With breast aesthetics, you can have the ideal breast size and appearance suitable for your body with breast enlargement, reduction and lifting operations.

Every woman dreams of a beautiful and upright look of breasts. However, pregnancy and frequent weight gains and losses may overshadow this dream. Aging, genetic factors and giving birth may lead to drooping breasts.

Drooping breasts may be corrected with plastic breast operations. Besides that, deformations are reshaped in the scope of the plastic breast operations as well. Unequal look of breasts is balanced, and breasts can be reduced or augmented, depending on the patient’s need.

What is Breast Aesthetics?

Breast AestheticsBreast Aesthetics in general is a name for a group of plastic surgeries to change the size and shape of the sagging and out of shape breasts for different reasons. Breast Aesthetics has firmly entered modern life, but not all the patients who are doing Breast Aesthetics surgeries want to approach the trend, some of the Breast Aesthetics surgeries can be considered the demand for breast correction operations and the correction of the sagging and droopy breast. Most of the methods of breast surgery are designed to restore a woman’s self-confidence, and this is not always an increase in breast size. With the help of our experienced plastic surgeons, you can:

  • Enlarge naturally small breasts;
  • Reduce too large breasts;
  • Correct breast asymmetry;
  • Remove pathological growths of breast tissue in women and men;
  • Return the shape of the breast, which has lost its volume after feeding the baby, after pregnancy or losing weight;
  • To tighten, to correct asymmetry and improve the contour of the breast during its ptosis (ptosis);
  • Correct deformities after trauma or surgical interventions for the treatment of mastitis and neoplasms in the mammary glands;
  • Correct asymmetries and deformities of the nipples and areolas.

Importance of Breast Aesthetics!

It is very important to be professional in breast aesthetics operations. The person who needs breast aesthetics may have aesthetic concerns. Breast aesthetics can be caused by a physical complaint upon appearance request and need.

People often experience situations such as aesthetic problems in the breast, loss of form in the breast due to different previous diseases. In any case, people can find solutions to their problems with breast aesthetics applications. Diagnosis, treatment and control processes are carried out by a professional doctor who is an expert in the field of breast aesthetics.

In order for breast aesthetics to be perfect, first of all, a perfect preparation process is very important in this process. In the pre-operation process, it is necessary to determine the problems, requests and problems in the breast correctly. Your doctor will analyze it well with his experience and knowledge. It will give you good results.

There may be operations performed within the scope of breast aesthetics and the results of which end in unhappiness. Patients should first know and determine their wishes, complaints and problems. After this stage, it provides the clarification of the operation type within the scope of breast aesthetics.

In breast augmentation aesthetics, aesthetic applications take place in different places. For example; It can be intervened over the breast, under the breast, and sometimes from the armpit area. While deciding on this, an evaluation is made on the current state of the breast. In addition, it is very important how successful the result of the method will be. Patients attach great importance to issues such as scarring and symmetry in the process of breast aesthetics. You can achieve the attractive appearance of your dreams with breast aesthetics.

Types of The Breast Aesthetics

There are several types of Breast Aesthetics that solve different problems – from breast augmentation to giving it a harmonious shape.

Breast AestheticsBreast augmentation (enlargement). The operation is designed to enlarge small mammary glands or return the volume lost for various reasons. For this, special breast implants or the patient’s own fat is used. The effect of a breast that is natural in shape and soft to the touch is achieved through different methods of implantation of prostheses, their shape, size and texture. Quite often, this operation is combined with mastopexy (breast lift).

Breast fat injection. Breast lipo filling is an operation that allows a patient to enlarge their breasts by using their own fat tissue. Fat is removed from one area (liposuction) and injected into another (lipo filling). The procedure has a number of advantages: the risk of allergies is reduced to zero, there are no postoperative scars, and a beautiful breast with natural outlines can be formed on an individual basis. The operation does not involve the use of implants.

Breast reduction (reduction mammoplasty). It is used to correct disproportionately large breasts. The operation is recommended when the size of the mammary glands and fat causes significant inconvenience: chronic back pain, difficulty breathing at night, dissatisfaction with the appearance of the breast. There are some percentage of the risks of damaging milk ducts during Breast Reduction surgery, that’s why our doctors may recommend doing this surgery after having babies.

Breast lift (mastopexy). It helps to improve or restore the shape of the breasts during prolapse (ptosis), make it higher, and restore elasticity. Our doctors can do Breast Lift surgery without implants and with implants depending on patients decisions.

Correction of gynecomastia. It is carried out with pathological enlargement of the mammary gland in men. During the procedure, the doctor can do an incisionless Gynecomastia or Gynecomastia with an incision. Depending on the size of breasts and the texture of tissue, doctors can decide the type before the surgery during the live examination.

Reoperations: Capsulotomy, removal or replacement of breast implants. These surgeries are designed to correct breast changes that may occur over time. Capsulotomy operation is performed if the implant becomes overgrown with connective tissue, which leads to discomfort and deterioration of the appearance of the breast. The formation of the capsule is due to the peculiarities of the body’s reaction to a foreign body. Removal or replacement of implants is performed when the size or appearance of the breast ceases to satisfy the patient. In this case, the incisions are made over the old scars.

Correction of nipples and areolas. These types of plastics are indicated when the patient does not like the size or shape of the areolas and nipples. Correction of the nipples is carried out both in combination with breast augmentation or lift, or separately. To reduce the areola of the nipple, excess pigmented skin is removed. A thin scar runs along the edge of the areola and is almost invisible externally. There are various techniques for nipple correction. In some cases, their correction can affect the possibility of breastfeeding, therefore, it is recommended to resort to this operation after the birth of children.

What is Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Breast AestheticsThis is a breast augmentation operation using implants or transferring patients’ own fat, which not only increase the size of the bust but also give a beautiful shape. The breast is a symbol of femininity. Patients who apply for breast augmentation usually complain about the following aesthetic imperfections: naturally small breasts (zero or one size), tubular breasts (breasts in the form of a cone, not a hemisphere), breast reduction and sagging after pregnancy or breastfeeding, decrease in breast volume due to weight loss, breast asymmetry, “empty bag” syndrome, in which the breast tissue shrinks, but its “shell” remains the same size.

There are a few augmentation methods. One of them is fat transfer. Breast augmentation without incisions and long-term rehabilitation using the patient’s own fat tissue, taken from other parts of the body (from the thighs or abdomen), which are easily engrafted. Fat transfer allows you to increase the breast size by 1-1.5 bra sizes in a low-traumatic manner, correcting from imperfections. For performing this procedure, the patient should have enough fat deposit. Only some amount of the fat will stay in the inpatient body lifelong, the remaining part of the injected fat will be absorbed by the body depending on the patient’s metabolism and lifestyle.

The other method of Breast Augmentation is Breast Augmentation with breast implants, which allows you to give the breasts any volume that will last forever. However, there is an expiration time for the implants and the producer companies of implants recommend using them for not more than 10 years. Depending on a patient decision after 10 years they can decide to renew their implants.

There are also a few types of implants depending on their texture, size and function. The implants used differ in design and size, which allows you to obtain a breast of the desired shape and volume. There are two main types of implants. One of them is the round-shaped implants, which allows you to significantly increase the volume and make the breast lusher and make the decollete area more visible.

The second type of implant is anatomical (conical) or tear-drop implants, used for a slight increase in the breast with the lifting of age-related sagging of the skin. This kind of implant gives a more natural and anatomical breast look for the patients. The appropriate type of implant, its shape and volume are selected individually, taking into account the wishes of the patient, the anatomical features of the physique, and the state of the mammary gland tissues.

Breast Implant Removal Surgeries

There are two types of Breast implant removal surgeries:

  • removal of implants
  • capsulotomy

The main reason for such an operation is the patient’s desire, but in addition, there are medical indications, such as:

  • desire to return to the natural shape of the breast,
  • violation of the integrity of the breast implant,
  • capsular contracture,
  • rotation of the implant (anatomical),
  • inflammation in the area of the mammary glands,
  • an autoimmune reaction (called “implant disease”).

Removal of Breast Implants Surgery

Breast AestheticsAnother reason for surgery to remove breast implants can be problems such as sagging breasts under the weight of the implant. In some cases, the severity of the implant is “unbearable” for the breast tissue. In this case, after the implants are installed in the breast, the skin sags, even if before that it was tightened and elastic.

After performing an operation to remove the implants and lift the breast, the surgeon restores its original shape. This operation is performed under general anesthesia and takes more than an average of 20 minutes. Of course, depending on the specifics of the case, the timing may be different. Most often, incisions are made along the scar line of the first operation. Also, if replacement of breast implants is not required, then tissue tightening is performed in one operation. This helps to avoid unsightly sagging of the breasts. For tissue tightening, the incisions are placed around the circumference of the halo or vertically. The choice depends on the volume of tissue to be removed. After all the manipulations, the incisions are masked with cosmetic sutures.

Capsulotomy Procedure

A capsulotomy is an operation that removes all or part of breast implants. This procedure consists in the fact that the removal occurs simultaneously with the return to the original position of the tissues and muscles of the mammary gland due to the fact that the whole implant is removed, the capsule is not separated from the contents.

The operation is performed under general anesthesia and takes several hours on average. Of course, depending on the specifics of the case, the timing may be different. Most often, incisions are made along the scar line of the first operation. Also, if replacement of breast implants is not required, then tissue tightening is performed in one operation. This helps to avoid unsightly sagging of the breasts. For tissue tightening, the incisions are placed around the circumference of the halo or vertically. The choice depends on the volume of tissue to be removed. After all the manipulations, the incisions are masked with cosmetic sutures.

Recovery is similar to how it goes after any mammoplasty. If a breast lift was also performed, then rehabilitation may take a little longer. On average, full recovery should be expected in a few months. Wearing special compression garments after surgery is optional, but can be recommended in individual cases. But limiting physical activity after the operation is mandatory – for about 2-3 weeks you will need to refuse them. Also, during the rehabilitation period, it will be necessary to avoid visiting the sauna, solarium, giving up hot baths and contrast showers. It is recommended to sleep on your back.

What is Breast Reduction Surgery?

Disproportionately large breasts can cause not only aesthetic but also physical problems. Breast reduction helps patients to regain the desired shape and beauty of their bodies.

Many patients suffer from back and neck pain, chronic diaper rash in the fold under the breast. Breast sagging can also be observed with a small volume. It occurs due to significant weight loss after breastfeeding. The operation is performed by removing excess skin, as well as modifying the fatty and glandular tissue of the mammary glands. The result of the operation is a breast of the desired size, an improvement of body proportions, elimination of health problems.

The breast Reduction operation is performed by the anchoring method (T-shaped) with an appropriate incision along the border of the areola and the breast fold. In the overwhelming majority of medical cases, only this method is suitable for reducing large breasts and correcting the nipple-areola complex. Other techniques will not allow the entire volume of plastic surgery to be performed in full.

If the patient is overweight and plans to get rid of it, it is advisable to do this before the operation. For women planning a pregnancy in the near future, the intervention should be carried out after childbirth and lactation. For patients who smoke, it is recommended that smoking be eliminated or reduced at least 2 weeks prior to surgery. This will significantly improve the tissue healing process and avoid complications.

What is Breast Lifting Surgery?

Breast lift surgery (mastopexy) is performed to restore the beautiful shape of the breast. This procedure can be combined with breast augmentation with implants or performed as a stand-alone operation if an increase in volume is not desired. But it is precisely the complex operation of a breast lift with implants that gives an ideal aesthetic result. Currently, two-thirds of augmentation surgeries are performed with a simultaneous breast lift. Why do women’s breasts lose their shape? What are the causes of breast ptosis? Among the main ones are:

  • significant fluctuations in weight;
  • hormonal changes, including those caused by pregnancy;
  • fluctuations in weight and therefore breast volume, including overweight, pregnancy and breastfeeding.

What is Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia SurgeryToday, the female type breast that can be seen in men is called gynecomastia. Gynecomastia can be unilateral or can be seen in both breasts. The remarkable breast size affects the man socially and psychologically.

What are the Causes of Gynecomastia?

Causes of gynecomastia;

  • Hormonal disorders
  • Regularly used drugs
  • Chronic liver, thyroid, kidney diseases
  • Cirrhosis disease
  • Drug use
  • Steroids and similar drugs taken to gain weight and look muscular Some types of cancer that Secrete hormones

In some cases, gynecomastia is idiopathic and cannot be detected.

Types of Gynecomastia

  • Breast tissue origin (glandular gynecomastia)
  • Adipose tissue origin (lipomatous gynecomastia)
  • It may originate from both tissues (mixed type gynecomastia).

Your doctor will examine you in detail and will ask you for a breast ultrasound before your surgery.

How is Gynecomastia Surgery?

It is very necessary to investigate the underlying cause of gynecomastia and to perform the treatment fully and appropriately.

If the patient is intensive in adipose tissue, the most appropriate treatment for gynecomastia is liposuction. In this process, two 1 cm holes are entered from each breast and the fat inside the breast is taken out. If the patient is intensive in breast tissue, normal liposuction may be insufficient. Special tips are required to divide the breast tissue and take it out. If the patient is more advanced, it may be necessary to remove the tissues from a small hole called ‘pull through’.

In cases with excessive skin excess, skin tightening can be achieved with VASER or LASER Liposuction. In more advanced cases, it may be necessary to directly remove the skin along with the breast tissue. Local numbing and sedation in small, faty breasts is sufficient for patient comfort and procedural success.

General anesthesia is applied for large breasts or breasts with excess breast tissue. It is possible to be discharged on the same day in applications performed under local anesthesia or sedation. In general anesthesia, it is necessary to stay in the hospital for 1 night.

What is Breast Fat Transfer?

Fat transfer is frequently used in various parts of the body. Breast is one of these areas where application is frequently made. Breast fat transfer is applied to women who do not want silicone (breast implant), whose breast structure is suitable and who have sufficient fat in their body.

How is Breast Fat Transfer Performed?

The areas where fat will be taken from the body are determined. Generally, fat is taken from the waist and abdomen. Sometimes, fat is removed from the hips, inside of the legs, inside of the knees, and other areas with fat accumulation. Fats taken by the liposuction method are stored in a closed and sterile environment. It is then injected into the breasts with sterile injectors. An average of 300-450 ml of fat can be transferred to a breast. On average, 70% of the injected fats are permanent.

Who is Breast Fat Transfer Suitable For?

  • In people with breast asymmetry
  • With the aim of breast augmentation
  • To obtain a natural appearance to reduce the visibility of breast silicone (breast implant) in thin patients.
  • In breasts with breast shape problems such as tuberous breasts

What is Breast Asymmetry Surgery?

Breast asymmetry can be caused by disproportionate development between both breasts or due to different reasons.

Today, many women have breast asymmetry. If women do not have great differences in the appearance of the breast, they can live with this condition. For women, the asymmetrical appearance of the breasts is not only an aesthetic problem, but also a psychological problem. This problem of women is solved by correcting the differences in breast size with breast asymmetry operation.

Breast asymmetry can be treated with fat injection or using implants of different sizes. Which method to use depends on the wishes of the person. If breast enlargement is desired along with the elimination of asymmetry, a breast implant is used. If there is no expectation about breast size and there is enough excess fat, the asymmetry can be eliminated by fat transfer to the breast.

How Much Does Breast Aesthetics Cost in Turkey?

The price for Breast Aesthetics varies according to the methods to be applied in the operation as a result of the examination. Breast Aesthetics is an operation preferred by women today.

The cost of Breast Aesthetics varies according to many features. Since it will be a surgical intervention, it is very important to use which method is suitable for the patient. The price will vary depending on the method.

Your doctor will find and apply the most suitable method for you. In order to get detailed information about the price of Breast Aesthetics operation, your doctor should first examine you. For this, you can create your examination appointment.

The price is the same for our patients who will do the same job. That way, no patient pays more for the same amount of work and doesn’t feel bad. Ministry of Health-accredited centers, it is not legal to specify prices on their website. In order to learn about the prices for Breast Aesthetics in İSTANBUL and to get detailed information, you must first be examined.

After the examination, the appropriate technique will be determined for you. You can contact us directly at 0212 241 46 24 to get an examination appointment or to learn about Quartz Clinique’s Breast Aesthetics prices in general and to get information about Breast Aesthetics in TURKEY.

We wish you healthy and happy days…