BotoxBotox (purified botulinum toxin) is a purified neurotoxin and it is sourced from bacteria that can block neuromuscular interactions.

Botox is a neurotoxin and as we mentioned it blocks the movement of the neuromuscular synapse starting from the nerve endings to the muscle.

What is Botox?

Botox is the most studied drug, therefore it is also successfully used in medicine to treat, for example, neurological disorders. It is the comprehensive knowledge of Botox that allows you to experiment with the drug without prejudice to its main purpose – blocking neuromuscular transmission, due to which the skin is smoothed.

Botox functioning as a muscle relaxant relieves the muscle tension, blocks its susceptibility to nerve impulses.

The injection of a neurotoxin has a natural basis. In the beginning, it was used only in medicine for the treatment of certain types of diseases. But gradually the injection of a neurotoxin took a main position in the cosmetic industry. This beauty injection can be applied for many parts of the body and face.

Today, the botox as beauty injections are most in demand in the forehead and between the eyebrows. Mostly the cosmetologist uses Botox as an effective remedy for mimicking wrinkles.

Today, a new successful technique for introducing botulinum toxin has appeared – meso botox. The drug is injected not into the muscles, but subcutaneously, and affects only individual muscle fibers adjacent to the skin.

As a result, partial work of the muscles is preserved, and, therefore, the face remains with active facial expressions, but without wrinkles.

Botulinum toxin is a powerful weapon in the fight against expression lines. Botox will help you forget about crow’s feet around the eyes, horizontal folds on the forehead and eyebrow lines.

The botox is painlessly injected pointwise with the thinnest needle, relaxing the muscles of the forehead. As a result of the procedure, the existing wrinkles on the forehead are smoothed out, the skin looks even and smooth.

How is Botox Done?

Botox injections are painless. The needles for the injection are very thin and therefore not painful. During the procedure, the client is in a chair in a comfortable position.

Before starting the procedure the doctor asks to smile, frown or be surprised in order to see the mimic muscles, determine the degree of their tension, identify possible asymmetries, fix the points for the injection of the botox.

The Botox injection procedure is absolutely safe, painless, injections are carried out with sterile disposable instruments.

Botox is measured in units of action (U). How many units of Botox will be required to eliminate wrinkles in the forehead area, the doctor will tell you.

For each patient, the number of units will be strictly individual, as it depends on the features of the structure of the face, age-related changes, and the degree of mimic activity. In some cases, an additional procedure may be required after 14 days.

The pinching procedure becomes necessary if there is an asymmetry of the facial muscles or some part of the face is resistant to the drug. As a rule, after the procedure, no traces remain on the face, or barely noticeable traces are visible at the injection site, which disappear after thirty.

What to Do After Botox Injection?

Immediately after the procedure, it is not recommended to touch the face, the area of administration of the drug with your hands. Immediately after the injection, you cannot take a horizontal position of the body for four hours, lower your head, sauna, intense physical activity is not allowed. If all the recommendations are followed, the effect after the introduction of botulinum toxin lasts, on average, from 3 to 6 months.

After the procedure, the doctor advises to work with facial muscles. So the drug is more evenly distributed over the tissues. The effect of the introduction of Botox will increase every day, and the client will enjoy his smooth forehead without wrinkles. The effect after the administration of the drug accumulates and intensifies with each subsequent procedure.

The result of Botox can be improved if you undergo a course of mesotherapy before it. This procedure – rejuvenation and recovery of the skin will prepare the skin for injections, and also contribute to the fact that the botox will last longer.

The durability of the effect of “beauty injections” depends on the individual characteristics of the patient’s body. According to statistics, wrinkles and “creases” are smoothed out for 6-7 months. After that, the procedure should be repeated if desired.

BotoxHow and When Does Botox Work?

The effective result of botox is that the muscle is blocked, and the skin in this place is smoothed.

The drug acts locally – only on the muscle into which the injection was made. It starts working instantly – there is a connection between molecules and a nerve.

But the patient does not see the result of Botox immediately. Wrinkles and “creases” begin to gradually disappear 5-7 days after the procedure.

When is Botox Recommended?

Botulinum toxin is an effective remedy for mimicking wrinkles. When a person frowns, smiles, wrinkles and folds appear on the face. In places of frequently repeated grimaces, stable creases are formed. With the help of botulinum toxin, muscles can be relaxed, followed by wrinkles, and new ones are not formed.

The most effective Botox preparations are for the glabellar region, forehead, the area around the eyes and the corners of the lips. Usually, cosmetologists recommend starting Botox injections at the first appearance of wrinkles, which prevents them from deepening.

Beauty injections have been shown at the age of 25. They do not have a destructive effect on the muscles, they are not addictive. On the contrary, often after several injections the muscles “get used” to be in a relaxed state and strain much less even without injections.

The main application of Botox in cosmetology is muscle relaxation in order to smooth out wrinkles. However, this tool, originally developed in pediatrics, has found its application in other areas.

Botox is also used for: Relief of muscle spasms. Cramps of the jaw and neck, twitching eyelids, less often stuttering resulting from muscle spasms, are successfully relieved by Botox.

At least, the patient’s condition can be significantly alleviated. It can be used for the treatment of hyperhidrosis too. To solve the problem of excessive sweating in any area, you can use several injections.

The other application area is alleviating the condition of patients suffering from migraines. By blocking the receptors of the nerve cells responsible for the onset of pain, you can completely relieve or reduce pain.

Botox can be applied for the treatment of urinary retention. An overactive bladder prone to spasms often causes voluntary urination. Botulinum toxin injections enable the patient to have better muscle control.

Botox is a treatment in the dental area as well. Treatments for bruxism – a disease accompanied by teeth grinding during sleep. Relaxation of the jaw muscles, achieved by injection of the drug, almost completely solves the unpleasant problem.

In some cases, for example, to relax the muscles in the chest area, the beautician may recommend botulinum toxin ointment instead of injections. Strengths and weaknesses of Botox Botulinum toxin, like any other substance, has its advantages and weaknesses.

So, the use of a substance in the presence of contraindications can lead to the appearance of undesirable side effects. Therefore, before the procedure, you need to carefully study its features and discuss disturbing moments with the doctor.

It is important to understand that botox is not a rejuvenating agent, like hyaluronic acid, but a toxin with a neuroparalytic effect. However, as you know, poison used in micro doses is a medicine, and medicine used in excessive doses is poison.

The recovery effect of Botox is the ability to weaken or completely block neuromuscular transmission. A correctly calculated dose allows you to relieve excess stress where it is undesirable, and thereby relax wrinkles. An overly tense muscle, like a tightly stretched thread, gathers the skin into ugly sweets. Relaxing it allows you to remove creases.

However, the muscles on the face perform important, useful functions, their relaxation is far from always desirable, therefore the result largely depends on the competence of the doctor performing the procedure.

In addition, beauty injections should not be done too often. After the injection, the effect of which lasts 6-8 months, the muscles should recover.

Who is Botox not Suitable For?

There is no evidence of the transfer of botox to the fetus in the womb, but botox is not recommended during pregnancy.

Similarly, botox application is not recommended for breastfeeding mothers.

Botox is not applied to people with neuro-muscular disorders (nerve-muscle diseases) such as Eaton-Lambert Disease and Myasthenia Gravis. It is important for the patient to tell the doctor about all patient’s current ailments and the drugs he/she uses.

The person should not have botox during the period when blood thinners and blood thinners are taken. People who take blood thinners should consult their doctor (cardiologist, cardiovascular surgeon, neurologist, internist, etc.) who recommend these drugs beforehand.

If the doctor deems it appropriate, these drugs should be discontinued at least 48 hours before botox. It is life-threatening to stop these drugs without consulting a doctor on a very important issue.

People with skin infection (herpes, etc.) at the injection site should not have botox until the infection is treated.

What are the Types of Botox?

Botox for Face

Botox injections can be applied for many areas in the body and face. While it is applied for the face, the botox helps get rid of wrinkles in the forehead, around the eyes and between the eyebrows. Our experienced cosmetologists own the author’s techniques for staging Botox with the preservation of facial expressions, for a long time, without pain and swelling.

Botox is a powerful muscle relaxant based on highly purified type A botulinum toxin of protein origin. This substance blocks nerve impulses that are transmitted by muscles to the brain, and prevents muscle contraction, and therefore the skin. This allows you to fight wrinkles.

Point injections of micro-doses of botulinum toxin smoothes the skin and smoothes its surface, without interfering with the normal process of blood supply and nutrition to all layers of the epidermis.

At the same time, the concentration of the active substance in the preparation is so low that the risk of rejection and allergic reactions is completely excluded. Toxic and allergic reactions with Botox injections are completely excluded.

Masseter Botox Injections

This is an aesthetic procedure in which the lower part of the face is narrowed, in which the chewing muscles are located. The aim is to treat deformities of the lower part of the face. The square face shape, which gives the face a masculine and tough expression, is softened to a more proportional shape.

Certain habits directly affect the overdevelopment of the jaw muscles. The main one is the habit of clenching your teeth. In addition, excessive chewing of the gum can lead to an increase in the chewing muscles.

Recently, women with a round or square type of face have especially often resorted to the procedure of Botox Injection in Masseter in order to acquire a more aesthetic and attractive appearance. Botox is a technically new and effective way to reshape the face by narrowing it.

In addition, this procedure, due to the non-surgical and sutureless narrowing of the face, makes it possible to transform round and square face shapes into triangular, oval or heart-shaped ones.

Typically, the chewing muscles soften within a week, and a completely new jaw shape can be seen after 6 weeks. With the help of Botox injections in Masseter, long-lasting, symmetrical and aesthetic results are achieved.

Patients are advised to undergo a second course of treatment 2–4 months after the first course of treatment. Most patients do not require a third procedure, but an additional session can be given to patients requiring further correction.

Gummy Smile Botox

The appearance of the gums when people smile does not create an aesthetic appearance. In this case, it causes a lack of self-confidence in people.

With the Gummy smile botox application, it is possible to have a perfect smile without surgery. The process takes 15 minutes on average. After Botox, patients can easily continue their daily lives.

Teeth Grinding Botox

Some people unconsciously grind their teeth while awake or asleep. Teeth grinding can be a physical pain, along with dental problems. These problems are called bruxism.

Due to bruxism, the person’s enamel may be lost and tooth sensitivity may increase. Problems such as cracking and straightening of the teeth may occur.

However, as a result of constant grinding of the teeth, head, face and ear pain occurs in the person. Botox application is a very effective and preferred method for the treatment of problems caused by headache, jaw pain and teeth grinding, that is, bruxism.

Nefertiti Botox

Having a distinctive jaw line and long neck feature in the Egyptian period is a sign of beauty. The name Nefertiti botox is named after the Egyptian queen Nefertiti, who has a long neck and prominent jaw line. Nefertiti botox targets the neck and jawline.

A younger and firmer appearance is obtained. In general, other parts of the face attract more attention by people. The neck area, on the other hand, is exposed to problems such as wrinkles or sagging since it is not given much attention.

The neck area is a very sensitive and thin area. For this reason, it can be difficult to treat the neck area. Good results are obtained with Nefertiti botox application.

Nefertiti botox is applied to two areas in the person, one of them is along the lower jawline and the other one is the muscles in the neck area. After the procedure is applied to these two areas, the sagging skin is pulled upwards.

This skin is tightened and a more stretched, smooth appearance is formed. As a result, the person has a much more lively and smooth appearance.

The sagging that occurs without the need for a surgical procedure is eliminated. The person looks younger. Nefertiti botox application provides restructuring of the chin and minimizing the neck lines.

Baby Botox

When Botox is mentioned, many people think of a dull face shape, but it is possible to say the opposite of what is thought. There is a botox application where the wrinkles on the face are reduced and the facial expressions move and do not have a dull face appearance.

Wrinkles are minimized by injecting a smaller dose with Baby Botox. And a dull facial expression does not occur. Person gestures can be used easily.

Minimal Botox

Botox is a widely used method for removing wrinkles. The only situation that peoples complain about in botox injections is that the result is not a natural look.

Among the reasons for the appearance of a natural appearance in the person after the botox procedure are the formation of a very dull expression that prevents the person from using person’s facial expressions or the formation of a tense expression that is not suitable for the age of the person.

The reason for the formation of these expressions is that the botox injection is applied in too many doses to every point on the face. In order to prevent the appearance and expressions that occur in this way, the application should be performed by an experienced and expert doctor.

It is very important to know at which point the movement of the muscles should be restricted in order to remove the wrinkles on the face. At the same time, it is very important to know how much to apply.

Minimal botox, on the other hand, is the procedure in which the dose to be applied is applied in a small amount and to the areas deemed necessary in order to prevent the dull expression on the face.

With minimal botox, conditions such as the skin condition of the person, skin structure and age are taken into consideration. A treatment plan is created. With minimal botox application, a result that is compatible with the age of the person and natural mimic movements is formed.

Armpit Botox Injections for Hyperhidrosis

Botox injections in the armpits remove excess sweating for a period of 6 months. Young socially active people are more likely to experience hyperhidrosis.

Excessive sweating is accompanied by emotional experiences. At the same time, hyperhidrosis is not associated with external environmental influences (room temperature, stuffiness).

Botox injections into the armpits are the only alternative to ineffective conservative treatment and dangerous surgical interventions. Botulinum neurotoxin type A and hemagglutinin affect the receptors of the sweat glands.

As a result, excessive sweating stops for a long time. Botox injections into the armpit area are safe for the body. The chemical substances of the drug do not penetrate the bloodstream and act only locally.

Brotox in Men

Brotox is the name given to the botox application for men. It has become much more popular in the world over time. There are differences between botox applications for women and men.

Botox treatment, which will be applied due to the muscle structure and strength of men, is applied more specifically. The most important feature of the botox procedure for men is that it is applied in a way that preserves the masculine expression on the face.

However, brotox application is an application that needs to be planned from person to person according to the characteristic facial structure and facial expression of the man.

How Much Does Botox Injection Cost in İstanbul?

Botox prices vary depending on the number of areas to be applied. For example; only the cost of botox between the eyebrows and botox between the eyebrows and around the eyes is different. The more Botox is applied to the more areas, the botox price changes depending on this.

The prices of botox applied in the treatment of hyperhidrosis in Istanbul vary according to the prices of botox applied in the treatment of migraine and the prices of botox applied in the treatment of wrinkles. You should stay away from very cheap botox applications to protect your health.

To get more detailed information about Botox Prices in Turkey, you can make an appointment and consult us. For Ministry of Health-accredited centers, it is not legal to specify prices on their website. Therefore, please dial 0212 241 46 24 to contact Quartz Clinique and get information on Botox Prices in İstanbul, Turkey.