Is Butt Lift (BBL) a Permanent Treatment?

fat-injection-bbl In this article, we will try to answer the most frequently asked questions about Butt Augmentation such as;

Is the Brazilian butt lift surgery permanent, is there a butt filling, are the butt implants permanent and does the butt silicone burst? One of the areas where recently this plastic surgery is frequently preferred is the hip region.

People who want a more proportional, rounder, more lifted and more attractive buttocks appearance with their bodies are knocking on the door of aesthetic and plastic surgery specialists for hip augmentation surgeries (BBL) and other hip augmentation methods.  

Mostly, people who have a small butt due to excessive weight loss, pregnancy, childbirth or genetic factors choose hip augmentation surgery to find a permanent solution and increase their self-confidence.

Butt Augmentation is not performed for the purpose of lifting the butt. These types of surgeries are performed to enlarge the volume of the buttocks using silicone implants. Patients who are afraid of having butt augmentation surgery under general anesthesia, on the other hand, choose butt augmentation using fat transfer or filling material. However, both methods have advantages and disadvantages.

People who do not have enough excess fat for butt augmentation (BBL) should prefer surgeries that provide growth in the hip by placing silicone implants on the hip. While 60% of the injected fat remains after the buttock augmentation operations with fat injection, the procedure needs to be repeated. However, in very thin people, hip replacement may be obvious from the outside. The appearance is more natural in enlargements made with fat injection.

Is There a Butt Filler?

The question of whether there is a butt filling is one of the questions frequently asked by people who want their butt to stand upright and fuller. The purpose of butt filling is to make the butt of the patient proportional to the body and hips and to provide a more aesthetic appearance. Butt filling is generally used to correct minor imperfections in the world.

Filler injection also can be applied to the butt area of ​​the person. However, when the fillers are given in large amounts, they can cause different complications. For this reason, the most ideal method to enlarge the butt to a certain size is to take the excess fat from the patient’s own body and inject it into the desired butt area. Thus, the person has a more protruding and more voluminous butt.

Buttock Fillers are Non-surgical Injections. These types of treatment do not require a surgical procedure under general anesthesia. After the treatment, the patient can easily return to his/her daily life. However, the effects are not permanent as in Butt Enlargement with implants or with fat injection. After about 1 year, the effect of butt filler wears off and the butt returns to its original state. For a permanent effect, the treatment must be renewed with certain time intervals.

Are the Butt Implants Permanent?

The question of whether the butt implants are permanent is one of the most frequently asked questions about hip augmentation surgeries. Permanent silicone implant types are used in butt prosthesis applications, which give the butt lift, volume, width and make it more proportional and aesthetic in the general appearance of the body.

In this way, after the surgery, the person will have the desired butt appearance permanently and this procedure does not need to be renewed. If the person is not satisfied with the silicone implants placed in the hip area, they should be removed with a surgical way, just like the silicone implants placed in the breast.

Is it Any Possibility That the Butt Silicone Burst?

The question of whether the butt silicone implants will burst is one of the questions asked by patients who are afraid of such processes after the operation, just like with breast silicones. After butt augmentation surgeries with silicone implants, which is a permanent and long-lasting procedure to give volume and shape to the butt, there is no possibility of explosion of the silicones placed on the buttock.

This procedure is performed by plastic surgeons experienced in their field, under general anesthesia, within a period of approximately 1.5-2 hours, and is performed by the specialist, paying attention to all risks that may occur such as prosthesis displacement, touching the implant corners and infection.

Silicone implants maintain their inserted size permanently. There is no possibility of melting, disappearing or shrinking over time. At the same time, they are in a structure that will not be damaged, displaced or exploded in a sitting position.

Brazilian Butt Lift

Is Hip Augmentation with Fat Injection permanent?

Fat injection, which is one of the Hip Enlargement Methods that gives the desired volume, fullness and shape to the buttock. After the hip augmentation with fat injection, the person will have a more pleasing, curved and aesthetically looking   hip. Fats taken from the abdomen, waist, back or belly area where there is fat accumulation in the body are taken and injected into the butt.

In this way, on the one hand, the person may get rid of fat accumulations in unwanted areas, on the other hand, he/she achieves the desired volume and roundness in the butt. The difference between the hip augmentation method with fat injection, silicone implants and hip augmentation surgeries is that some amounts of the fat melt with the time However, the remaining amount is permanent. If weight is not gained or lost, the effect continues for life. In general, the amount of fat given during the surgery is applied considering the absorption of fats.

Can This Method be Applied to People with a Very Low Body Fat Index?

It is a popular operation by patients because it is an easy surgical method and the appearance is very natural. It is quite normal to have very mild pain and swelling in the butt area after the application. However, this pain is at a level that can be easily controlled with medications. After the operation, it may be necessary to wear a pressure garment and use a buttock (bbl) pillow for a while.

If we look at the advantages of buttock augmentation with fat injection;

  • Unlike implants that fill only the upper half of the butt, it allows the entire butt to be intervened and the curves and other details of the hip to be recreated thanks to fat injection.
  • People can achieve Brazilian butt lift thanks to the butt enlargement with fat injection.
  • On the one hand, the butt reaches the desired fullness, on the other hand, body shaping is done together with the removal of excess fat from the abdomen, waist and back region.
  • Since there is no large incision during the application of butt augmentation with fat injection, there is no obvious scar after the operation.
  • Since the person’s own tissues are used instead of a foreign substance in the buttock augmentation with fat injection, it is not possible to cause any negative reaction.
  • Since there is no long recovery period after this procedure, the patient can easily return to his daily life after 1 week.

Butt augmentation with fat injection can be easily performed to patients of a very wide age range, from 20 up to 60 years old. Butt enlargement surgery with fat injection is an operation, where the fat is taken from various completely different areas depending on the person’s body characteristics and fat index.

The excess fat in the body of the person who wants to add volume to his/her butt with fat injection is removed from the area where it is present. Then, the fat taken is separated from other tissues by special methods and the fat part that can be used in butt augmentation is injected into the butt area. 

Buttock augmentation with fat injection is one of the treatments that make patients happy and increase the self-confidence of the person. After 3-4 months of butt enlargement with fat injection, the shape of the butt is clearly revealed.

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