MesotherapyMesotherapy is a treatment method applied by injecting special ingredients under the skin mesoderm. Temporary bruises may be observed in mesotherapy application sites.

Application areas of mesotherapy include scars and cracks, cellulitis, sports injuries or rheumatic disorders, hair shedding and skin wrinkles.

You can get your facial scars, wrinkles and deformations treated with mesotherapy.

Which Problems are Treated with Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy can be applied in many different subjects. The most common application areas of mesotherapy can be listed as follows;

  • Hair loss treatment,
  • Detention bruises,
  • Under eye bags and darkness,
  • Skin aging,
  • Skin sagging,
  • Skin blemish treatment,
  • Sun blemishes,
  • Skin cracks,
  • Cellulite treatment,
  • Weight loss.

What is Mesotherapy?

MesotherapyMesotherapy is a non-surgical skin rejuvenation treatment aimed at reducing the effects of aging on the face and body.

Mesotherapy treatment may be used for face, neck, under-eye rejuvenation as well as common problems such as hair strengthening.

Mesotherapy treatment means injection of different formulations of ingredients  directly into the mesoderm (skin’s mid-layer).

This nourishes and rejuvenates your skin and stimulates the skin metabolism by triggering collagen and elastin production.

Features of Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is the application of small amounts of drugs directly to the problem area by microinjection method. In this way, the problem is solved without creating a systemic effect and the patient gets maximum efficiency from the treatment.

Who is not Treated with Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy should not be applied in the following situations:

  • Those who have blood clotting problems,
  • Those at risk of having an allergic reaction to one of the medicines,
  • In urticaria patients,
  • People with heart disease requiring multiple drug therapy,
  • In pregnant women,
  • In lactating mothers,
  • Those with a history of stroke,
  • In those with insulin dependent diabetes mellitus (diabetes),
  • In cancer patients.

How is Mesotherapy Applied?

Mesotherapy is applied through small superficial injections of ingredients into the epidermis and mesoderm (mid-layer) which ensure nourishment and rejuvenation, increased cell activity and triggered collagen and elastin production.

After mesotherapy injections, your skin will look moisturized, shiny and tighter. To get a good effect from mesotherapy, 4-6 sessions are recommended at intervals of 2-4 weeks.

Superficial swelling and tiny needle scars may be seen in the application site within 24-48 hours after the treatment. This may take longer around the eyes, so patients may need several days for full recovery.

After Mesotherapy

  • People should not use drugs that dilute blood, such as aspirin, before and after mesotherapy sessions.
  • After the mesotherapy session, the treated area should not be touched with water for approximately 10-15 hours.
  • For body skin mesotherapy body-hugging trousers such as jeans and tight trousers should not be worn.
  • After the mesotherapy sessions, difficult movements should not be done for 48 hours and bathing and make-up should not be applied for 10-15 hours.

Benefits of the Mesotherapy Treatment

  • General skin rejuvenation,
  • Improved skin tightness and elasticity,
  • Shiny skin,
  • Wrinkle prevention and rejuvenation,
  • Treatment of problems such as sagging in hands and uneven skin tone.

Side Effects of Mesotherapy

Temporary redness and bruising may occur in the injection area. This is not a problem because these effects disappear spontaneously within 1-2 days as the substances used do not enter the systemic circulation.

When is the Result of Mesotherapy Treatment Taken?

The response to mesotherapy treatment depends on the severity of the problem, the age of the patient and the skin structure of the patient, and the result is usually seen after the 2nd or 3rd session.

Facial Mesotherapy

Facial mesotherapy (mesolift) means renewal of the mid and upper layer of the skin by injecting natural substances (vitamin, mineral) into the subdermal tissue.

This application is used for treating skins damaged by smoking and alcohol consumption as well as removing the effects of aging in the face, neck, décolletage, hands and back.

Regular mesotherapy application makes the skin look younger and healthy than it actually is, before the start of aging effects in the skin.

This application may be combined with the other aesthetic operations. Frequency of the facial mesotherapy application varies depending on the person’s condition, yet it may be applied in 1-2 sessions in a year. The post-treatment results include a vivid facial expression, tightness and filled wrinkles.

Hair Mesotherapy

The purpose of this application is to stimulate the hair cell metabolism with a local procedure to bring the tissues to health. Vitamins, minerals and constituent substances needed by follicles are directly given to the tissue.

The first effect obtained is to cease hair shedding. Nutritional and circulation problems in follicles are eliminated to a high extent and hair quality improves. Sessions have 10-day intervals.

The first cure takes 10 sessions, and its effect is increased, when combined with the other medical applications such as PRP. Once in 1-2 months maintenance treatment is sufficient for men and 3-4 sessions for women.

Cellulite Mesotherapy

Cellulite is the name given to a circulation problem that can be seen in men and women of all ages. The problem generally occurs after the lymph drainage problem due to hormonal factors.

With the substances injected under the skin with mesotherapy, blood flow and lymphatic circulation are regulated in the cellulite area, fat deposits are dissolved and hardened connective tissue is corrected.

Cellulite mesotherapy changes the appearance of the person. In the treatment of cellulite, successful and good results are obtained as a result of once a week application within 4-10 weeks with mesotherapy. If mesotherapy is supported by the patient with diet and exercise, the results are very permanent.

Recovery After Mesotherapy

Since mesotherapy is injectable, people may experience mild discomfort, redness and edema on the skin after treatment. In order to alleviate the feeling of pain and discomfort after mesotherapy, a numbing cream is first applied to the skin area where the injection is applied. Redness, mild irritation and, in some cases, bruising may occur.

However, such side effects decrease and disappear within a few days. To give an example of some factors; Negative conditions such as intense city life, exhaust smoke, cigarette and alcohol consumption, harmful effects of the sun, dry skin structure, and nutrition deficient in vitamins and minerals reduce the level of oxygenation in the skin and impair skin circulation.

This situation causes yellowing of the skin, formation of stains on the skin, dryness, worn skin surface and a dull, saggy skin structure that looks like soot. In facial mesotherapy; There are vitamins, minerals, L carnitin, amino acids, DMAE, Salmon DNA and hyaluronic acid mix cocktails.

It reduces facial lines and wrinkles. Mesotherapy makes the patient look younger and more beautiful. If people have mesotherapy regularly, their skin looks healthier and younger.

What is Meso Peeling ‘’Needle-Free Mesotherapy’’?

Today, it is possible to renew the skin without pain and pain with needle-free mesotherapy, which has been developed as an alternative to needle mesotherapy, which has been frequently preferred in recent years.

This is called meso peeling. One of the most important features of meso peeling is that its content consists of an effective mixture. It contains a combination of TCA (Tricarboxylic acid) and H2O2 at adjusted rates.

It stimulates fibroblast and growth factors and provides an effect on the skin, without damaging the skin, with the meso peeling method. In this way, rejuvenation is provided without using a needle on the skin.

After the application, collagen production and strong lifting effects continue under the skin. In this way, the skin is treated and the formation of new collagen is triggered and biological stimulation occurs in the cells.

It is an ideal method for people who want to have mesotherapy but are afraid of needling.

The Areas Where Meso Peeling is Performed are as Follows:

  • Sagging in the face, neck, chest and decollete areas, tightening for relaxation,
  • Scar treatment,
  • Stretch mark treatment,
  • Blemısh treatment.

When meso peeling is applied in combination with filler, a synergy is achieved in which the effect of both applications increases. In laser or radiofrequency treatments, combined application can be made with rope and roller.

Mesotherapy as an Alternative Treatment for Liposuction

Mesotherapy can be an alternative treatment to liposuction in the removal of regional fat in the abdomen, waist, arms and legs. It ensures the destruction of the fat tissue by lipolizis in the injection area. If the treatment is supported by diet and exercise, the results are longer than normal.

How Much Does Mesotherapy Cost in Istanbul, Turkey?

Mesotherapy prices vary according to the number of sessions to be applied to the people and the treatment content to be applied. The number of Mesotherapy sessions that each person needs is different and varies from person to person.

To get more detailed information about mesotherapy prices in Istanbul, you can make an appointment and consult us. For Ministry of Health-accredited centers, it is not legal to specify prices on their website. Therefore, please dial 0212 241 46 24 to contact Quartz Clinique and get information on Mesotherapy Prices in Istanbul, Turkey.