Brow Thread LiftAttractive Looks with Brow Thread Lift

With the development of technology, Brow Thread Lift is performed with techniques that can be applied in a very short time, without leaving any scars and without causing a loss of sensation in the area.

Brow Thread Lift is applied without incision, eliminating the risks and complications of surgical operations.

One of the factors that most affect the facial expression of people is brows and they can make people look tired.

For this reason, this problem, which is usually observed in the middle age group, is solved with the Brow Thread Lift. As the person ages, mobility occurs in the forehead area and causes brow drooping and eyelid problems.

The lines that become prominent between the brows of the person create a rough-looking facial expression that causes the person to look nervous. This problem occurs especially in the middle age group today.

Brows, eyes and forehead are regions that are close to each other and can wear out at the same time. For this reason, brow Thread Lift can usually be combined with upper eyelid or forehead aesthetics.

What is Brow Thread Lift?

Today, the Brow Thread Lift operation is performed with technology, without leaving any scars, without loss of sensation and by applying it in a short time. With this technique, the risks and complications that occur with surgical operations are eliminated.

Brow Thread Lift is performed without incision, with the technique of suspending the person’s skull. It is a non-surgical brow lift method. It can be applied in combination with techniques such as Botox, PDO thread lift and Ultherapy.

What is the Ideal Brow?

Every woman and man has a suitable brow shape for their face shape and appearance. However, this is called the ideal brow. There are ideal brow shapes for all kinds of face types.

The brow, which is usually suitable for the face; The first two-thirds of the inner part of the brow is upwards and the outer one-third of the brow is slightly downwards. It is appropriate that the starting point of the brow in the inner part is lower than the end point in the outer part.

If the face is round, it should have sharp-angled brows, if it is oval, it should have slightly angled brows, if it is long, it should have straight brows, if it is square or angular, it should have arc-shaped brows.

The length of the brow is also very important. One of the known misinformation is that the higher the brow is, the better it will look, and this is wrong because the raised brow does not suit every face.

Brow Thread LiftHow is Brow Thread Lift Done?

Brow Thread Lift is easily applied under local anesthesia. The patient’s brow is hung in the desired position with the help of a suture passed through a small hole opened from the front edge of the hairline.

Brows can return to their original place after a certain period of time. Special spinners are used to overcome this problem.

Its permanence varies depending on the use of mimic movements. Brow PDO Thread Lift permanence can vary between 6 months and 12 months.

At the end of the period, the method can be repeated. Brow thread lift is a preferred technique that is frequently used.

Permanence in the brow thread lift process, where French threads are used, can vary between 5 and 7 years.

What is Double Thread Technique in Brow Thread Lift?

In the brow thread lift, it is possible to experience the problem of the brow falling down again after a while. Patients question this problem, and the reason for this is the fact that the brows are very mobile and the threads placed with mimic movements cause threads to loose.

Experienced doctors in the field use the double thread technique to avoid this problem. In this way, they hang on the skull.

With this technique, the load on the threads is shared between the two threads and the brows can be lifted even higher. It is aimed to get maximum results by using double threads and the problem of lowering brows is prevented.

Collagen Trigger Feature of Brow Thread Lift

Brow thread lift helps to eliminate the effects of aging. As a person ages, her/his body begins to produce less collagen. However, approximately 80% of skin thickness decreases until the age of 70. This loss of volume and strength is a very effective factor in wrinkle formation.

As the skin of the person weakens, it cannot adequately support the underlying tissues and pulls downwards with the effect of gravity. Brow thread lift supports the skin to produce new collagen while the skin laxity is still less and prevents sagging by reducing the slackness.

Difference Between Brow Thread Lift and Endoscopic Brow Lift Surgery

Many people prefer brow thread lift instead of endoscopic brow lift surgery. The most important reason why it is preferred is that the recovery period is much shorter.

Brow Thread Lift is easier and painless. There is no risk of scarring, major bruising, bleeding and other complications after brow thread lift.

What are the Advantages of Brow Thread Lift?

  • It is a procedure without any incision,
  • Dressings and bandages are not made,
  • The person can return to his daily life immediately after the brow thread lift,
  • The operation takes as little as 20-40 minutes,
  • It does not cause loss of sensation,
  • Eliminates fine lines on the skin,
  • The skin gains a healthy, lively appearance,
  • There is no drooping of the brows again.

How Much Does Brow Thread Lift Cost in Istanbul, Turkey?

The price of the brow thread lift may vary according to the patient to whom the procedure will be performed, according to the experience of the doctor, according to the quality of the clinic and the combined operations that can be applied with the procedure. However, while determining the price, the same price is determined for all patients who will do the same amount of work.

In order to get more detailed information about the brow thread lift and to get information about the technique, you should be examined by our doctor.

You can learn your price information in the most accurate way at the end of the examination. For Ministry of Health-accredited centers, it is not legal to specify prices on their website. Therefore, please dial 0212 241 46 24 to contact Quartz Clinique and get information on Brow Thread Lift Prices in Istanbul, Turkey.