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Fat Transfer Breast Enlargement

Fat Transfer Breast EnlargementThere are many women out there who are interested in fat transfer breast enlargement because of various reasons they prefer not to increase the size of their breasts using implants. 

Some women don’t like the idea of having implants in their bodies, are concerned it won’t look natural enough, or are really just looking for a small increase in size. Whatever the reason, it’s your body, and you have every right to feel however you do about it. At The Plastic Surgery Clinic, we tailor all of our procedures to our patients’ individual needs and desires in order to ensure the best result for what they are looking to achieve. If you’re someone who has thought about getting a breast augmentation but was hoping to do it without implants, fat transfer breast enlargement might be the procedure for you. Fat transfer breast enlargement is not as permanent as breast implant surgeries. Usually, 30% of the injected fat could be melted down in the first few months.

Is Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Possible Without Incision?

It is possible to enlarge the breast without incision. Breast enlargement could be applied by using the patient’s own fat. The fat injection has been preferred by women who desire natural and round breasts. 

In this procedure, excess fat removed and placed between the breast tissue and the muscle. The adipose tissue placed in the area looks more permanent and natural. Patients could have a consultation with a surgeon for the best technique for themselves.

What is Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation?

Fat Transfer Breast EnlargementBreast augmentation with fat transfer is a procedure in which fat is harvested from other parts of your body via vaser liposuction, and then re-injected into your breast area in order to moderately enlarge their size, improve their shape, or correct the underlying asymmetry. Depending on the amount of fat injected, fat transfer breast enlargement may increase a woman’s breast size to approximately half a bra size. 

Fat is usually harvested from the abdomen, hips, and/or thighs. Your surgeon will begin the procedure, using liposuction to remove fat from unwanted areas, expertly sculpting them and shaping them into the silhouette you want. Your surgical team will then proceed to purify and isolate the desired fat cells for re-injection. The fat cells, known as a fat graft, are then expertly injected into the breasts to ensure that they are correctly integrated into the existing breast tissue.

In experienced surgical hands, fat transfer breast enlargement is a great procedure in that it allows for a beautiful natural result, while simultaneously treating more than one area of the body: the breasts as well as the areas from which fat is liposuction Ed. In addition, the entire procedure uses your own fat to achieve the desired result without the need for implants, resulting in soft and supple, all-natural breasts.

Breast augmentation with fat transfer is also very helpful in correcting minor asymmetries of the breasts and because the incisions for fat grafting are small there is virtually no scarring.  Breast augmentation with fat transfer is also an ideal procedure for women that are seeking to improve.

How is Fat Transfer Breast Enlargement Done?

Breast implants are the most preferred method in breast augmentation in the world. However, patients who do not want to carry a foreign substance in their body and are afraid of the complications it may cause prefer breast augmentation with fat transfer for natural breast augmentation. 

However, many patients who are afraid of surgery prefer breast augmentation with fat transfer in the same way. Patients do not prefer breast augmentation with implants. The most important feature of this application is that it does not leave any surgical scars.

Patients with excess fat tissue in their body are the most suitable candidates for fat transfer breast enlargement. The fact that there are many donor areas in the body from which fat cells will be taken facilitates the breast augmentation operation to be performed, and with this, the patient is provided with a more fit appearance as the fat will be removed. In short, the patient also undergoes liposuction. Fat cell removal is similar to the classical liposuction process. However, it is different because it is made with low vacuum and thinner cannulas. Fats are obtained from the patient much more slowly, different from the classical liposuction technique.

Then the obtained fats are centrifuged so that the useless parts are gone. The adipose tissue, which is rich in stem cells, is made ready for transfer. Then, it is finally transferred under the patient’s breast tissue. An advantage of this is that the fat cells, which are very rich in stem cells, make repairs in the area where they are injected and restore the tissue in the damaged parts.

After Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

Fat transfer breast enlargement is performed with sedation or general anesthesia. Depending on the anesthesia technique to be applied, the patient can be easily discharged on the same day. There will be no pain in the chest area afterwards, and there may be swelling and bruising in the areas where fat is removed. There may be minimal edema in the chest area, and this situation disappears after 15 days.

The permanence of the fats given is on average 40-50%. With this method, approximately one size of growth is achieved in the patient’s breast. If the doctor deems it appropriate and the patient requests, the same operation can be performed once more after 6 months.

Fat transfer to the breast has no side effects on the patient in terms of health. It is a very healthy and natural operation compared to other breast augmentation surgeries, since it is performed in its natural state and with the injection of fat and stem cells taken from the patient’s own body. There is no loss of sensation in the patient’s nipple. It does not prevent the patient from giving milk during breastfeeding. It is rich in stem cells. Therefore, since living cells are transferred, the melting seen in classical fat injections does not occur. Patients who have fat transfer to the breast maintain their new breast size for years.

What are the Advantages of Fat Transfer Breast Enlargement?

In this technique, since implants are not used, general anesthesia is not needed. Therefore, very small incisions would be enough to inject the excess fat. Since it does not require general anesthesia, it has a low completion rate compared to breast implant surgeries. 

Moreover, with the help of liposuction, patients’ own excess fat is used which helps to reshape and give younger contour to the body. With any fat grafting procedure, it takes approximately three months in order for your body to fully incorporate the fat in the new area of your body. This means that the final size and shape of your breasts may not be evident for this amount of time. Interestingly, we know that only about 50-60% of the fat that is injected into the breast will survive long term, with the remainder of the injected fat being broken down and re-absorbed by your body.

Another advantage of fat transfer breast enlargement is to solve individuals’ asymmetric breasts look.

To summarize briefly, the advantages of breast augmentation with fat transfer are as follows;

  • It is done without incision, it is carried out with micro inputs and outputs,
  • The fat to be transferred to the patient is taken from the body parts of the patient that have regional adiposity problem, and in this way, the regional lubrication problem of the person is solved,
  • It provides vitality and freshness to the patient. The recovery period after the surgery is extremely short and the patient spends this period very comfortably,
  • A distinctly fresh appearance occurs in the breasts,
  • It is known as a very healthy technique because it is done with the patient’s own fat in breast augmentation applications. In addition, it gives a natural appearance to the patient,
  • There is never a loss of sensation in the patient’s breast,
  • Surgery can not include the risks that may occur in breast augmentation surgeries.

What are the Disadvantages of Breast Enlargement Fat Injection?

  • The patient must have sufficient fat tissue to have the operation,
  • If the patient has a deformity problem in her breast, it is not very effective,
  • Only one size provides growth in the breast,
  • This method is not suitable for patients who want a very large size change in the breast.

Who are the Best Candidates for Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation?

Fat Transfer Breast EnlargementThe best candidates for fat transfer breast enlargement are women who are looking for a moderate increase in breast size without the need for implants. Typically, you should have some unwanted pockets of fat in the areas of the abdomen, hips and/or thighs from which fat can be removed and harvested in order to inject into your breasts.

Since fat transfer breast enlargement provides a subtle transformation and improvement in the breasts, the breasts of the best candidates for this procedure already have good shape, good skin elasticity and minimal asymmetries. Women whose breasts are heavy or sagging, have visible asymmetries, or are looking for a large increase in size, will be better candidates for other breast surgeries such as breast augmentation, breast reduction and breast lift. In some cases, fat injection can actually be combined with a conservatively sized breast implant to achieve the best overall breast size and shape possible.

How Long Does Fat Transfer to Breasts Last?

Fat transfer breast enlargement has semi-permanence. Half of the added fats usually begin to meltdown depending on the patient’s physical activity within two months after the procedure. While 30-40% of the injected fats dissolve within the first months, the remaining fat could stay in the breasts for life.

Fat Transfer to the Breast Enlargement Process!

The breast augmentation with fat transfer procedure takes approximately 2-3 hours, but can vary depending on the complexity of your case. Following a physical examination and consultation with one of our surgeons, they will be able to lay out the details of your procedure and give you the approximate amount of time your procedure will require.

Recovery Process Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer

Another advantage of breast augmentation with fat transfer is that it is much less invasive than a standard breast augmentation surgery allowing for a speedier recovery and general healing process.

Recovery following fat transfer breast enlargement typically takes 2-4 days. But we recommend that patients take at least one week off work and/or from their daily routines in order to allow their body to heal. We recommend gentle exercise such as walking soon after surgery, but strenuous exercise such as running or weight lifting should be avoided for one month following surgery.

Although initial recovery is relatively speedy, your breasts can continue to be swollen for several weeks following your surgery. We always advise patients to be patient with themselves and their bodies. Although you will see immediate results following your breast augmentation process with fat transfer procedure, it will take time before the grafted fat is fully integrated into your breasts and becomes a natural part of this new area of the body. In the weeks and months following your procedure you will see your swelling go down and your breasts will gradually become softer.

Will There be Pain and Bruising After Breast Fat Injection?

It is known that there is no painless surgery. But today, the technology that fights pain is developing a lot. After the operation, patients do not feel severe pain. In addition, this situation is related to the pain threshold of the patient. For example, there is less pain compared to breast prosthesis. After the operation, there is usually no bruising, but it is not a zero rate. If a situation occurs, it passes after 15 days.

How Much Fat Transfer Breast Enlargement Cost in Istanbul?

Breast Enlargement with fat transfer Istanbul prices vary according to the number of Vaser liposuction areas to be performed on the patient and the additional surgical procedures being performed. Prices for breast enlargement with fat injection also vary depending on whether it is with or without an Istanbul breast prosthesis. At the same time, the experience of the doctor is very important.

Fat transfer breast enlargement is a very common operation, it is very important to feel ready before deciding on fat transfer breast enlargement Istanbul. If you are not pleased with the size of your breasts, if you want your breasts to appear larger and to appear more balanced in general, you can call (dial +905442684433) us for detailed information and to make an appointment for an examination. Your self-confidence will increase after fat transfer breast enlargement. You will be able to wear the clothes you want like other women. For Ministry of Health-accredited centers, it is not legal to specify prices on their website. Therefore, please dial 0212 241 46 24 to contact Quartz Clinique and get information on Breast Enlargement with Fat Transfer Prices in Istanbul, Turkey.


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