Thread LiftThread lift is the process of suspending the sagging on the skin with special threads.

The skin succumbs to gravity and time over time. The supports placed under the tissue on the skin with the thread lift carry the skin upwards against gravity.

In the process, more jaw lines become prominent. It collects jowls sagging in people.

It is called thread lift because it re-emerges the V face shape that has disappeared due to sagging.

With the formation of the V face shape in people, a younger appearance and a more aesthetic expression are formed.

Non-surgical lifting, that is, thread lift, differs from the others in terms of its working principle among the systems that activate the repair mechanisms of the skin in people.

Collagen production is triggered by the blood circulation that starts around the threads placed inside the very thin needles, which are used to lift the sagging and fallen tissue upwards.

In this way, new tissue is produced. After the threads melt in the patient, the newly formed tissue remains stretched as if the threads were there.

What is Thread Lift?

As human skin ages and sags, it needs a lifting effect too much. Especially the sagging around the eyes makes the person look older and makes the facial expression tired all the time.

The reason for this situation is the deterioration of elastin fibers due to collagen deficiency. As age progresses, collagen production decreases and the self-renewal rate of the skin slows down and the skin begins to lose its elasticity.

As a result, blood circulation slows down and the skin becomes dull and loses its vitality. Thread lift, on the contrary, is a skin rejuvenation method. With the hanging of the sagging skin, blood circulation is activated and collagen cell production is triggered.

Connective tissue is renewed and elastin fibers are shortened. Thread lift is a non-surgical and comfortable application. Sagging is rapidly recovering and there is a self-repairing process in the lower layers of the skin. After the application, a younger expression and a brighter facial appearance are formed over time.

How is the Thread Lift Applied?

The patient’s area to be treated is made ready for the procedure by anesthetizing with anesthetic creams about 1 hour before. The person does not feel any pain other than a needle stick.

The comfort of the patient is provided with anesthetic creams. PDO threads containing polydioxanone or permanent threads are used in thread lift.

Effect of this application can vary to the material used as thread. PDO threads completely dissolve on their own after 6 months. A new tissue, which lasts for two years, begins to form around the taut threads attached to the tissue in the area where thread lift is applied with micro needles.

Tissue formation and collagen production continue at a high rate three months after the procedure. Then the tension of the threads is reduced by half. Each area to be treated needs threads of different length and shortness. Various threads are used according to the weight of the sagging.

Threads of different strengths such as single and double threads, screw, aptos, tornado are used. A suspension is drawn with a medical pen on the area of the patient’s skin where threads will be applied.

Then, the application is carried out with the threads suitable for the needs of the area to be applied. The approximate application takes 30 minutes. If the application is made in more than one area of the patient’s face, the procedure time may be extended.

If the entire face is to be applied with a single application, the doctor decides on this situation. A small amount of edema is possible.

The doctor prefers to perform the procedure without tiring the patient’s face. Thread lift has no side effects. The threads used are organic and compatible with the human body.

These threads leave the body completely. It can be worked deep under the patient’s skin. It is an effective and safe treatment.

Thread LiftIn Which Areas is Thread Lift Applied?

  • Face Area,
  • Around the eyes,
  • Eyebrow,
  • Mouth,
  • Neck area,
  • Cheeks,
  • Cheekbones,
  • Forehead lines.

Thread lift can be applied not only in the face area, but also in the areas where the body can sag, such as the arm area, thigh area, abdomen and inner leg area.

Which Threads are Used in the Thread Lift?

Surgical threads are used in the thread lift application. Designed and manufactured for lifting applications, these threads are pretty safe. Depending on the points of placement and degree of skin sagging, threads to be used may vary. Plain, stringy, conic and spiked threads are most frequently used ones in the thread lift procedure.

What are the Advantages of the Thread Lift?

  • It is a very comfortable lifting process,
  • There is no recovery period,
  • Collagen production is triggered,
  • Elastin fibers are strengthened,
  • It provides permanent results for approximately 2 years,
  • No mimic loss,
  • It is possible to return to daily life immediately after the procedure.

What are the Effects of the Thread Lift?

  • Your face looks tighter,
  • Your facial wrinkles are removed,
  • A facial lifting effect is created,
  • Jawline shows itself,
  • Facial features are made more prominent,
  • Cheekbones and the area around the eyes look younger.

Things to Consider After Thread Lift Application

  • After the thread lift application, should be rested for a few days,
  • The patient should make minimum jaw movements after the procedure,
  • After the application, a short-term cold compress should be applied to the treated area,
  • If the patient is going to wash her/his face, she/he should only wash her/his face with upward movements,
  • The patient should not sleep face down,
  • The treated area should not be massaged,
  • Sports should be suspended for about a month,
  • Do not use hot water while taking a shower. Otherwise, it negatively affects the harmony of the threads with the tissue,
  • After the procedure, the patient should stay away from the hot bath, sauna and spa applications for about a month.

Post-Thread Lift Recovery Process

You do not need to stay at the hospital after the thread lift process. You can leave the hospital on the same day. You need to protect yourself against the sun and apply facial sunscreen for one month after the procedure. You will need to not take hot showers and not to touch your face for one week.

Is Thread Lift Safe?

Everyone considering having a thread lift asks “are threads used for the thread lift torn?”. Threads used for the thread lift can not be torn. Used for over 50 years, Caprolactone threads, that is, medical threads have warranty against being torn.

Fit for the mimics and facial muscles, these threads gain the shape of dermal tissues over time and give a natural apperance. The effect of the thread lift is preserved for 3 years on average. At the same time, medical threads rejuvenate the face and improve blood circulation by stimulating the skin’s collagen tissue.

How Much Does a Thread Lift Application Cost?

Thread lift price may vary according to the number of threads used during the application, thread brand, thread material and the experience of the doctor.

Therefore, the price to be determined for the thread lift; The face shape of the patient is determined depending on the structure of the sagging areas and the materials to be used in the application.

Ministry of Health-accredited centers, it is not legal to specify prices on their website. In order to learn about the prices for Thread Lift in Turkey, and to get detailed information, you must first be examined. After the examination, the appropriate technique will be determined for you.

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