H100 Vaccine

H100 Vaccine
The H100 vaccine is a non-surgical skin rejuvenation treatment that helps to rejuvenate, tighten and improve hydration. Pure hyaluronic acid improves the moisture balance of the skin and helps to reduce deformation. The H100 vaccine consists exclusively of hyaluronic acid, vitamins, minerals and amino acids, there are no other chemical or artificial proteins.

Therefore, the H100 vaccine can be described as a purely organic youth treatment. The H100 vaccine permanently cures wrinkles on the skin, but does not stop the aging process. We recommend the H100 vaccine to make your skin look younger and healthier. The secret to the success of the H100 vaccine cocktail is that it contains a high amount of hyaluronic acid and one of the effective antioxidants, “mannitol”. Thanks to the hyaluronic acid and mannitol contained in the H100 vaccine, it is different from other rejuvenation treatments.

Mannitol; It prolongs the normal life of hyaluronic acid in skin tissues and has an edema-solving effect. Peptide, vitamins, amino acids and minerals, which are the other building blocks that the skin needs, exist as a cocktail in the H100 vaccine.

The H100 vaccine (youth vaccine) increases the moisture holding capacity of sagging, deformed, wrinkled and dehydrated skin, and delivers vitamins, minerals, peptides and amino acids under the skin that the skin can no longer synthesize adequately due to advancing age. It makes the skin more lively, elastic and young over time.

Who is the H100 Vaccine Suitable For?

The H100 vaccine is suitable for anyone who begins to feel the effects of middle age. After 30 years, the skin begins to lose moisture. The wrinkles are noticeably increased and the skin deforms over time. The H100 vaccine supports the regeneration of the skin by providing the skin with the moisture it needs. Produces an anti-aging effect on the skin and eliminates signs of aging The H100 vaccine injects vitamins, minerals, amino acids and collagen components that are needed by the skin but are not naturally present in the body. The H100 vaccination is completed in about 30 minutes.

What is the Content of the H100 Vaccine?

The content of the H100 vaccine is richer than other youth vaccines available today. The H100 vaccine, which moisturizes the skin and contains the necessary building blocks, rejuvenates the skin from the first application.

The H100 vaccine contains mannitol, hyaluronic acid, hexapeptide-8, pro-collagen peptide, Dmae 3.5%, pentapeptide-18, B1, vitamin B16, 7 amino acids and organic silica. If we look at the contents of the H100 vaccine, it actually exists in our body, but is reduced by aging

Minerals, vitamins and acids. Thanks to the content of the H100 vaccine, our body works just as well as in adolescence, leaving our skin looking radiant, smooth and healthy like it was in its twenties.

H100 Vaccine

What are the Uses of the H100 Vaccine (Youth Vaccine)?

The H100 vaccine is also known as youth vaccine Istanbul.

Youth vaccine is used for the following purposes;

  • Tightening of sagging and deformed areas,
  • Providing a lifting effect,
  • Intensively increasing the moisture capacity of the skin,
  • Reducing signs of aging,
  • Bright, refreshed, rejuvenated appearance of the skin,
  • Removal of wrinkles.

How is the H100 Vaccine Applied?

The H100 vaccine, known as the youth vaccine, is a mesotherapy method. As in other mesotherapy methods, the skin is cleaned first and then anesthetic cream is applied. It is kept under stretch for about thirty minutes. After these procedures, the skin is disinfected again. Then, the youth vaccine Istanbul, also known as the H100 vaccine, is injected into the entire area and into the skin at 1-centimeter intervals. Extremely thin needles are used during the H100 vaccine administration, and since anesthetic cream is applied before the procedure, pain and pain sensation are at the lowest level.

Where and how much the H100 vaccine is administered depends on the structure and needs of the skin. If the skin elasticity is not advanced and has moderate wrinkles, it is recommended that the H100 vaccine be taken every 2 to 3 weeks. For severe wrinkles and reduced skin elasticity, the H100 vaccine may be administered every 5 to 5 weeks.

The skin is cleansed and the anesthetic cream applied before the H100 vaccine is administered. The patients feel no pain during the vaccination. Mannitol antioxidant in the H100 vaccine contains edema-releasing properties. Therefore, swelling of the face does not occur after use.

H100 Vaccine (Youth Vaccine) Application Sessions

Youth vaccines, namely the H100 vaccine, can be applied on the decollete and on the hand, on the jowl, neck and face areas. The application of the H100 vaccine, known as the youth vaccine, may vary depending on the problems on the skin.

For example;

  • Two sessions between fourteen and twenty-one days in young skin,
  • Two to three sessions in fourteen to twenty days in middle-aged skin,
  • Three to five sessions between seven and fourteen days in worn skins.

In Which Areas is the H100 Vaccine Applied?

The H100 vaccine aims to reduce wrinkles on the skin and make it look younger. Therefore, the H100 vaccine is applied to the most common wrinkles such as the face, neck, décolleté and hands. The H100 vaccine can also be given on the face. To achieve a Botox effect around the eyes, we recommend the ACP form of the H100 vaccine. This vaccine opens wrinkles around the eyes. You can try the ACP form of the H100 vaccine for your eye contours that will not disappear with Botox. If you have just taken a Botox, you will have to wait 15 days to receive the H100 vaccine.

H100 Vaccine Benefits

H100 Vaccine;

  • Provides repair of the skin,
  • Gives moisture and elasticity to the skin,
  • Reduces the appearance of expression lines and wrinkles,
  • Provides tightening of facial tissue,
  • Supports the muscle tissue under the skin and also reduces sagging.

What Should be Considered After the H100 Vaccine?

As in other mesotherapy methods applied to the skin, there are some points to be considered after the H100 vaccine.

These are stated below:

  • After the H100 vaccine applying, sports should not be done within the first 24 hours, heavy sports activities should be avoided within 2 days after the vaccine,
  • You should not use places such as saunas and baths, do not take excessively hot baths, and stay away from extreme heat,
  • It should not be exposed to direct sunlight. The products to be used for protection from the sun should be specified by the doctor, the sunscreen recommended by the doctor should be used,
  • Hard massage should not be applied to the area where the H100 vaccine was given, but a light massage should be done,
  • After the H100 vaccine, ice should be applied to the area,
  • You should not lie on your stomach, but on your back,
  • Plenty of water should be drunk,
  • Bad habits such as alcohol and cigarettes should be abandoned or greatly reduced.

These are the main points to be considered, and if there are different conditions determined by the doctor, it is necessary to pay attention to get better results.

H100 Vaccine

H100 Vaccine On-hand Benefits

The H100 vaccine is one of the most applied procedures. This application can be done directly on the hand. For this reason, the H100 vaccine has many benefits. The H100 vaccine on the hand is successfully completed over a few sessions. Skin defects in the hand area can be easily eliminated. The H100 vaccine has no known side effects.

How Do I See a Change After Receiving the H100 Vaccine?

The first and most important feature of the H100 vaccine is the extension of the lifespan of hyaluronic acid present in the body. When hyaluronic acid is sufficiently present in the skin, the moisture content of the skin is balanced, the moisture storage capacity is increased, the damaged tissue in the skin is repaired and the cell renewal process is initiated under the skin.

At the same time, hyaluronic acid supports the muscles during face and décolleté sagging. They lift the skin up. After you receive the H100 vaccine, your pale and dull expression disappears, giving you a vibrant, radiant and healthy appearance. The H100 vaccine is not recommended during pregnancy and lactation. At the end of breastfeeding, the H100 vaccine can be administered.

What are the Side Effects of the H100 Vaccine?

The H100 vaccine has no serious side effects. Since there is no nucleic acid and protein that causes an allergic reaction, the youth vaccine is extremely safe and healthy. During the administration of the H100 vaccine, temporary redness, swelling, tenderness and bruising can be seen. In this case, the side effects pass in a short time.

In elderly people, the vessels are weak and bruises can occur very quickly. Since the bruises are not so obvious that they cannot be covered, it may be appropriate to cover them using a concealer cosmetic product. People who want can use vitamin K creams or use arnica to get rid of temporary side effects. Due to the high content of hyaluronic acid in the H100 vaccine, there is no situation that will cause an allergic reaction as it is normally in the skin.

How Much Does the H100 Vaccine Cost in Istanbul, Turkey?

H100 vaccine prices are a frequently asked topic. Because, as in other aesthetic applications, there may be differences in youth vaccine prices in clinical centers. H100 vaccine prices may vary from person to person. Depending on the problem of the person, the number of sessions to apply the H100 vaccine may vary, so the price of the H100 vaccine also changes. Compared to abroad, the prices of aesthetic applications are more reasonable in Turkey.

Therefore, as in other aesthetic applications, you can choose Quartz Clinique, which can directly meet your expectations for the H100 vaccine or youth vaccine sessions. With all these, it should be noted that the same price is valid for the same amount of work, so that no patient with the same amount of work pays more than the other patient. For Ministry of Health-accredited centers, it is not legal to specify prices on their website. Therefore, please dial 0212 241 46 24 to contact Quartz Clinique and get information on H100 Vaccine Prices in Istanbul, Turkey.

We wish you healthy and happy days…

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