Sunken Eyes

Sunken eyes There are many reasons that cause sunken eyes; It can be hereditary, caused by nutritional deficiencies, or it can be from excessive water loss. Eyes are structures that reflect the person and at the same time, they are the most important indicator of a person’s health. When the eyes begin to look sunken, this should not only be considered from an aesthetic point of view, but also as an important sign of poor health.

If the person has sunken eyes, there is a hollow-like space under the eyes or in the lower eyelids and dark shadows appear. The skin under the eyes may also appear particularly thin. This causes the appearance of droopy eyelids.

Sunken eyes can occur in people whose parents have the same. The position of the eye in the eye socket is genetic and causes a sunken appearance. Other causative causes can be serious problems such as nutritional deficiency or severe dehydration.

However, if none of these are similar to the person’s condition and they have sunken eyes, there are other factors causing it. The first of these can be a temporary condition such as allergy or sinus infection, which can cause sunken eyes. Aging may also have something to do with eyes that look hollow. In this case, it can cause sunken eyes.

What are the Other Factors that Cause Sunken Eyes?

Losing weight also causes a person to lose facial fat, which can make the face and eyes appear more hollow in general. In this case, eyelid swelling does not occur. If the person has lost a lot of weight, they notice some changes in face shape and sunken eyes are the most obvious indicator.

Sleep problems also cause eyes while presenting. Not getting enough sleep or poor quality sleep can lead to sunken eyes and accompanying dark circles.

What are the Causes of Sunken Eyes?

Sunken eyes run through families, are inherited, and are due to a combination of pigmentation and missing fat in the under eye areas. Without intervention, sunken eyes will not go away. Faulty eating habits, long-term hunger and nutritional deficiency occur. It causes fat loss, tightness, thinning and wrinkling of the skin under the eyes of the person. There may be some suggestions that help to prevent Sunken eyes;

An uninterrupted, quality sleep of 7-8 hours is very important for a person to feel rested.

Sunken eyes are formed as a result of the following situations:

  • Insufficient sleep and fatigue
  • Conditions such as stress and tension
  • Failure to treat dark circles in a timely and appropriate manner
  • To smoke
  • Massive and rapid weight loss
  • Alcohol addiction
  • Nutritional deficiency
  • Aging

Surgical Sunken Eyes Treatment

Many people may give up trying different solutions for their eyes and assume, without any success, that blepharoplasty is the only way to improve the appearance of the eye area. At this point, the most important thing for the person is to make a decision as a result of the examination of an experienced doctor. The doctor will decide on the appropriateness of surgery or invasive procedures.

Lower eyelid surgery is performed with a surgical method called lower blepharoplasty for sunken eyes. The appearance of collapse and dark circles caused by fat deposits or excess skin around the eyes can be removed. Since excess skin is removed in blepharoplasty, it is the most visible and most effective treatment.

Non-surgical Sunken Eyes Treatment

Laser Treatments

Laser treatments are effective for dark under eye circles. Processes such as Thulium Laser or Gold Needle Lasers reduce scar formation and other possible side effects. Since laser treatment is applied to the upper surface of the skin, the quality of the skin increases.

Vitamin C Method

Vitamin C is an effective method for lightening the darkness under the eyes. Creams containing vitamin C or pure vitamin C products, which are applied directly under the eyes, provide lightening under the eyes.

Under Eye Filler

Under eye filler Many men and women get rid of aesthetic problems with under eye filler, which is an effective treatment for sunken eyes. Non-surgical sunken eyes treatment is very effective in under eye filler, bruising and swelling. With this developed method, long-term benefits are provided. Problems such as eye cupping and bruising, which occur due to reasons such as aging, disappear.

Under eye filler, which is a comprehensive treatment method for bruises, swellings, circles, pits and collapses, removes the signs of aging on the skin and provides skin color balance with hyaluronic acid filler. Under eye filler can be applied with different content of fillers. With the under eye fillers usually contained hyaluronic acid and necessary vitamins are given to the eye skin and long-term vitality and repair are provided.

How is Under Eye Filler Applied?

With the non-surgical sunken eyes treatment, the under eye filler treatment, which is applied to eliminate problems such as bruising and swelling, and preventing wrinkles, is applied differently than other methods. As in other dermal filler treatments, under eye filler is not injected under the skin, it is injected deeper. The treatment is completed with a very slow injection on the bone. Ache and pain are not felt with the special cannulas and local anesthetic substances used in under eye filler injection.

Is Under Eye Filler Permanent?

Sunken eyes surgery Under eye filler has no common side effects. As a result of the research, it is observed that the permanence of the under eye filler for sunken eyes varies between 6 months and 24 months. Successful, long-term results are obtained with this treatment applied with the use of hyaluronic acid. It does not require surgical intervention.

With under eye filler, it is possible to get rid of all detention complaints easily. Since it is painless, it is very easy to get results without feeling any discomfort or pain. However, the fact that it does not cause side effects is also considered a great advantage. Thanks to the absence of bruising and swelling after the injection, it is possible to return to daily social life easily after the procedure.

Under eye filler treatment is among the treatment methods that are suitable and do not require surgery for people who want to get long-term results. After the treatment, it can be applied again when necessary. Eyes can be easily treated with the under eye line for repair, renewal and treatment purposes.

How Much Does Sunken Eyes Treatment Cost in İstanbul?

The treatment methods applied for sunken eyes are carried out by an experienced doctor. There are surgical or non-surgical treatment options for sunken eyes. After the examination, the experienced doctor will decide which method is the most suitable for the patient. The patient should be examined first.

For example, if the decision is made for under eye filler , which is a non-surgical method; The doctor’s experience and the development of the fillers brand and  method are the most important factors in the price of the filler. However, since the structure of the pit, bag and skin in the eye area affects the procedure to be applied, it also directly affects the price.

The quality of the material (product brand) used in the under eye filler  process and the duration of its application, as well as the number of sessions, are among the factors that affect the price.

The patient’s desire for which of the under-eye problems to be resolved may also affect the price. The level of success and previous experience in the transactions also determine the price.

With all these, it should be noted that the same price is valid for the same amount of work, so that no patient with the same amount of work pays more than the other patient.

For Ministry of Health-accredited centers, it is not legal to specify prices on their website. Therefore, please dial 0212 241 46 24 to contact Quartz Clinique and get information on Sunken Eyes Treatment Prices In İSTANBUL, TURKEY.

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