Body Sculpting procedure can be done with Lipofilling and Liposculpting. Liposculpture (lipomodelling, liposculpture) of the body is a method of correcting body contours by collecting and redistributing fat cells from “problem areas”. 


Liposculpture can be used to contour the body, to add definition and improve shape. Liposculpture is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures performed. Lipofilling can be defined as the process of injecting adipose tissues taken from one area of our own body into another area where the need is felt in our own body. It is used in the field of plastic surgery.

With fat injection made with lipofilling, it is applied to lift the eyebrow, to plump the cheekbones and to shape the chin on the face and to enlarge and lift the breasts in the body and to remove the deformities in the legs. 

You can have an aesthetic body with lipofilling treatment. Body sculpting will be convenient and safe for a beautiful body.

What Is Body Sculpting?

Body sculpting called “Liposculpture” (lipomodelling) is also a complex operation for the complex transformation of the body and the creation of the desired figure, with the removal of fat from unwanted fat deposit areas, the creation of beautiful body contours. 

The most important distinction of the liposculpture from the liposuction is it reshapes the body to a desired form. Liposculpture provides good correction of the waist, hips, legs, arms, back and even the face.

The body shapes are corrected and a beautiful relief is created. This procedure can include both vaser liposuction and liposuction with lipofilling. Lipofilling or fat transfer is the possibility of transferring fat to other places to create volume if necessary. 

By aging and gaining weight, localized fat deposits in the body become more and more voluminous. In some areas, on the contrary, over time, a lack of soft tissues is formed, which further disturbs the contours of the face and body.

The optimal solution in such a situation is rightfully considered body liposculpture – body modeling at the expense of its own adipose tissue. In areas with excess adipose tissue, liposuction is performed – fat removal, and in areas with insufficient volume – lipofilling, that is, filling with your own adipose tissue by fat transfer.

Liposuction will not help with general obesity. However, it is the most effective method for reducing localized fat deposits. In the classic version, it assumes the presence of incisions through which tissue is removed from the fat traps. The main correction zones are the chin area, sagging areas of soft tissues in the lower jaw area, as well as shoulders, abdomen, lateral surfaces of the body, inner thighs, breeches, knees, and calves.

People often want to look slimmer or choose body shaping to achieve a beautiful body. Body Sculpting surgery will help your body to get in shape.

It is not always possible to help lose weight and do sports in order to shape the body. Surgical operations can be more effective and permanent at this point and help people more. It also treats loose and wrinkled skin caused by aging.

Types of Liposuction for Body Sculpting 

Body SculptingTraditional (vacuum dry) surgical liposuction is rarely used, today more modern types are preferred like vaser and laser Liposuction. Each technique is used for specific indications.

Vaser liposuction is preferred for areas with thin or overstretched skin, such as the inner thighs and abdomen. Vaser liposuction has other advantages – it is less traumatic due to the use of thin cannulas and is applicable to any area.

Often, liposuction is used as an auxiliary procedure when performing abdominoplasty, face and neck lift, and correction of curvature of the legs. 

The removed fat cells are not restored, therefore the pronounced aesthetic effect of liposuction is achieved in one procedure.

Depending on the volume of the intervention, liposuction is performed under local or general anesthesia.

With small volumes of fat removed, the operation is performed on an outpatient basis, with fat volumes of more than one liter or a large number of zones, hospitalization is required for one day. After the operation, the patient must wear special compression garments for 2–4 weeks.

Vaser Liposuction is the most advanced and most effective liposuction method today. Usually, the difference from classical liposuction is that it increases the effectiveness by using ultrasound (sound wave) energy during application.

When Vaser liposuction is performed, fats are broken down and aspirated in a liquid way using ultrasonic sound waves. Therefore, there is no wavy surface appearance that can be seen after classical liposuction. 

Vaser targets only fat cells. Vaser liposuction also does not damage tissues such as connective tissue, vessels and nerves. With this method, less pain, swelling and bruising are observed. In this way, patients can quickly return to their daily lives.

Since ultrasonic sound waves are used in this method, the received fats and the stem cells in it are not damaged. If desired, they can be used for other necessary parts of the body. This method can be applied to areas such as the buttock, legs inside of the knee, back, abdomen, waist and breasts. 

Do Sound Waves Damage the Skin in Vaser Liposuction?

  • Vaser Liposuction is the most effective method to remove fat without damaging it, as it has a feature that only targets fat tissues while protecting other tissues. 
  • Vaser acts only on fats with sound waves. 
  • Pain after surgery is very minimal, as it does not damage the nerves. 
  • After the operation, it becomes very quick and easy to return to everyday life. 
  • Vaser liposuction, unlike laser liposuction, does not create heat, so heat damage does not occur in the surrounding tissue, the risk of edema is lower. And it is a safe method. 
  • After the operation, the edema becomes less compared to other methods and there is an early recovery.
  • Harvested fats after Vaser liposuction can be used as a filler. The fats taken with this method can be used for breast augmentation, butt lift, and as face filler purposes at the same time. 
  • Vaser Liposuction in combination with a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) gives very good results. In tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) operations performed together with Vaser Liposuction, there is a chance to safely perform liposuction and shape the entire waist, back and abdomen. 
  • With this method, the surgeon can perform the operation he wants without damaging the vessels and nerves and gives the patient very successful results.

Non-Surgical Body Sculpting Method

Besides surgical Body Sculpting procedure there is also non-surgical Body Sculpting procedure called ‘lipolysis’. This procedure is done in mild cases and for the patients who have less stubborn fat in different parts of their bodies such as chin, abdomen, legs, arms, etc.

To get good results we recommend  doing at least 3 sessions. The session takes around 45 minutes and it can be done under local anesthetic medications. The main logic of the Lipolysis is applying the ultrasound waves or mesotherpies to the targeted areas to break the fat deposits.

Lipolysis is an effective regional fat melting method. 

Who needs Body Sculpting?

Most women, after reaching a certain age or after pregnancy, notice that excess deposits have appeared on the waist, hips and buttocks, which cannot be eliminated.

Men, and especially often former professional athletes, may show signs of abdominal obesity, muscular dystrophy, and “feminine” roundness. If fatty tissue is deposited in the so-called “depots”, then it is, unfortunately, almost impossible to get rid of it with the help of intense physical exercises, diets and body wraps.

It is possible to recreate and improve your body, to return it to a fit, slim and athletic shape with the help of liposculpture. Today it is one of the fastest, safest and most comprehensive solutions to body shape problems in plastic surgery.

Body Sculpting for Man

Body sculpting in men is accomplished with surgical methods that address gynecomastia, excess fat in the abdomen and body sculpting problems. 

Most men work hard to avoid the dangers of excess belly fat by eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly. The areas where fats are collected are usually the belly, waist circumference, breasts and neck.

The swelling in the belly of men is due to intra-abdominal fat. Therefore, it is recommended that patients lose weight first. When they approach their ideal weight and men who do not have intra-abdominal fat are suitable for liposuction.

By using Vaser in the breasts of men, successful results are obtained if gynecomastia is due to fat deposits. While the breasts of men are reduced, the chest muscles are reshaped with fat injections and they can take on an athletic appearance.

Men’s chin and neck sculpting is more advantageous. Thick male neck skin tightens easily after liposuction. With this procedure, men’s jowl problems can be prevented by fat injections to the chin tip and around the chin.

Body Sculpting for Women

Body SculptingBody sculpting is a safe and effective way for women. It is a medical procedure that is performed in addition to programs such as diet and exercise.

Body sculpting also known as body contouring or liposuction, is used in the following areas: 

  • Abdomen
  • Back / bra area
  • Thighs / legs
  • Chin
  • Arms

Your surgery is performed under general anesthesia in a hospital. They remove unwanted fat cells from problem areas and replace them with healthy ones. Our goal here is not only to remove fat, but also to tighten the skin around it.

What are the Features of the Body Sculpting?

In terms of its aesthetic result, body liposculpture is superior to liposuction. Liposculpture is performed in several stages: 

  • Fat tissue grafted with the high-definition liposuction can give a new contour to body;
  • The collected fat tissue is purified from the blood, redundant tissue and liquids; 
  • Fat İnjection performed to wanted areas to reshape body

Body Reshaped by the Lipofilling and Liposculpture

The surgical process is truly comparable to the artistic act of sculpting the perfect athletic human body. Body shaping with the liposuction in another words lipomodelling of the body is one of the most famous and popular operations in the world, widespread among men (especially bodybuilders) and women who strive to achieve aesthetic perfection and not worry about the “roller” on the stomach, “double chin” or love handles. 

In our clinic, body liposculpture is performed by plastic surgeons who are professionals in this technique and can evaluate  with high accuracy how much adipocytes (fat cells) will be absorbed after fat injection, how much will be permanent and will delight you with an impressive result. 

We use new generation equipment), which allows us to achieve a number of aesthetic advantages – minimal trauma to tissues and blood vessels, as well as to avoid pronounced irregularities and tubercles formed by subcutaneous fat after the operation, in other words, cellulite, which used to be remained visible after classical liposuction. 

Moreover, it is known that own adipocytes contain stem cells that start the process of tissue regeneration, stimulate the production of fibroblasts, collagen and elastin fibers, help rejuvenate and moisturize the skin, and smooth wrinkles.

This is another plus of the lipofilling technique. With the lipofilling method, you can have a very beautiful appearance on your face, cheeks and chin area, your body, and your breasts. Lipofilling method is highly preferred by women to achieve a beautiful appearance.

In which Cases can Body Sculpting be done?

  • Excess body fat accumulations in unwanted areas and the absence of beautiful muscle relief in the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, arms, back, etc.
  • Lack of volume in the chest, buttocks, legs, cheekbones, etc.
  • You want to emphasize the waist, oblique abdominal muscles, deltoids, to recreate spectacular biceps and triceps, etc.
  • With gynecomastia;
  • You want to have your breasts corrected and enlarged;
  •  Body liposculpture is not suitable for patients with severe obesity, since the purpose of this operation is not to lose weight, but to create beautiful body contours and restore tone and elasticity to the skin. 
  • After childbirth, some women can regain their old form in a short time due to their genetic body structure, while the body structure of some women was not suitable for this, and fat, sagging, or cracks begin to form, especially in the abdominal area. Weight loss and sagging that cannot be given can cause stress for the mother and cause a lack of self-confidence. Our plastic surgeons help with this style and similar problems with whole body sculpting surgery. In such cases, all body shaping surgeries can reshape and correct the body with combined surgeries.
  • As a result of interviews with your plastic surgeons, the most appropriate procedures are decided according to the person. Body shaping surgeries are combined with procedures such as breast lift, liposuction tummy tuck.

How is Body Sculpting Done?

  • At the initial consultation, our doctors clarify the patient’s wishes regarding the correction zones, conduct an examination and examine the anamnesis of the transferred statements. 
  • The patient is selected by the method of liposuction (vaser, laser, etc) that suits best. 
  • Further, a special cannula is inserted under the skin of the fat deposited area – fat and extra tissue is removed and cleaned by high energy vibration liposuction.
  • Body shaping with lipofilling is done with the special and thinnest needles.
  • The duration of the operation is, on average, 2.5 – 4 hours. 
  • The early rehabilitation period ends, on average, in 2-3 months, but you can return to your usual rhythm of life in 2-3 days. 
  • After the operation, it is important to wear special compression garments for the period specified by the plastic surgeon. 
  • The very next day after liposculpture, patients are discharged home from the clinic. 

When can Body Sculpting be Done After Childbirth?

It usually takes a year for the body to recover after giving birth. During this period, breast and abdominal tissues begin to return to their former forms. The recovery phase is completed within this one year.

If your plastic surgeon approves, at least for body shaping, the operation date is planned after the end of the breastfeeding period and at least six months after.

Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)in Body Sculpting

Skin and fat sagging may occur in women, especially after childbirth. The muscles that  tension to the abdominal wall are much looser than they should be.

At the end of the procedure performed by your plastic surgeon, the sagging skin and adipose tissue under your belly button are removed and muscle tissue in the abdominal wall is repaired.

Before the Body Sculpting Surgery

  • Patients who have to talk about certain situations with their plastic surgeon before surgery are asked about their expectations.
  • It is decided which methods will be used for body shaping operations. 
  • During the examination, allergies and previously passed diseases are noted. 
  • Before this procedure, which has no risk factors, medical records are taken for documents and the procedures to be performed are decided. 
  • Before the aesthetic operation, tobacco, alcohol, vitamins and herbal supplements etc should be left until at least 10 before the surgical procedure, as indicated by your plastic surgeon. 
  • If necessary, laboratory tests are performed and your plastic surgeon then makes an appointment for your operation.

Surgery Day For Liposculpture

Body Liposculpture is a combination of liposuction and fat injection; this operation takes place according to the rules of liposuction and lipofilling. It is used to form a beautiful contour of the abdomen, waist, arms, buttocks. 

The patient arrives at the hospital at the scheduled hour. Body liposculpture is performed under general anesthesia and anesthesia, so you shouldn’t eat or drink anything up to 6 hours before surgery, like fasting. This is important because it is safe to administer anesthesia on an empty stomach. 

As soon as the patient is in the patient room, the nurses accompany her there and, at the same time, start a medical record. A nurse comes to the room for a preoperative examination.

Then the anesthesiologist comes to the room, who evaluates the test results, the conclusion of the nurse, examines the patient and draws up an anesthesia plan. 

After them comes the turn of the plastic surgeon. The doctor talks with the patient, once again answers all questions regarding the operation, the postoperative period, the result of the operation and takes pictures of the patient. 

Taking photographs is an important step in preoperative preparation. Photos “before” and “after” the operation must be included in the patient’s medical record to assess the results of the intervention. 

After photographing, the surgeon makes the markings. Then the nurses perform premedication, which includes sedatives, antibacterial drugs and, in some cases, drugs for the prevention of thrombosis, after which the patient is dressed in surgical underwear and escorted to the operating room.

During Body Liposculpture Surgery

The first stage is liposuction, taking into account further fat transfer. This means that the fat is taken up by the small diameter cannulas at minimum negative pressure.

When the amount of fat necessary for further fat transfer has been taken away, a vacuum apparatus is connected and further liposuction takes place according to the standard liposuction technique. The second stage is fat transfer. It can be done with the classic fat injection method.   

After Body Liposculpture Surgery

The patient remains under observation for one day. An ice pack is applied to the area of operation several times at regular intervals on surgery day. 

Pain during body liposculpture is minimal and easily tolerated by the patient. As for bruises and swelling, you should be prepared for such phenomena, take them adequately and wait on time and patience. On average, it takes several weeks for the swelling to resolve.

In addition, it should be emphasized that the result of the operation can be finally assessed in 3.5 – 6 months. When the edema of the fat injection area is resolved and the skin in the liposuction area is completely tightened.

Important responsibilities are assigned to the patient after surgery. On the other hand, they should make physical activity a part of their lives. A good sleep pattern will also help our patients with the progressive process.

How Should the Pressure Garment be Used After Liposuction Surgery?

There may be stubborn fats in certain parts of the body for reasons such as being overweight, old age etc. At this point, liposuction may be required. Liposuction is a body shaping procedure that comes in front of the most preferred applications.

It is very important to use a corset to recover in a short time after liposuction surgery and to ensure that there is little edema in the body. The corset will be used as recommended by your plastic surgeon during the day, and at night, your doctor can remove the corset if he (she) wants.The patient can return to her (his) normal life up to 2 weeks after the applied liposuction.

Who is Suitable for Liposculpture Surgery?

After excessive weight gain, it is considered appropriate to perform this surgery for our patients who have a stomach area, arms, breasts, legs that are sagging and have excess fat on their body, who may not have diabetes problems, who do not have heart and lung disease.

Risks of Body Sculpting Surgery

The risks are the same with liposuction and fat transfer procedures. The risk of complications is usually related to how extensive the procedure is, as well as the skill of the surgeon and specific training. 

The risks mentioned bellowed are possible:

    • Serious bruising: This can last for several weeks.
    • Inflammation: The swelling may take up to 6 months and fluid may continue to drain from the incisions.
    • Thrombophlebitis: A blood clotting can be revealed after surgery due to inflammation and other post- surgery complications.
    • Wavy contours: After surgery, some complications as wavy skin or uneven tissue contour can be experienced due to patient skin elasticity, bad wound healing or not professional fat removal
    • Loss of feeling in the treated areas: The patient may feel numbness in the  treated  area for a while, but this is usually temporary.
    • Infections: Rarely, skin infection may occur after liposuction surgery. Surgical intervention is needed in some cases and it will leave a  scar after the surgery.
    • Internal damage: This is very rare.
    • Death: Anesthesia carries a small risk of death.
    • Kidney or heart problems: Because fluids are injected and / or absorbed, changes in fluid levels in the body can cause kidney or heart problems. (therefore there is a limitation on the amount of fat removed)
    • Lung embolism: Fat travels into the blood vessels and travels to the lungs, blocking blood circulation in the lungs. It can be life threatening.
    •  Pulmonary edema: Sometimes when fluid is injected into the body, it builds up in the lungs.
    •  Allergic reaction: Patient may have allergy for the medications and the materials which are used in the surgery.
    • Skin burns: Moving the cannula can cause friction burns on the skin or nerves. Especially typical for ultrasonic and laser liposuction.

How Much Does Body Sculpting Cost in Istanbul?  

Body sculpting cost in Turkey can be changed by surgeons skills and hospital. For Ministry of Health-accredited centers, it’s not legal to specify prices on their website.

The price of surgery varies depending on the procedure to be performed. In order to determine the procedure to be applied to our dear patients and to provide clear price information, you should first be examined by our plastic surgeon.

You can contact us to find out the general price of body sculpting and to get more information about the surgery. Therefore, please dial 0212 241 46 24 to contact our polyclinic for an appointment and find information on our body sculpting prices.