
  • Approximately 6 months after the breast lift, the suture scars begin to lose their clarity. This happens when patients regularly used the creams given by the doctor and stayed away from smoking and alcohol, which delay healing, during this period,
  • About a year post breast lift surgery, the scars become completely white and close to the color of the skin.

Breast lift

How Does the Breast Lift Scar Fade?

Breast lift surgeries are one of the surgeries that make the person generally very satisfied with the results when it is performed by an experienced surgeon.

They also make it possible to enlarge or reduce the breast while shaping the breast and removing the sagging that bothers the patient. In addition, there is no other method that can permanently remove sagging and deformations in the breast, apart from breast lift operations.

The scar left after breast lift surgery varies according to the technique that was applied, and the more sagging and deformation in the breast, the wider the area where the scar will occur.

The breast lift scar fade and getting closer to the skin color with the time. After breast lift surgeries, it is possible for the suture marks to remain a little more evident in very dark or very light skinned people, while it is possible for them to begin to fade and lose their clarity in a much shorter time in patients with light skin.

How to Reduce Scars After Breast Lift Surgery?

In order to reduce scars after breast lift surgery, there are some rules that the patient must follow. After breast lift surgery, it is very important that the patient takes care of the wound and follows the doctor’s recommendations strictly. The more the patient pays attention, the faster the recovery will be.

What the person can do to reduce scars after breast lift surgery:

  • Keeping the incision clean is important,
  • Wearing special garments is necessary,
  • Regular use of creams recommended by the doctor to accelerate wound healing after breast lift surgery is important,
  • Avoiding smoking and alcohol during the healing period because it delays wound healing,
  • Avoiding hot environments such as sauna and hammam, as it will increase edema for a while after the surgery and delay the healing process,
  • Avoiding heavy lifting and heavy sports activities for the period specified by the doctor,
  • Avoiding exposure to direct sunlight as it will make the incisions opened in breast lift operations more prominent, and using high factor sunscreen creams regularly when exposed to the sun,
  • Paying attention to avoid itching, rubbing or nailing of the incisions and stitches after breast lift surgery accelerates the wound healing process after breast lift surgery, and ensures that the suture marks remain at a minimum level where the person will not be disturbed.

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