Dr. Aesthetic Solutions with Leyla Arvas

You can get your upright and plump breasts like your dreams by eliminating posture disorders or prevent sagging.

Dr. Aesthetic Solutions with Leyla Arvas

You may have perfect abdominal muscles. Postpartum sagging or overweight are not problem anymore.
Without surgery, you can look younger without surgical intervention by Thermage application.

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Non-Surgical Aesthetics

alın botoksu


Botox is the trademark of a toxin produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. An over application of Botox may cause paralysis. However, as a result of the recent researches of scientists….

Thread lift

Thread Lift

Threadlift is one of the most effective methods used for tightening the face. Threadlift is a completely safe method, and threads manufactured for medical purpose are used.

Dudak kontürü dolgusu

Lip Fillers

Thick and attractive lips are the dream of every woman. Women can realize this dream thanks to lip replenishment in 10-15 minutes.One of the most common beauty touches of today are the lips filler.

High-Tech Treatments

Baby Face Beauty


LaseMD Thulium Laser reaches the lower layers of the skin, gives a smooth skin to you, moisturizes your skin and helps you to get a perfect skin care…


Thermage CPT

As one of the non-surgical medical procedures, Thermage CPT is a technology that affects the connective tissue by using radiofrequency waves. Thermage offers high standards with respect to the energy…

Laser Hair Removal

Ice laser epilation creates an effective result even with the hair in lightest colors. Ice laser is pain and ache free. Thanks to ice laser that can be applied in all four seasons…