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The Mini Tummy Tuck surgery is recommended for those who do not have excess fat in the abdominal wall.

In the mini tummy tuck surgery, the excess fat accumulated in the lower abdomen area could be removed and patients could achieve the flat and aesthetic look on their abdomen area.

In order to get rid of post-pregnancy weight and stubborn fat in the belly area, individuals could think of getting the mini tummy tuck operation.

mini tummy tuck

What is the Mini Abdominoplasty?

In the mini tummy tuck surgery is also known as mini abdominoplasty, the excess fat in the abdomen and waist area is removed and the excess skin remaining under the belly button is removed and the tummy tightens. During the procedure, no lifting is applied above the belly button area.

Who is Suitable For Mini Tummy Tuck Surgery?

The best candidates are the ones who can not have full abdominal surgery, do not have a lot of weight around the lower abdominal area, and suffer from saggy skin. It could also be done for those who have given birth before but have excess fat accumulated underneath the abdomen area. Moreover, since no procedure is performed on the belly button during the mini tummy tuck technique, patients who have their belly button above the place where it should be are also eligible for the operation.

What Should be Done Before Mini Tummy Tuck Surgery?

As in all surgeries, the use of aspirin and smoking should be stopped three weeks before the mini tummy tuck surgery. In the last week before the mini tummy tuck operation, drugs and similar substances that can dilute the blood should be discontinued.

Things not to be used before mini tummy tuck surgery:

  • Multivitamin pills containing substances such as ginseng, ginkgo biloba, coenzyme Q10,
  • Herbal products ( cherry stalk or green tea),
  • Products used for weight loss,
  • Voltaren, Apranax, Vermidon and Minosette can be used when pain relief is needed,
  • During the three days before the tummy tuck surgery, foods that may cause constipation should be avoided, vegetable meals and easily digestible foods should be taken.

How is the Mini Tummy Tuck Surgery Done?

Mini abdominoplasty surgery usually takes 1-2 hours under general anesthesia. The size of the liposuction region which is done prior to surgery actually determines the duration of the operation. The mini tummy tuck surgery is not a painful procedure.

Before the surgery, liposuction is performed to the waist and abdomen area. During the procedure, the fat injection could be done on the hips if needed. Afterwards, an incision is made underneath the underwear area, just like a cesarean cut. As the abdominal skin is removed from the abdominal wall up to the belly button, the relaxed abdominal muscles are sutured together, and the lower part of the abdominal wall is tightened.

After this procedure, the excess skin under the belly button is removed. If there is any saggy skin left above the belly button, the muscles above that area could be sutured as well. As a result, both the top and the bottom of the belly button could be tightened with a smaller incision, and patients could have a flatter and slimmer look.

mini tummy tuck

What Should be Done After Mini Abdominoplasty?

The patient could eat and stand up 2 hours after the operation and be discharged. The patient could lie on their side the night after the operation. After 24 hours, the patient could take a shower. Since all the stitches are self-melting underneath the skin, it is not required to take them out.

The patient could go back to their daily routine 3 post-ops. After the 3 weeks, they could start light activities but not heavy abdominal movements. Finally, after the 6 weeks, they could start all the sports activities.

Serious complications are not expected after mini tummy tuck surgeries. Wound recovery problems may be encountered in smokers. If the abdomen is closed too tight, some skin types may have problems such as excessive scarring. If such a situation occurs and this is due to tension, a revision procedure can be performed with local anesthesia to thin the scar one year after the operation.

With the mini tummy tuck surgery, the problems in the abdominal region of the people are largely solved. If the patient gains and loses excess weight after the surgery or becomes pregnant again, the results may decrease slightly. However, despite these situations, it never returns to its previous state.

Advantages of Mini Abdominoplasty

  • Mini tummy tuck surgery is not as aggressive as a full tummy tuck, so most patients can return to work a week after surgery,
  • With mini tummy tuck surgery, the lower abdomen can be tightened and flattened,
  • Mini tummy tuck surgery can change a thick cesarean scar to better, thinner and smoother,

Disadvantages of Mini Abdominoplasty

  • With the mini tummy tuck surgery, only the excess skin in the lower abdomen is intervened, and since it repairs the loose muscles under the belly button, it cannot eliminate the problems in the upper abdomen,
  • The results of mini tummy tuck surgery are less dramatic when compared to full tummy tuck.

Is the Mini Tummy Tuck Surgery Permanent?

The mini tummy tuck surgery satisfies both the patient and the doctor in terms of their permanent results, however, if the patient gains weight or becomes pregnant after the operation, the results of the operation might change but the patient would never return to the state before the operation.

The most asked question by our patients is whether they could become pregnant after the surgery. Yes, they could get pregnant however, the surgery is not recommended for the patients who have recently planned pregnancy. This is because, during the pregnancy, the abdominal wall would stretch.

After the mini tummy tuck surgery, the patient should watch their diet and body weight. This is crucial for maintaining the outcome of the surgery. Moreover, the patient also should avoid alcohol in order to prevent fat accumulation in the abdomen area. It is highly recommended to use moisturizing creams and lotions to prevent stretch marks on the skin.

Pregnancy After Mini Abdominoplasty

Mini tummy tuck surgery does not prevent pregnancy. However, with the weight gained during pregnancy and the enlargement of the abdomen, the skin of the abdomen loosens again. The most ideal in this regard is to have this mini tummy tuck surgery in the after the birth period. In some cases, waiting for the birth to be over can make the person unhappy and uneasy, as it is visually very distressing.

When can Sexual Intercourse be Taken After Mini Abdominoplasty?

Patients are frequently asked how long they should wait to have sex after mini tummy tuck surgery. It is recommended to wait for the drains to come out before having sex. Since the abdominal muscles are also stitched in mini tummy tuck surgery, pain may occur as a result of the use of these muscles during sexual intercourse. Again, in the early period, it may be possible to open the existing stitches with sex.

After the mini tummy tuck surgery, patients may experience temporary loss of sensation at the sutures in the early period, and they may not feel strained and force the suture area. For this reason, “sexual intercourse after mini tummy tuck surgery” is prohibited for approximately 4 weeks and “sexual intercourse after Full Abdominoplasty” is prohibited for approximately 6 weeks.

Is Mini Abdominoplasty Surgery Understandable by People?

The most important advantage of mini tummy tuck surgery is the length of the incision (scar). A full tummy tuck requires an incision from the hip to the buttocks and around the belly button, but a mini tummy tuck creates a shorter scar. This scar is not visible from the outside and remains inside the person’s underwear. For this reason, when viewed from the outside, it is not understood that the person had a mini tummy tuck surgery.

mini tummy tuck

What are the Differences Between Mini Tummy Tuck and Full Tummy Tuck?

The doctor evaluates the location and extent of excess skin in the abdomen to determine if the patient needs a full tummy tuck or mini tummy tuck. If the patient has excess skin only in the area below the belly button, “mini tummy tuck surgery” may be sufficient. With the mini tummy tuck surgery, the belly button is protected and the excess skin under the belly button is removed during the operation. The lower abdomen skin of the person is pulled down and the abdomen is stretched.

Mini tummy tuck (mini abdominoplasty) is a surgery that takes less time and results in less incisions and less scars. In mini tummy tuck surgery, the scar is below the swimsuit line, which is smaller than the cesarean section.

A full tummy tuck is required when the skin in the lower abdomen of the person is removed, when the belly button is stretched or when there is significantly loose skin on the belly button. During the full tummy tuck surgery, a sufficient amount of skin is removed from the part of the abdomen below the belly button and a new belly button is designed. In full tummy tuck surgery, the entire abdominal skin is stretched to stretch the upper and lower abdominal skin. In full tummy tuck surgery, the stitch scar is longer than in mini tummy tuck surgery.

How Much Does the Mini Tummy Tuck Surgery Cost in Istanbul, Turkey?

Mini tummy tuck surgery prices; It may vary depending on the degree of sagging in the patient’s abdomen, the amount of excess fat, whether liposuction will be performed, as well as the patient’s age and health status.

Among the factors affecting tummy tuck prices; The hospital where the surgery will be performed also includes mini or full tummy tuck surgeries. It should be noted that the mini tummy tuck surgery price of a very overweight and very saggy patient is not the same as the mini tummy tuck surgery price of a thin patient. In order to learn the prices of Mini Abdominoplasty in Istanbul, you must first be examined by your doctor.

Ministry of Health-accredited centers, it is not legal to specify prices on their website. Of course, we also understand our patients, and your economy is important to you. However, you will appreciate that we are talking about surgery, and this is a special non-standardized surgical procedure. You should be examined by our doctors in our clinic so that we can share information about the cost of the mini tummy tuck surgery. Therefore, please dial +905442684433 to contact our assistant and get information about mini tummy tuck surgery price.

If you need to restore a reshaped abdominal look and sexy body, please contact Quartz Clinique to book a consultation with one of our doctors. Our team is going to answer your questions. You can call or whatsapp by +905442684433

We wish you healthy and happy days…

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