Facelift – Permanent solution for your wrinkles!

Face lift operations cover lifting procedures containing the upper, mid and lower parts of the face.  Face lift operations are mostly preferred after the age 50. This operation can be combined with upper and lower eyelid operation and fat transfer.

New face designed with a face rejuvenation operation must create a natural and specific look. Results to disturb the patients must be shared with the patient before the operation. Face lift is a very serious and important operation. Therefore, a plastic surgeon who builds successful communication with the patient should be chosen.

How is facelift operation made?

Facelift operation generally starts with the fat injection. Fat tissue taken from the patient’s own body is injected into desired areas. Ones who had facelift can also have forehead and eyebrow lift.  This step is recommended to patients who have problems in the upper part of their faces. In this procedure that is realized endoscopically, incision is extended to the temporal side. Mid-face lift procedure is completed through the lower incision.

How is full facelift operation made?

Full facelift operations start from the front of the ear and ends at its back. Full face lift operations are made by lifting the skin with an incision from the back of the ear to the scalp. If the patient has no drooping in his/her neck, the scar is left by the ear, and this procedure can also be called face lift with a short scar.

This cosmetic operation is the procedure of suturing and lifting and shaping the layer beneath the skin that contains our mimic muscles, and it is very important for the patient not to regain its former facial form. If there is drooping or excess fat in the neck and double chin, fats are removed with the help of vaser liposuction. If the patient has wrinkles in his/her neck, the neck is opened with a short incision from the chin and neck muscles are sutured together. This procedure makes the angle of the neck prominent.

How should the patient get prepared before facelift operation?

One should not take aspirin, smoke and consume alcohol for three weeks preceding the operation. It is recommended to avoid blood thinners within the last week before the operation.

Is anesthesia required for face lift operation?

Face lift operation is made under general anesthesia in the hospital environment.

How long does a facelift operation take?

This operation generally takes 3-6 hours. If the person also needs eyelid lift, the operation will take 5-7 hours.

What does the patient experience after the face lift operation?

Face lift is not a painful operation. Patients generally complain about feeling of tension and burning, rather than pain. However, this feeling will disappear within a few days after the operation. Swellings to occur after the operation disturb the patient, but these complications are quite normal after the face lift.  Patients are recommended to stay at the hospital for one night. One week later, bruises and swelling disappear to a high extent. Complete disappearance of bruises and swelling will take 20 days. However, it may take 3 months for the face to get fit and gain its final shape, depending on the procedures applied and thickness of patient’s skin. The patient should protect himself/herself against direct sun light for 3 months, as he/she should do after all face operations.

Does face lift bring permanent results?

After the operation, aging process continues and loosening and drooping can be expected in lifted areas. However, the face never returns to its pre-operation form. Permanence of results varies depending on the person’s features and technique used by the physician. If the person has a thick and oily skin, drooping can be observed earlier. The operation consists of several procedures determined according to the patient’s needs. It is very important that the patient and surgeon understand each other well and discuss the procedures to be applied. Suturing is made in the manner that the scars are in front and back of the ear and in the scalp.

What is the difference between a face lift operation and threadlift?

Face lift operation is a surgical procedure bringing completely permanent results. With a surgical method, excess skin tissue is cut and the face is sutured tightly. Face lift operation is performed under general anesthesia.

Threadlift is a medical application. It does not bring permanent results. Threadlift is applied with tiny incisions. Thanks to threads placed underneath the skin, skin is lifted up. Because medical threads are used in this application, the result fits mimics.  Face lift operation is recommended to those with higher level drooping. If you have slight drooping and fine wrinkles, you can consider having a threadlift procedure.

At what age is face lift operation made?

Facial rejuvenation operation is generally recommended in cases of high level drooping. With a face lift operation, drooping face that cannot be treated with botox or threadlift is rejuvenated permanently and effectively. Face lift is generally recommended to patients at the age 50 and over. But if the patient’s drooping and wrinkles are more than normal, face lift operation can also be made before age 50. In case of need, medical skin rejuvenation application such as botox may be used as well.

How much does facelift cost?

For Ministry of Health-accredited centers, it is not legal to specify prices on their website.  Therefore, please dial 0212 241 46 24 to contact our polyclinic and get information on our facelift prices.

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