Chin Aesthetic Procedures

Chin aesthetic procedures are all about to have a more symmetric and balanced face. Cheek and chin procedures are applied to people to have plumper and more aesthetical facial lines. Hyaluronic acid filler is used for these procedures. With fill injection, a lifting effect is created. With chin esthetic procedure, cheeks and cheekbones as well as facial lines become more prominent and the face looks better proportioned.

Chin aesthetic procedures are a common plastic application between men and women.

The processes are the parts of cosmetic facial procedures that are popular with many people because it helps them increase their self-confidence, and the beauty of the face depends mainly on three main features: Nose, Chin, Forehead

In some cases, it is considered one of the necessary chin cosmetic procedures that work to fix some genetic problems, growth distortions, or some painful accidents such as the lower jaw.

What is Chin Aesthetic Procedures?

In examining a patient’s facial balance and symmetry, the chin is a vastly important aspect. A weak chin detracts from the entire face, as it reduces definition in the cheeks and the neck. Once augmented, a properly proportioned chin provides among the starkest differences of all facial plastic procedures. The skin around the cheeks and neck becomes evenly distributed, creating a balanced and well-rounded appearance.

Chin augmentation, also known as mentoplasty, involves the placement of a small implant in the front of the chin bone. The implant can increase and enhance the length of the jawline, resulting in a balanced, natural-looking facial appearance. Chin surgery is used to reshape or resize the chin. The procedure can improve facial proportions and ensure the neck and jawline complement the rest of the face.

There are two types of mentoplasty as a chin esthetic procedure:

Chin Reduction: Involves the removal of excess chin bone or moving the jaw bone to alter the shape of the face. Chin reduction is often used to make the overall facial appearance softer.

Chin Augmentation: Usually involves a surgical implant; however, the jaw also can be moved into place as part of an augmentation procedure. Augmentation of the chin is generally performed to improve a weak chin.

The goal of any chin esthetic procedure is to ensure that a patient can enjoy a healthy, beautiful facial appearance. 

How to apply chin augmentation?

When chin augmentation only involves an implant to round out the chin, the procedure may be performed under general anesthesia or sedation anesthesia. The surgeon will make the incision inside the mouth or beneath the chin outside. A cavity will be carved through the incision in front of the chin bone where the implant will be placed. Sutures or screws will be used to attach the implant to the bone. The incision will finally be closed with sutures.

If the procedure involves reshaping the bone, the surgeon will make an incision inside the mouth along the lower gum. This will provide access to the chin bone, and the surgeon will make a second incision through the jaw bone using a chisel or bone saw. The jaw bone will be shifted and screwed in place. The incision will be closed with sutures. The entire procedure may be completed in about one to three hours.

Recovery Process of chin aesthetic procedures!

Most patients will experience mild pain and soreness in the treated area for a few days, which can be managed with pain medication. Some amount of numbness in the chin may remain for up to three months. In about six weeks, most of the swelling will disappear, depending on the extent of surgery involved. A liquid diet may be required for a few days, as chewing may be difficult. While complications are rare, patients can minimize potential problems by carefully following the post-operative directions given after surgery. The substance used for chin implants are made of durable, solid material that will last for years.

What is Non Surgical Chin Aesthetics?

The goal of chin augmentation is to add definition to a lower face that is naturally lacking that desirable contour or has lost fullness as a result of the aging process. While surgical procedures are available to permanently change the lower profile, we also offer nonsurgical chin aesthetic options for patients that want to “try out” a new chin size or don’t want the time or expense involved with surgery. We use a variety of  hyaluronic acid based dermal fillers for this purpose, which allows him to customize your treatment to your unique concerns, the level of correction you need and the results you hope to achieve. Dermal fillers are appropriate for nearly any patient who is not pregnant or breastfeeding. These fillers can last anywhere from 12-24 months. This treatment is used to contour the face to increase the projection of the chin and to create a more masculine strong jawline.

How much does chin aesthetic cost?

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