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One of the most sensitive points of women is their faces. At first glance, we tend to focus on the face. Old-looking and sagging facial contours are one of the biggest fears for women. In traditional face-lift surgeries, women may have to continue their daily life as bandaged for weeks after the operation, however, thanks to The Mini Face Lift surgery, patients could have young facial features and continue their lives with minimal scarring and have bandages for an only couple of days. This is being the reason; we do recommend the Mini Face Lift surgery to have a more natural and rested look on our patients’ facial features.

What Are The Reasons For A Saggy Face?

The main reason for the saggy face is the age factor. As we age, our face gets sag due to gravity. Other factors of wrinkling are genetic factors, smoking and alcohol habits, irregular nutrition, stress, and sleep disorder.

Who Is Eligible For The Mini Face Lift Surgery?

If the middle of the face, jawline, and neck area has started to sag and wrinkles around the lip and eyes got deepened, patients may consider facelift surgery after the age of 40 for both men and women.

What Is The Mini Face Surgery?

During the mini facelift surgery, the fat, muscle, and nerve tissues that form the face are hung to prevent sagging and the excess skin is removed. Moreover, the Mini Face Lift Surgery could be done for upper and lower eyelids to improve the imperfections. Since the face is whole, it is recommended to improve all the sag of the face during the surgery. If the patient is over 60 years old, sagging could also be seen in the neck area. Therefore, during the Face Lift Surgery, the neck muscle could be improved as if the person wears an inner corset. This helps the saggy skin to be tight. For the patients who are overweight, it may also be required to remove fat from the neck area as well.

The Mini Face Lift surgery is performed under local anesthesia. During the surgery, the saggy skin gets tightened without the need for general anesthesia. This helps skin to look younger and wrinkle-free. Therefore, the saggy look improved and the skin looks more vigorous and tighter as it was 10 years ago. Finally, the operation takes an average of 1 to 2 hours.

How Does The Mini Face Lift Differ from Classic Face Lift Surgery?

The Mini Facelift is different from the Classic Face Lift surgery. It is aimed to gain a natural result by using minimal incisions. The Mini Face Lift is recommended for the patients aged between 40-60, for those who want to control their sagging skin. By having a mini facelift, individuals could delay the effect of aging. If the patient has deformations around the eye and eyebrow area and sagging on the cheeks is intense, we would recommend having a Face Lift instead of a Mini Face Lift surgery.

How Is The Recovery Period?

The Mini Face Lift takes place under the local anesthesia. It is normal to notice swelling and bruising after the Mini Face Lift surgery however, these will recover after the first week. An average of 3 days is required for the patient to return their daily life. Then the patients could start to put makeup on and use their facial expressions. After the Mini Face Lift surgery, the patients will recognize the most natural and effective result after 3 months when the edema is completely reduced. We do recommend avoiding sun exposure for 2 months after the Mini Face Lift Surgery.

Will There Be Any Scars Left After the Mini Face Lift Surgery?

In the Mini Face Lift Surgery, the surgery scars are usually hidden in the scalp and anatomical folds such as behind the ear. Therefore, after the surgery, there will not be any obvious scar. In the Mini Face Surgery, smaller incisions are made compared to the Traditional Face Lift Surgery. Since the sagging of the face is improved with help of stitches without cutting any facial muscles, there will not be any intense scar afterwards.

Is the Mini Face Lift Surgery painful?

After the classic facelift surgery, patients may feel pain however, the recovery period after the Mini Face Lift Surgery is less painful compared to the other operations. Moreover, post-surgery pains could be taken under control by using simple painkillers.

Can I Get the operation price information?

It is not legal for clinics approved by the Ministry of Health to quotes prices on their websites. You can get information about mini  face lift aesthetics prices by calling our clinic on the phone number which is 02122414624.

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