Fox Eye SurgeryFox eye surgery is one of the features that every woman would have liked to possess. Slightly upward slanted eyes add an attractive, aesthetic, and exotic look to the face.

The aim of the fox eye surgery is to reshape and raise the outer corner of the eye. This would be done by elevating the lower eyelids which are right below the iris (the colorful part of the eye) and show little or no sclera (white of the eye) on the lower eyelid.

Therefore, individuals could deepen their eyes, make them look bigger, and boost their confidence.


What is Fox Eyes Surgery?

Fox eye surgery is called the process where the eyes are pulled slightly up and to the sides. People who have small and drooping eye structures tend to look tired.

Although the person wants to make their eyes look wider and bigger with the make-up, it is almost impossible to get rid of the sullen look.Fox eyes surgery is a surgical procedure that physically changes the shape of the eye, providing a permanent cat-eye look, which is usually done with make-up.

The aim of fox eye surgery is to aim an almond-shaped, upward-slanting look similar to Bella Hadid’s eyes, so it is an operation that goes by different names. It is popularly known by different names such as Bella Eyes, Fox Eyes, Cat Eyes.

Although you may achieve a similar look with makeup, almond eye surgery offers longer-lasting results. It is an easy-to-use harmless procedure that requires minimal recovery time.With the aforementioned procedure, the edges of the eyes are pulled up to give the face a more energetic and dynamic look.

In fox eye surgery, it is designed to give you almond-shaped eyes by slightly lifting the outer corners of the eyes and pulling them outward. You can apply it to change the shape of your eyes for a more attractive expression and a younger look.

Four different procedures can be applied to present this appearance to our patients. You can choose any of the following procedures to get the almond eyes you want.

PDO threads lift: This procedure is non-surgical and has a short recovery time. The doctor numbs the desired treatment areas with local anesthesia. Dissolving threads are placed under the skin from the corners of the eyes. These threads lift the eye corners by allowing them to hang in the desired direction. Although widely used to relieve smile lines, also effective for the effect of the fox eyes. Results usually last up to four months. It needs to be repeated for lasting effect.

Blepharoplasty: It involves removing excess skin from droopy eyelids and reshaping the eyes. It is the most common surgical operation applied to the eyes. Eyelid surgery, which is the most performed surgery in aesthetic surgery, is used to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It is the best option for those who want a permanent fox eye because it removes excess skin and lifts the corner of the eye up.

Fox Eye SurgeryHow is Upper Eyelid Aesthetics Performed?

Excess skin and muscle tissue in the area are cut and removed with upper eyelid aesthetics or lower eyelid drooping surgery.

In order to prevent the appearance of the surgical scar, an incision is made from the fold line of the eyelid. In relation to Fox eye surgery, much better aesthetic results are obtained when applied together with forehead lift and eyebrow lift operations.

Temporal lift: The temporal lift aims to raise the eyebrows and tightens the skin around the eyes. In this eyebrow lift permanent threads are used, the eyes are pulled upwards from the corners.

Canthoplasty: In this option, small incisions are made at the outer corners of the eyes to slightly stretch the eyes at the corners and give them an almond shape. By entering through these incisions, the eyes are pulled from their corners and hung up. Cantoplasty usually takes about two hours and its effects are permanent.

What Would be the Ideal Eye Shape?

Ideal eye shapes in individuals arise when the outer canthal ligament is 2 mm above the inner canthal ligament. In general, there is a slightly upward slanting eye structure in reference to the anatomical structures of the people.

This structure of the eye is present in almost everyone at young ages, but as the age progresses, it can deteriorate with the laxity of the outer canthal ligament.

With the loosening of the tissue over time, the tension in the eye structure disappears. In some people, a very tense appearance may not have occurred in the eye structures from a young age. Aesthetic surgery can be done in order to create the image expressed as fox eye.

Who is Suitable For Fox Eye Surgery?

The Fox Eye Surgery is suitable for anyone who wants to have a more attractive eye structure. Patients would need a consultation with your surgeon to discuss the goals and ideal procedure for their eye and face structure.

Those with rounded eyes who complain about droopy upper eyelids, lower eyelid retraction could consider this operation. Since the operation aims to provide a symmetric look, patients acquire the anti-aging effect as well. The Fox Eyes Surgery could be performed from the late 20s.

Before Fox Eye Surgery

Before fox eye surgery or fox eye aesthetics, the general health status of the patient is examined. It is being investigated whether there is any condition that may prevent the operation in the patient.

Then, it is decided correctly how to make a shape in accordance with the face and eye structure of the person who will undergo fox eye surgery.

At this decision stage, a joint decision is taken with the patient’s opinion and the doctor’s recommendations. Apart from this, if the patient has a chronic illness or a medication that he or she uses regularly, she/he should first inform his/her doctor.

What’s the Common Procedure For Fox Eye?

Fox Eye is a surgical lift procedure and performs under local anesthesia. Two eye operations take about 60 minutes to complete.

Small incisions are made from the outer and upper corners of the eyes. Medical threads are placed inside the incised incisions and the edges of the eyes are pulled upwards.

Although patients do not feel any pain, the recovery period for swelling and bruising takes 7 to 10 days. It is recommended to keep the head up and take rest as much as possible. For the first week post-surgery, it is not advised to rub the eyes and apply to make it upon.

After Fox Eye Surgery

In order for the patient to recover faster after fox eye surgery and for the scars not to appear completely, some situations should be given great importance.

Fox eye surgery is not a very long and difficult surgical operation. After the operation, there are no major complications in the patients. However, by paying close attention to some points, there is a much faster recovery. There are some issues that patients should pay attention to, as follows:

  • Ice should be applied on the first day. Swelling and bruising in this area are relieved in this way,
  • After the operation, the patient should not touch water for 3 days as the surgical site is closed with steri strips,
  • On average, the patient should not lie face down for 7 days,
  • Appropriate prescription given by the doctor should be used,
  • The edema on the face of the patient disappears after 1 week on average,
  • Daily activities can be done within a few days after the surgery,
  • Scars formed during the surgery should be kept away from sunlight and solarium-like applications for approximately 2-3 months.

Which Operations Could be Combined with Fox Eye Surgery?

In order to have the most effective results, combined medical procedures could be performed. For example, botox could be accompanied by Fox Eye Surgery to eliminate wrinkles around the eye area.

This would help to have a smoother finish. If the patient has low eyebrows, eyelid and temporal lift surgery could be performed for the patient. To achieve young and attractive eyes, operations such as eyebrow lifting, the under-eye light filling would give a youthful look on the face.

Why Should I Have Fox Eye Surgery?

Fox Eye Surgery is one of the most natural-looking procedures. Through the small incisions opened through the scalp, there would be no obvious scars left on the face.

Since the medical threads are compatible with the mimic texture, they do not lead to any false image on the face. Fox eye surgery would create a tiny and effective touch. Thus, it would make the eyes look bigger and give a brighter appearance.

Advantages of Fox Eye Lift Surgery

With Fox Eye Surgery, symmetrical and slanting eyes are obtained. The patients’ eyebrows are strongly raised. In this way, the drooping of the upper eyelid of the person passes. As a result of all these applications, the patient has a clearer vision. The person feels happy and energetic.

Fox Eye Surgery Recovery Period

It is possible to say that there is a very comfortable recovery process in general after fox eye surgery. Mostly, the patient recovers with mild edema and a small amount of mild bruising without a period of bed rest after surgery.

When the bruise occurs, it can completely go away in about 5 or 14 days. The patient can have a better recovery period by resting for about 4 or 7 days in order to be more comfortable and to recover faster.

Is Fox Eye Surgery Permanent?

The most important thing to know about fox eye surgery is that the body ages over the years. Regardless of women or men, it should be kept in mind that as a result of the fox eye surgery, which is obtained by fox eye surgery at young or middle ages, as the eye area is defeated by gravity, sagging may occur and a small amount of sagging may occur around the eyes.

This happens over the years. Therefore, since some people are genetically aging later, it may be a result that the permanence of the fox eye may last for years. Fox eye surgery does not disappear by itself. Only when the body gets older, the hanging parts may sag, and the slanting eye threads may go down.

How Much Does Fox Eye Surgery Cost in Istanbul, Turkey?

Fox eye surgery price subject generally varies according to the method preferred by the person for the procedure that is suitable for the person.

Since the permanence and effect of some fox eye methods are much higher, the cost of the surgery is also higher. Permanence is less in some operations.

Depending on the method chosen, fox eye surgery price differences may occur. For example, if the operation will be performed with rope suspension methods, the quality of the thread to be used determines the price of fox eye surgery.

If you want to have a fox eye surgery and are wondering about the price, it will be very useful for you to contact us for the most accurate and best price information. However, it is very important that you talk to the doctor and decide together which method will be applied to you.

The number of patients applying for fox eye surgery from abroad is very high. The number and interest of patients coming to Turkey to have fox eye surgery from Europe and many countries of the world is very intense. Istanbul Fox Eye Surgery is also a very important center.

For Ministry of Health-accredited centers, it is not legal to specify prices on their website.The appropriate treatment plan is made in line with the needs and demands of the people, and you can learn a net price after the examination.

You can contact Quartz Clinique directly at +90212 241 46 24 to learn about Fox Eye Surgery prices in general and to get more information about Fox Eye Surgery in Istanbul, Turkey.