Ulthera is one of the most recommended procedures among skin rejuvenation applications. Emerged in America at first, Ultherapy is applied commonly in Turkey, as everywhere around the world. Ulthera is an application that aims at treating saggy skins with wrinkles which lost their elasticity. An Ulthera session takes 30-40 minutes on average. At the end of 30-40 minutes, you start to feel in your face the effect of the procedure. FDA-approved Ulthera has been used for skin rejuvenation for over 50 years.

Ulthera uses the DeepSea technology. Using targeted sound waves, the Ulthera technology creates warm points in the subdermal tissue instantly. Thanks to this technology, the skin starts the process of self-renewal. Supporting collagen production, the Ulthera application makes the skin rejuvenate itself. Although you start to see Ulthera’s effect right after the application, one needs to wait 3 months for the most ideal results. With Ulthera, a single session will be enough to become younger.

Why should I get Ulthera?

Ulthera reveals our skin’s ray of youth. Stress of the business life, air pollution and aging process make our skin tired. Tired skin forms wrinkles and looks matt. Ulthera allows our skin to look as energetic and healthy as it used to be. In short, Ulthera is a “face lift” procedure. Thus, it lifts our skin and makes it looks more dynamic. When we look at the mirror, we pull our skin upwards with our hands and imagine how young we could look… This is the very result that Ulthera brings.

How is Ulthera applied?

An Ulthera session is completed without any pain and ache. The ultrasound head of Ultherapy touches the skin. This way, the person’s dermal and subdermal tissues are checked in the Ulthera’s imaging device. Then, the Ulthera head creates warm points focusing on 4.5 mm underneath the skin. Thanks to this step creating a controlled damage, the subdermal energy increases and the skin produces new collagen. Ulthera brings your face a perfect tightness and face lift effect.

What are the results of the Ulthera application?

In 9 out of every 10 persons that had Ulthera application, eyebrow lift and a face lift effect, that is, the effect of pulling the entire face up were seen. After the Ulthera application, you will see a youth effect around your eyes and eyelids as well. You need to wait 60 days to see the exact result.

How much does Ulthera (Non-Surgical Face Lift) cost?

For Ministry of Health-accredited centers, it is not legal to specify prices on their website.  Therefore, please dial 0212 241 46 24 to contact our polyclinic and get information on our Ulthera application prices.

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