Temporal Lift

temporal lift

Temporal Lift surgery is a cosmetic procedure that has effects to reduce wrinkles, sagging, and hooding around the forehead as well as corners of the eyes and brow area. As we age, wrinkles and sagging may occur in many parts of the body. Both men and women start to look for alternative ways to keep have a youthful appearance to their faces and bodies. The most obvious changes are usually seen in the face. Due to the loss of elasticity of the skin tissue, these changes mostly happen around the eyes, forehead, and temple.

Why Does Sagging Occur In Temples?

One of the most crucial factors is gravity. Over the course of aging, the skin tissue loses its elasticity, and sagging happens. Moreover, some environmental factors including alcohol, smoking, sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy diet, and stress could lead to skin sagging as well. Finally, other reasons such as intensive use of mimics on the temple area could cause deformation in the aforementioned regions.

How Does Temporal Lift Operation Performed?

The operation could be performed under local or general anesthesia depending on the surgeon’s and patient’s preferences. The Temple Lifting surgery could be one of the most risk-free operations compared to other aesthetic applications. The operation is completed between 30 – 60 minutes depending on the other procedures combined with the operation.

During the surgery, two small incisions are made where the hairline meets in the scalp to hide the scars. Afterward, the skin will be lifted and stretched upwards. If sagging is seen intensely in temples, excess skin will be removed to achieve a smoother look. Finally, small incisions will be closed with small sutures.

The Recovery Period of Temporal Lift

Whilst patients would be discharged within the same day of the operation, the recovery period is short compared to other cosmetic operations, the period takes about two weeks. It is recommended to minimize making mimics on temples, eyes, and eyebrows area. In order to reduce bruising and swelling, patients could ice the area for 10 minutes at a time. The sutures would be removed within the first 7 days after the surgery. The incisions might leave scars however since they are hidden in the hairline, they are not visible at all.

Finally, as this operation is less invasive than the other procedures, it has low-risk and minimal side effects.

How much does Temporal Lift cost?

For Ministry of Health-accredited centers, it is not legal to specify prices on their website.  Therefore, please dial +905442684433 to contact my assistant and get information on temporal lift surgery prices.

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