Fraxel LaserFraxel Dual is one of the most effective treatment methods for skin problems. Fraxel Dual is used not only for implications of aging, but also for scars, uneven skin tone and sunspots.

Fraxel Dual gives-controlled harm to the skin and initiates skin’s self-repairing process. This way, it makes the skin younger and look healthier, by using its natural power of rejuvenation.

After the Fraxel Dual application, you can get back to your everyday life.

What is Fraxel Dual?

Fraxel Dual is a laser wavelength system used to treat age spots, skin tone problems, sunspots, lines and wrinkles, body stretch marks, acne scars and general skin problems.

Fraxel Dual affects microscopic application areas in the skin. While epidermis and dermis layers are damaged with the effect of the Fraxel, skin rapidly heals and recovers itself. The basic logic of the Fraxel Dual is to ensure that skin cells regenerate themselves.

While ensuring formation of a better skin tissue and tone, it eliminates skin spots and pigmentation surpluses and reduces wrinkles and fine lines.

Fraxel laser renews the skin by peeling it off. Working on dermis and epidermis. Laser waves working in the form of columns are provided with a single shot effect on the damaged areas of the skin, with certain intervals.

Limited damage is created in the upper and lower skin layers. The skin responds with collagen production, thus renewing and recovery itself.

The effect of carbon dioxide on the damaged areas of the laser separates the healthy points of the skin from the damaged points and establishes a healing relationship between each other.

Cells in the healthy area multiply in the damaged area to repair. In this process, the skin is peeled both on the surface and deep, and a new epidermis is formed in the person.

Who is not Suitable for Fraxel Laser?

  • Pregnant women,
  • Patients who have expectations beyond the real expectation of the result of fraxel laser treatment,
  • Patients who have used oral isotretinoin within 6 months,
  • People with active skin infections.

How Does Fraxel Dual Technology Work?

Fraxel Dual is the most popular medical aesthetics method using laser technology. This device can reach the lower layers of the skin where it creates microscopic columns. Fraxel Dual combines advantages of wavelengths of 1550 and 1927 and creates a perfect look in the skin.

How is Fraxel Laser Applied?

A local anesthetic is used before the application, and after the application, it is ensured that the patient feels the least pain with the help of the cooler apparatus.

Patients generally feel intense warmth during the application. General side effects are rash and slight edema. For a while, one may feel as if he/she stayed under the sun for too long.

The difference of this application is that the recovery process is often fast and side effects are not observed much, while it removes lines and scars. Compared to the other laser applications, Fraxel Dual is more effective in large areas such as the back, chest and legs.

Fraxel Laser Advantages

With Fraxel laser; self-renewal of the skin, acne-pimple scar treatment, skin rejuvenation application and spot treatment are performed. Doctors find it very successful for the skin and find it safe.

The result of Fraxel laser treatment is very good. The patient is very satisfied with the application. The patient recovers in a short time and the recovery period is mild.

After Fraxel Laser

  • After the Fraxel laser application, the complaints of the patients are mild and temporary at the same time,
  • After the application, the patient may experience a feeling of sunburn for up to 1 hour.
  • People can apply make-up after fraxel laser application,
  • After the application, the patient can use a moisturizer,
  • If edema occurs on the face of the person, cooling with ice can be done,
  • After the Fraxel laser application, the person should not take direct sunbathing for 6 to 12 months and should definitely use sunscreen cream.

How is the Post-Application Recovery Process?

Protection against sun is the most important issue to be considered after the application. After Fraxel Dual, you need to avoid direct sunlight and use at least factor 30 sunscreen.

Treatment areas of Fraxel Dual;

  • Sunspots,
  • Stretch marks,
  • Postpartum cracks,
  • Acne scars,
  • Wrinkles and fine lines,
  • Implications of aging.

Stretch Marks Treatment with Fraxel Laser

Stretch marks treatment with Fraxel Laser is a very effective treatment method.

Fraxel Dual shortens the collagen with the effect of heat. As a result, it tightens in a short time. As a result of this process, it renews the skin by increasing collagen as well as elastic fibers.

Because of all these, there is a decrease in the appearance of cracks. In stretch marks treatment with Fraxel Dual, the number of sessions is 3 or 4 on average.

The intervals between the applied sessions can be 1 or 2 months. This varies from patient to patient. After the treatment, the person should protect himself from the sun.

Among the treatments, creams containing retinol, vitamin C, vitamin E, antioxidants and peptides can be used according to the doctor’s recommendation. Stretch marks treatment with Fraxel laser can be combined with mesotherapy, PRP, and the result of the procedure can be made more effective.

Acne Scar Treatment with Fraxel Laser

At the beginning of the treatments that the fraxel laser gives the best results, the dimpled image from puberty acne comes first. The bumps and pits formed by acne deformation cause the person’s skin to look older than it is.

In men, if the scars remain on the beard and cheek area, it can make the person feel unhappy because they cannot be covered with the beard. In women, these dimpled or protruding scars make it difficult and uneasy to make up.

With the Fraxel laser, the dermis and epidermis in the dimpled and protruding areas of the skin renew itself by peeling the formed part from the inside and outside with damage.

In the skin that is free from scars, tonal differences disappear and a complicated skin care is also made. While 1 session is sufficient for some patients, 1 or 3 sessions are sufficient for some patients.

If the scars are very deep, the number of sessions can be 5. After the application, the skin should be protected from the sun, so it is not preferred by the patients in the summer.

Skin Rejuvenation Treatment with Fraxel Laser

Fraxel Laser rejuvenates the skin by triggering the formation of new tissue. Anesthetic cream is used before the procedure. Therefore, pain is not felt. Fraxel Laser treatment is the best of the applications that give the best results for non-surgical and painless skin rejuvenation.

The advantages of Fraxel Laser for skin rejuvenation are as follows;

  • It is an application that does not require surgery,
  • It is an application made without the feeling of pain,
  • No mimic loss occurs as a result of the application,
  • The skin of the person is rejuvenated without disturbing its naturalness.
  • It is an application with a lasting effect,
  • It is suitable for men and women.

The number of fraxel laser sessions for skin rejuvenation is determined according to the needs of the person. After the first session, peeling is completed and then there is a visible renewal and rejuvenation.

In general, skin rejuvenation can be done up to 3 to 6 sessions. It is necessary to take a break of 4 or 6 weeks between sessions, the reason for this is to follow the regeneration under the skin and create gradual damage.

It can be easily combined with other care and applications according to the needs of the patient’s skin. Since there will be peeling after the procedure, it may be necessary to take a break from social life for a few days.

Fraxel Dual Side Effects

Side effects seen in other laser applications may occur after fraxel dual treatment. However, the incidence of side effects is very low. Possible side effects are as follows:

  • There may be temporary or permanent staining in the person,
  • In some cases, areas of discoloration on the skin,
  • Formation of herpes infection,
  • Skin infection,
  • Scar.

What are the Effects of Fraxel Laser?

Using laser technology, Fraxel Dual creates a youthful effect on your skin. Fraxel Dual not only treats wrinkles, but also removes acne scars on young people’s faces. Sunspots in your skin are also removed, thanks to Fraxel Dual.

Implications of aging and wrinkles appearing in early-thirties can be treated with Fraxel Dual. It is recommended you to get your fine wrinkles treated with Fraxel Dual, before they get deeper.

This way, it will be delayed for the implications of aging to settle in your skin and you will enjoy your skin for a long time.

Is Fraxel Laser Harmful?

Fraxel Laser is an FDA-approved application. It is practiced by doctors. There is no known harm. It should be noted that skin damage may occur as a result of inexperienced people or incorrect applications. Fraxel Laser should be applied in a health institution and by an experienced doctor.

How Much Does Fraxel Laser Cost in Istanbul, Turkey?

Fraxel Laser Istanbul Prices primarily vary depending on which treatment is suitable for the person. For example; Fraxel Laser wrinkle treatment prices and Fraxel Laser scar treatment prices differ.

However, it should be noted that the cost of the treatment for crack treatment varies within itself. How many sessions of fraxel laser treatments will be applied, the width of the area to be applied (eg, burn treatment, etc.), whether there is a total package price for the sessions, are the factors affecting fraxel laser prices.

To get the most up-to-date and accurate price information, you should be examined by our doctor.You can reach the healthiest information about Fraxel Laser Istanbul Prices, TURKEY prices by calling our clinic.

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