Permanent Laser Hair Removal

People who want to completely get rid of the unwanted hair on your body find the advanced solution in the Soprano Ice Laser. Thanks to the Soprano Titanium, which redefines the permanent hair removal experience, get rid of body hair forever and have a smoother body skin.

  • Thanks to the Soprano Titanium laser, which uses the latest technology, painless laser hair removal has begun,
  • Adjustable wavelengths of Soprano Titanium can target lighter hair colors and darker skin tones.

What is the Soprano Titanium Laser Hair Removal System?

Soprano Titanium laser hair removal is one of the most technological and comfortable systems of permanent hair removal. Soprano Laser, which also gets help from cooling technology while performing laser hair removal, gives people a comfortable and painless experience.

The biggest difference of the Soprano Titanium ice laser from other laser systems is its 4cm²  wide laser spot size. Thus, a larger area for hair removal can be applied at once.

Another reason why the Soprano Titanium ice laser is so popular is because it has one of the best cooling systems. Thanks to the advanced cooling system, laser hair removal is no longer a painful process. It reduces the risk of burns in your body.

Hair growth cycles are different in our body hairs. Therefore, between 10-20% of hair follicles are affected by each treatment. That’s why repeated treatments every 6-8 week is recommended and also we recommend not to remove hairs between sessions for catching the next hair growth cycle. In general, we expect 90% permanent hair reduction after six sessions.

Why is the Soprano Titanium Ice Laser Hair Removal Preferred?

The most effective way to get rid of unwanted hair is laser hair removal treatment. As an application, it is faster, painless and the results are very positive compared to other methods.

Lasers have always brought different questions for people. For example; It raises questions such as “it will be a stain if you go out in the sun”, “it can’t be done in summer”, “it is not effective on fine hair”. Such questions can always create contradictions.

With the Soprano Titanium Ice Laser application, very good results are obtained regardless of skin or hair color. Soprano Titanium Ice Laser, which is painless with its advanced technology cooling mechanism, is quite effective even on fine facial hair.

Soprano Titanium Ice Laser prevents surface burns by preserving the heat in the lower layer of the skin and cools the skin with its sapphire tip.

Its highly fluid distribution system provides a comfortable and fast treatment in light colored and thin hairs. It is applied in four seasons. With its laser developed design, Soprano Titanium Ice can be used very easily in difficult areas such as eyebrows, nose and ears.

810 nm in areas with fine hair such as the face, upper arms and upper legs, especially in deep hairs such as the male back area. wavelength provides many advantages.

Soprano Titanium Ice Laser reduces the total body hair removal time, which takes approximately 60 minutes, to 30 minutes with its 18 mm head and 2 Hz pulse.

The application in this short period of time provides a great advantage for the patient. While hair removal is applied with the cooling in the Soprano Titanium Ice Laser head, the patient feels minimal pain and even does not feel pain.

What are the Differences Between Soprano Titanium and Classic Laser Hair Removal?

The effect of classical laser hair removal differs according to skin tone. Classical laser hair removal does not see light colored hairs. This situation causes both economic loss and loss of time for people. Another most popular device in the Soprano series, the Titanium uses three wavelengths.

Alexandrite, Diode and Nd:YAG. And with the advantage of three different wavelengths, it targets different anatomical structures of hair follicles.

The most important feature that makes the Soprano Titanium Ice Laser comfortable is that it is painless. The cooling system is very advanced in the Soprano Titanium device with ICE Plus Technology and the Soprano Titanium wide treatment head provides 40% faster application.

Benefits of Soprano Titanium Ice Laser Technology

  • Soprano Titanium ice laser has 3 wavelengths just like Platinum. Soprano Titanium Ice Laser has created the safest and most effective hair removal method ever used by combining different absorption and penetration levels of 3 wave sizes,
  • Soprano Titanium technology is suitable for all skin types, including bronze and tanned skin.

If you want to get rid of fine hair on your body permanently, the most effective method for you will be Soprano Titanium Ice Laser Hair Removal.

Advantages of Soprano Titanium Ice Laser Hair Removal

  • Applicable in 4 seasons and for all skin types,
  • 4 cm² spot width for a 40% faster application,
  • 3 wave size technology,
  • Painless,
  • Almost zero side effects,
  • Providing a comfortable experience,
  • Delivering effective results.

How is Soprano Titanium Ice Laser Applied?

Soprano ice laser hair removal is very comfortable. People who have ice lasers interpret this experience as if they are getting a massage. The Soprano Ice Laser head with ICE plus technology first cools the skin and keeps the skin cool during hair removal.

Thanks to the cold sapphire tip at the tip of the ice laser head, the heat is preserved in the dermis while simultaneously destroying the hair follicles. The smart ice laser head controls the temperature throughout the hair removal and ensures that the coolness remains constant.

Soprano Titanium ice laser hair removal is done every 6 weeks for the body. You can get rid of unwanted hair on your body between 6-8 sessions. To get rid of facial hair, you should have a session every 4-6 weeks. It is possible to get rid of face hair permanently after an average of 10-12 ice laser sessions.

Get Smooth Skin With the Soprano Titanium Ice Laser

The Soprano Titanium Ice Laser’s applicator cools the skin by integrating multiple cooling pumps inside its applicator, combined with a sapphire tip for cooling, thus giving treatments better results than ever before.

The weight of the Soprano Titanium Ice Laser head has been significantly reduced, making it one of the lightest hair removal heads on the market. It does not compromise on treatment effectiveness and patient safety.

The new ICE head makes the treatment enjoyable for both the patient and the practitioner. In the old laser systems, it was not possible to achieve the desired smoothness on the skin.

This was because older systems were not effective on all hairs. For this reason, a smooth result could not be obtained as a result of the treatment. Since Soprano Titanium Ice Laser technology is effective on all hairs, smoother results are obtained and patient satisfaction is very high.

Before Soprano Titanium Appointment

We recommend shaving and avoid waxing, dying, bleaching or threading before every hair removal session. Some antibiotics can trigger hyperpigmentation that you can contact us before your scheduled appointment.

And also avoid sunlight 48 hours before your hair removal sessions. We recommend sunblock on exposed areas for 24-hours before the procedure. Also avoid heat treatments and saunas. Between treatments, using high UVA and UVB sun protection is recommended.

Soprano Titanium Aftercare

After Soprano Titanium Ice Laser treatment, patients can expect to see mild swelling, redness, and sunburn-like things affecting the area where the laser is targeted.

It is a very normal effect and starts to decrease immediately after application. The swelling usually disappears after two or three days, and the redness disappears in about two hours. In about a week, the hairs on the treated skin fall out.

To ensure that their treatment is effective, people should pay attention to the following conditions after the procedure:

  • Exposure to sunlight should be kept to a minimum until the person’s skin tone returns to normal,
  • Physically irritating movements (such as rubbing, scratching or additional hair removal) should be avoided,
  • Make-up can be applied immediately at the end of the treatment, but in some cases, the person applying may recommend not using any product after the procedure,
  • The skin returns to its normal look and feel within a few days. The result of the treatment is noticeable five to twenty days after the procedure. In some cases, there may not be a significant change after the first procedure, but this is not alarming. This is because repeated Soprano -Titanium ice laser treatments yield results,
  • Many people may be concerned about what looks like new hair, but this is actually superficial hair removal and is part of the treatment’s results.

How Much Does Soprano Titanium Ice Laser Cost in Istanbul, Turkey?

There should be no difference between the care people take for their skin and the hygiene and quality conditions they prefer for their health. It is very important that applications that come into contact with the skin, such as Soprano Titanium Ice Laser, are applied under the supervision of a doctor and especially in accordance with general health and hygiene procedures. For this reason, your priority should be service quality and compliance with health conditions, not price.

Prices in Soprano Titanium Ice Laser application vary according to the area to be treated and the number of sessions, just as in other laser hair removal.

You can learn your price information in the most accurate way at the end of the examination. For Ministry of Health-accredited centers, it is not legal to specify prices on their website. Therefore, please dial 0212 241 46 24 to contact Quartz Clinique and get information on Soprano Titanium Ice Laser Hair Removal Prices in Istanbul, Turkey.