Brow Lift With Threads Or Surgery?

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Hello, doctor, I am considering Brow Lift surgery. I heard that Brow Lift can be done with a thread as well as it can also be done with surgery. Which one do you recommend?

Op. Dr. Leyla Arvas commented

Hi, yes it can be done both ways. It would not be right to say something like surgery is better or Thread Lift is better. Because the method I recommend will depend on the patient’s condition. If the forehead is very wrinkled and the eyebrows are very droopy, a Brow Lift Surgery is preferred. Endoscopic Brow Lift is performed by entering small incisions through the scalp under general anesthesia. The muscles that cause wrinkles on the forehead or the ones that lower the eyebrows are immobilized. The forehead skin is released from the eye level and the excess skin is removed. Thus, the forehead area is tightened and a younger appearance is obtained. Forehead thread lift is applied to younger patients or patients who do not want general anesthesia or the ones who want to do the operation in a shorter period of time and have a shorter recovery period. If you have the chance to come for the consultation, I can give you more precise information after examining you

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