Full and charming lips are the dream of every woman. Women may have their dream lips through painless injections that could be applied within 10-15 minutes.

Lip fillers are one of the most common beauty touches of today. Women with thin lips or people who would like to highlight the volume and shape of their lips could have that natural and distinctive look with lip injections.

Since the healing process is quite comfortable, individuals could have the look the way they would want in a short time and continue their daily life. After the injection, patients would see the most natural results after 1 week.

What is Lip Filler?

Lip FillerLip filler; It is the name given to the temporary filling application made with hyaluronic acid to plump the lips and reshape the lips. It enlarges the lips and provides removal of aesthetic defects.

People’s lips lose volume as they age. For this reason, lips and lip contours can look younger with lip filler. In addition, lip filler is applied to eliminate deformities and to achieve aesthetic ratio, to create smile aesthetics.

Anyone who wants to have fuller and more attractive lips can achieve this wish with lip filler.

One of the oldest criteria of beauty is to have full lips. With lip filler, it is possible to achieve natural and full lips in minutes.

Lip filler is one of the most desired and most reluctant applications among women. After successful lip filler, women can no longer think of their lips without lip filler. Temporary lip filler made with hyaluronic acid looks very beautiful and natural.

How is Lip Filler Done?

Lip filler applied with hyaluronic acid is performed in approximately 10-15 minutes. It is a painless procedure. With the anesthetic cream applied to the lips before lip filler, the patient does not feel anything, including needle sticking.

Aesthetic examination before lip filler is the most important part of the filling procedure to be applied. The most important thing is that the person clearly expresses what kind of result she wants to achieve from lip filler.

How the lip filler application will be made and how much filler will be used becomes clear after the examination.

The biggest secret of successful lip filler applications is to fully express the expectation of the person and to apply with a technique that can approach this expectation.

It is important for the doctor to follow the trend in lip filler and the experience of the doctor in order to make lip filler that are suitable for the person’s facial features and compatible with the lower face and mouth contour.

What are the Types of Lip Filler?

According to the shape it gives to the lip:

  • Aphrodite type lip filler,
  • Hera type lip filler,
  • Venus type lip filler,

According to the application technique,

  • French lip filler,
  • Russian lip filler.

With lip filler, it is very possible to achieve naturalness with the increase of aesthetic alternatives, the diversification and development of the technique.

At the same time, it is important that these techniques or lip filler varieties are personalized in a way that preserves originality, rather than applying them to everyone in the same way.

Why is Lip Filler Preferred?

Lip FillerLip filler, which adds volume to the lips, is also applied to rejuvenate the mouth area and facial expression.

The hyaluronic acid applied moisturizes the lips and gives them a brighter, healthier appearance.

Lip filler is possible to express the effects as follows:

  • Plump and attractive lips,
  • Moist lips,
  • Lips that regain the volume lost due to aging,
  • Beautiful smile,
  • Rejuvenating lips and mouth area,
  • Psychological positive effects with shaped and beautiful lips.

What is the Ideal Lip Filler?

There are very active and beautiful techniques, lip shapes, which are preferred in lip filler. The most important thing is that the lip filler is done carefully by an experienced doctor.

For example, a woman may like her French lip a lot, but it doesn’t matter if she had Russian lip filler or French lip filler when it was done poorly.

Therefore, the answer to the question of which Lip Filler is better is as follows:

  • The lip filler applied to the person should look as natural as possible,
  • Lip filler should not give an exaggerated appearance to the person when viewed from the profile or from the front,
  • Individually, the lower and upper lip should be compatible,
  • If the aim is to reshape the lips, the lip shape that will be compatible with the person’s face should be selected,
  • If lip filler is being made for the first time, large injections should not be made.

Who is Suitable for Lip Filler?

Thin and unobtrusive lips give an unpleasant look for most women. Lip augmentation with lip fillers not only increases lip volume but also reduces the appearance of age-related wrinkles and cigarette-wrinkles.

Individuals over the age of 18 years old could have their lips injected. Before having the procedure, patients would need a consultation with their doctor to discuss the expectations.

Moreover, adults of all ages could be candidates for lip injections. Naturally, patients with thin lips, age-related volume reduction, or for those who have wrinkle problems around the lip area typically achieved an effective result from the procedure.

People who would have lip fillers should not have serious health problems. The effects of the procedure are compared with the before-after photos to satisfy our patients.

What are the Side Effects of Lip Filler?

Lip injection technique does not have any known side effects however, since substances may cause allergies to the patients, they would need to report their allergic condition to the doctor before applying the filler.

There is a wide variety of dermal fillers and lip fillers to perform lip enlargement, however, not all fillers are compatible with human skin.All the fillers used in our clinic are FDA approved and all are our fillers could be used in humans.

For this reason, it is highly recommended for the candidates to have their lips filled by a professional doctor in a clinical setting.

How Long Do Lip Injections Last?

Lip FillerThe permanence of temporary fillers, which are used to make thin lips look fuller, depends on the amount of applied injection, how fast a patient’s body could break this substance and their previous filling experiences.

In addition to these factors, it was found that fillers dissolve faster people who smoke and make excessive mimics. 

The permanence of the lip fillers used in our clinic is between 12-18 months. While this period is approaching the upper limit in people who have filled in before, it can be restored between 9-12 months in people who applied to fill for the first time.

When Does Edema Go Away After Lip Filler?

Hyaluronic acid used as a filling material because it has a water-holding property. This is the reason why edema occurs after the application. And it is a normal process.

By drinking plenty of water, the patient can ensure that the filling settles as soon as possible and the edema is eliminated. Usually in 1 week edema dissappears.

When Does Lip Filler Set?

Patients’ edema must go down for the lip filler to settle. Then the filling becomes compatible with facial features and mimics. It covers a period of approximately 2 weeks. The person’s getting used to the mirror image and new lips supports the feeling that the lip filler is seated.

How to Choose the Right Doctor for Lip Filler?

People should know that there are a few specialists who can do lip filler. Anyone who can lip filler should have the following titles:

  • Plastic surgeons,
  • Dermatologists,
  • Cosmetic facial surgeons.

The most important issue is the practice of a doctor who is qualified, experienced and trustworthy in giving injections. There are real risks when it comes to lip filler, especially if the injecting doctor is inexperienced.

Before lip filler is made, it can be very important to ask the doctor’s experience, education, how many injections she/he has made, and also to see before and after photos of the patients she/he has treated, while deciding which doctor will perform the application.

How Much Does Lip Filler Cost in Istanbul, Turkey?

Lip filler price; It varies depending on factors such as the experience of the doctor, the city where the clinic is located, and the type of procedure performed. Lip filler is usually priced per syringe injected. The cost varies depending on how much material is needed. Many patients do not need more than one syringe.

It should be noted that the answer to the most frequently asked question by patients is that; Most health insurance plans do not cover cosmetic surgery or complications associated with cosmetic surgery.

With all these, it should be noted that the same price is valid for the same amount of work, so that no patient with the same amount of work pays more than the other patient.

For Ministry of Health-accredited centers, it is not legal to specify prices on their website. Therefore, please dial 0212 241 46 24 to contact Quartz Clinique and get information on Lip Filler Prices in Istanbul, Turkey?