Breast LiftBreast lift surgery also known as mastopexy is removing the excess skin that causes sagging.

As the years progressed, the connective tissues in the skin and breast lost their elasticity due to factors such as pregnancy, breastfeeding and gravity.

For this reason, the shape of the breast is distorted and the breast begins to soften and sag.

However, the nipples may be wider than normal. With the breast lift procedure, sagging breasts are reshaped.

In order to lift and harden the breast, the excess skin on the breast is removed and the breast tissue inside is shaped.

With these, the nipple and its circumference are fulfilled and the width of the nipple circumference can be reduced. In some cases, if the patient’s breast sagging is low, a lift can be achieved using only a breast implant (silicone).

Women may find that their breasts may change over time and this could be the result of;

  • Aging,
  • Pregnancy,
  • Weight changes
  • Breastfeeding,
  • Gravity,
  • Heredity.

The aim of breast lift is:

  • Tightening the skin,
  • Giving a rounder look,
  • Reshaping the breast contour.

Due to weight loss, genetic factors, pregnancy, aging, and breastfeeding, the skin elasticity is lost, and this can change the shape of the breast.

Some women have their areola “the dark, pink area around the nipple” enlarged over time. For this reason, breast lift operation could be thought to treat the shape and size of areola.

How Does Breast Lift Surgery Perform?

Breast lift surgery takes place under general anesthesia. Each procedure depends on the patients’ needs. For those who have intense breast sagging, the excessive skin is removed, breast implants could be placed, and give the breast a youthful and uplifted look.

The breast lift procedure will correct the sagging of the breast tissue and reposition the nipple back up to the original position onto the front of the breast. This procedure will remove excessive skin to reshape and give new contour to the breasts.

The areola may be reduced if it has been enlarged. The breast lift procedure can not add volume to the upper part of the breast or change the size.

Commonly, patients choose to have a combination of both the breast lift procedure with the breast augmentation “breast implants” or the breast reduction procedure to get the tailored breast volume desired.

Additionally, breast lift surgery can be combined with a tummy tuck surgery “abdominoplasty” to achieve a more enhanced contouring result, commonly called the Mommy Makeover procedure.

Things to Consider Before Breast Lift Surgery

  • If the patient is planning to have a child, it is recommended to postpone the breast lift surgery. There is no risk that this surgery will affect the pregnancy in the future. However, pregnancy can create a breast deformation again. Therefore, it may be appropriate to postpone it.
  • Breast lift surgery gives very smooth results for women with small or normal sized healthy skin and sagging breasts.
  • The person should share all their expectations with the doctor before deciding on surgery.
  • The operation differs in each skin structure. The patient can also leave visible permanent scars. These scars usually reduce over time.
  • The surgery is mostly done under general anesthesia. In minor operations, only local anesthesia can be used with sedatives.
  • If there are people in the family of the patient who have been treated for cancer, it is necessary to share this information with the doctor.
  • If there are currently used medications, it should be shared with the doctor if surgery has been performed before. This information is important for your doctor.
  • Examinations such as mammography and breast ultrasound, which should be done before the surgery, should be done before the last day.
  • Before the operation, the anesthesia doctor’s control and blood tests (ASSAYS WILL BE GIVEN ON AN EMBODIMENT) are performed in the hospital where the operation will be performed. This process should not be left to the last day. In some cases, additional tests may be requested from the patient by the anesthesiologist.
  • After the anesthesia control, if the person has any condition such as a cold, it is absolutely necessary to inform the doctor.
  • This operation takes an average of 2 hours.
  • If the patient has just given birth, surgery is recommended 9 months after the breastfeeding period is completed.
  • It is necessary to stop using aspirin and its derivatives 1 week before the date of surgery.
  • It is necessary to stop the use of vitamin E, zinc tablets and some multivitamin complexes at least 3 or 4 days before the operation.
  • Smoking reduces the amount of oxygen in the blood and especially affects wound recovery. For this reason, it is recommended to leave it before the operation and not to use it for a period after the operation.
  • It is recommended to get a good sleep the day before the surgery and it is recommended to take a bath.
  • It is important to wear comfortable clothes on the day of surgery, to prefer buttoned dresses, and especially to wear clothes that are worn over the head.

Breast LiftWho is Suitable for Breast Lift Surgery?

Suitable candidates for breast lift surgery;

  • Those who have loss of shape in the breasts,
  • Saggy and flat breasts,
  • Has nipples that fall below the breast crease and,
  • Areolas that are pointed downwards and – or enlarged.

When considering surgery, you should be in good health, not smoke and have realistic expectations.

The best results are usually achieved in women with small, sagging breasts. Breasts of any size can be lifted, but the results can not last as long in heavy breasts.

Many women want a breast lift because pregnancy and nursing have left them with stretched skin and less volume in their breasts.

While there are no special risks that affect future pregnancies; for example, a breast lift usually doesn’t interfere with breastfeeding, pregnancy is likely to stretch your breasts again and negate the results of the procedure.

During your consultation for the breast lift surgery, the surgeon will evaluate your general health, review the risks associated with this procedure and associated risks based on your pre-existing health conditions.

Surgeons will examine your breasts and make detailed measurements of the shape and size, position of your nipples and areolas including your skin quality.

Breast Augmentation Surgery and Breast Lift Surgery

For people who want to increase the size and volume of their breasts, whether the person is suitable for breast lift surgery or not, breast augmentation surgery can be performed together with breast lift surgery.

These two operations can be performed simultaneously. It can also be performed in separate surgeries. In the pre-operative examination with the patient, the doctor asks if you want breast augmentation in addition to breast lift surgery.

Will there be a Scar in Breast Lift Surgery?

Depending on the surgical technique, there may only be a straight line at the nipple, under the nipple or an inverted T-shaped scar. For some patients, breast lift operation could not be enough, a silicone implant could be added during the surgery to give the breast the desired shape, contour, and size.

The clarity of the scar that will remain after breast lift surgery can vary according to three issues. These topics are as follows:

  • Genetics of the person,
  • Environmental factors,
  • Technique applied.

In order to reduce scarring, techniques with less scarring may be preferred in suitable individuals. There is no chance to change a person’s genetics so that fewer scars are formed. However, not smoking and eating foods rich in vitamin C and protein reduce the obviousness of the trace.

The clarity of the trace that will be formed can be reduced, but it is not possible to leave no scar. Special creams are also prescribed to the patient by the doctor to reduce the scar prominence and the possibility of puffy scar development after the surgery.

How is the Recovery Period of Breast Lift Surgery?

  • The operation takes between 2-3.5 hours. It is preferred for patients to stay at the hospital for 1 day,
  • Stitches could be taken between the 7th-12th days,
  • Patients could have tension and mild edema for about 2-3 weeks after the surgery,
  • Some patients could experience bruising as well,
  • It is advised to wear surgical bras from the 2nd day for 6 weeks. This eases the dressing and relieves the patient.

Your breasts will be bruised, swollen, and uncomfortable for a day or two, but the pain shouldn’t be severe. Any discomfort you feel can be relieved with medications prescribed by your surgeon. Pain pills are prescribed to help reduce post-operative pain.

You can expect some loss of feeling in your nipples and breast skin caused by the swelling after surgery. This numbness usually decreases as the swelling subsides over the next six weeks or so. In some patients, however, it may last a year or more, and occasionally it may be permanent.

It is advised for patients to sleep on their backs propped by pillows. Patients may need to limit exercise for the 2-6 weeks not to damage chest and arm muscles. Patients could do mild walking.

Exercise and strenuous activity can be resumed within 4 or 5 weeks. It is important to note that breast lifting procedures involve incisions around the edge of the areola and usually there is a vertical scar down the front of the breast. These scars become lighter in color over time and less noticeable, but they are permanent.

Breast Lift Surgery Risks & Complications

A breast lift is not a simple operation, but it’s normally safe when performed by a qualified breast lift surgeon. Nevertheless, as with any surgery, there is always a possibility of complications or a reaction to the anesthesia. Please keep in mind that we will fix any problem or treat any complication for free.

If you have an unsatisfactory result and we think additional surgery will help solve the issue, we will perform the surgery for free. Bleeding and infection following a breast lift are uncommon, but they can cause scars to widen. You can reduce your risks by closely following your physician’s advice both before and after surgery.

Breast lift surgery does leave noticeable, permanent scars, although they’ll be covered by your bra or swimsuit. The procedure may also occasionally leave patients with unevenly positioned nipples or a permanent loss of feeling in their nipples or breasts.

mastopexy breast

Breast Lift

Could Patients Breastfeed After Breast Lift Surgery?

While depending on the technique used, breast lift surgeries do not affect breastfeeding ability.

Surgeons ensure that the milk ducts are not affected by the procedure. Within the knowledge of the patients, if the surgeon cuts the milk ducts and nerves in the breast, breastfeeding could be affected.

When can Breast Lift Surgery be Performed After Birth?

In order to have breast lift surgery, more important than birth, lactation is important.

Ideally, the mother should breastfeed the baby for an appropriate period of time and plan the surgery for 6 months after she finishes breastfeeding completely.

Will There be a Loss of Sensation in a Woman’s Nipple After Breast Lift Surgery?

Although the probability of experiencing a problem in the sensation or circulation of the nipple after breast lift surgery is very low. With this surgery, the nipple is moved to its new position on a thin stem.

There is no way to clearly understand the power of this stem to feed the nipple during surgery. This risk is minimized with precautions and the experience of the doctor.

How Long Do Breast Lift Surgery Results Last?

Breasts may sag again after the breast lift surgery, pregnancy or excess weight gain cause sagging. For this reason, we recommend our patients to consider breast lift surgery after not planning pregnancy.

How Much Does Breast Lift Surgery Cost in Turkey?

The price of breast lift surgery varies according to the technique to be applied. To give an example, only breast lift, breast asymmetry correction and lift or breast augmentation and lift operations are different from each other. The main factor that determines this wage is the amount of work to be done.

However, the pricing is in such a way that the same price applies to all patients for whom the same amount of work will be done. In this way, under normal inflation conditions, it is ensured that patients coming after each patient will not pay less for the same amount of work.

Breast lift surgery is a very common operation in our country. It has been scientifically observed that the self-confidence of many women has increased significantly after having this surgery.

With technological opportunities and developing aesthetic surgery methods, it is much easier to get the breast lift surgery look you want. In order to get more detailed information about breast lift surgery and to get information about the technique suitable for you, you should be examined by our doctor.

You can learn your price information in the most accurate way at the end of the examination. For Ministry of Health-accredited centers, it is not legal to specify prices on their website. Therefore, please dial 0212 241 46 24 to contact Quartz Clinique and get information on Breast Lift Surgery Prices in Istanbul, Turkey.