Genital Aesthetics

Genital Aesthetics

What is the Genital Aesthetic?

Genital Aesthetic operations become more famous and most required procedures nowadays. Genital aesthetic procedures take more place between the most preferable and applied surgical and non-surgical procedures. Both female and male patients can apply for genital procedures to improve and fix the functional and visual deficiencies and problems. Despite it being a more trendy procedure in society now, it was also actual for decades. Considering the importance of this anatomical genital area, plastic surgery must be performed with the utmost delicacy and delicacy in order to achieve a harmonious and optically perfect result, which requires a lot of experience. 

For what reasons do patients need Genital Aesthetics?

Genital Aesthetic surgery of the female genital organs is carried out mainly on the external normal or healthy genitals, that is, from a practical point of view, this type of surgical intervention can be classified in the same category as liposuction, breast augmentation, rejuvenation facial skin or any other cosmetic procedure. Genital Aesthetics procedures are performed to change their appearance or restore normal structure after injury (for example, during childbirth). It is intended to improve the external look and potential increase in functionality from the physiological point of view. The structures of a woman’s sexual life not only make her suffer mentally and physically, but often cause unhappy marriages and lead to divorce. It is known that the number of divorces has been on the rise in recent years. Sexual disharmony in the family is one of the most common causes of divorce. In light of this, the problem of treating sexual dysfunctions in women has acquired social significance. The psycho-emotional makeup of a woman is much more dependent on the sensory perception of the world than that of a man. This is more related to intimate life. Thus, it is well known that the depth of a woman’s sexual experience and pleasure, in contrast to a man’s, does not so much depend on direct physical contact as on the emotional mood and on the figurative psychological experience of the state of intimacy. Aesthetic imperfections in intimate areas interfere with a full, both sexual and personal life. It is important that the non-standard structure of the genitals is fraught with diseases of the urogenital sphere. That is why, from the moment of entering the practice, the procedure for correcting the shape and structure of the genitals is of constant interest. In recent years, the desire of women to improve the appearance and sensitivity of the intimate zone has noticeably increased, the perfection of which means for many no less than the beauty of the face, hair and body. According to statistics, the most common reasons for contacting specialists for problems in the genital area are dryness of the vagina, the sensitivity of the genital area and etc.

Types of Genital Aesthetics

Genital Aesthetics procedures are various non-surgical and invasive operations to correct the genitals. Many women endure discomfort and even pain for years without assuming that the problem can be solved with simple surgical intervention. Surgical or non-surgical procedures to be applied to the genital area can be determined after consultation depending on the needs and problems of the patient. The development and adoption of a more aesthetic genital surgery also have questions regarding the technique and indications for it. Most often, doctors are doing the following manipulations:

  • correction of the size and shape of the labia minora (reduction);
  • enlargement of the labia majora;
  • narrowing of the vagina (vaginoplasty);
  • the introduction of the gel to the G-spot;
  • restoration of virginity (hymenoplasty)
  • Adipose tissue injections are used after excessive weight loss: the genital area loses adipose tissue by gravity and with age, the labia majora become empty and saggy. Adipose tissue taken from another part of the body is processed and cleaned and injected into both the pubic area and the labia majora. Thus, the genitals acquire a fuller and more youthful appearance.Labiaplasty (plastic surgery of the labia): This is a surgical procedure to reduce the labia minora in case of complaints of a different shape, size and appearance in the area of the external genital organs of a woman. In patients who apply for labiaplasty, the sagging of the labia is approximately 4 cm, while in healthy patients the sagging is 1.5 cm. In addition to obtaining the desired aesthetic appearance while reducing the labia, it is also necessary to preserve the sensitive points.Vaginoplasty (Vaginal Narrowing Surgery): This is an intervention in the relaxation of the muscles of the vagina resulting from an increase in the elasticity of the outer wall of the vagina after pregnancy and childbirth in women. Vaginal narrowing surgery is performed under general anaesthesia or sedatives.Hymenoplasty (restoration of the integrity of the hymen): The hymen can be restored by suturing, and the success depends on the rupture time and tissue reaction. The main goal of restoring the integrity of the hymen is to restore the previous anatomical structure of the membrane and ensure bleeding during intercourse.

    Fat injections to the Genital areas: Within ageing, gravity and losing excessive weights, the genital area in the female body also loses its fatty tissue and collagen, the vagina from the inside and outer labia become empty and saggy. The fat deposits removed from another part of the body is prepared and purified and can be applied to the vagina and the labia. As a result, a voluminous and youthful appearance is obtained in the labia and the vagina becomes fresher and more voluminous.

Vaginoplasty Operation

Genital Aesthetics

Vaginoplasty Operation is usually performed under general anaesthesia and lasts approximately 1 hour. The operation involves partial excision and suturing of the mucous tissues of the upper layers of the vagina (the so-called vestibule), while the scars that may have remained after childbirth are removed. The result of the procedure is the strengthening and correction of the size of the vaginal ring. However, narrowing of the vaginal opening is performed only if the walls have sufficient elasticity and muscle tone, otherwise, colporrhaphy (vaginal wall repair) is necessary. Colporrhaphy (anterior and posterior) – suturing of the vaginal mucosa. On the mucous membrane of the back or front wall of the vagina, a tapered incision is made and this tissue site is removed, and the edges are pulled together with cosmetic sutures, which leads to a decrease in the volume of the vagina. The procedure is performed using epidural (spinal) or general anaesthesia and lasts 1-2 hours, depending on the amount of surgery performed. As a result of this operation, the muscles of the vaginal walls are strengthened, their elasticity improves and muscle tone increases, while no scars remain.

Within 1 day, a tampon remains in the vagina. The next day, the tampon is removed from the patient so that she does not feel discomfort. If we consider the operation from the point of view of pain, then the operation is quite comfortable. This is not a painful operation. The patient can continue to carry out her daily activities. After about 1 week, the stitches dissolve and there is no need to remove the stitches. It is necessary not to have sexual intercourse for up to 1 month. 

Labiaplasty – plastic surgery on the inner labia

Labiaplasty, namely plastic surgery on the inner labia in women, is often performed for aesthetic reasons; however, this operation is also performed because the patient has difficulty wearing swimsuits, bikinis and underwear, and also because of the pain experienced during intercourse. The general meaning is plastic surgery of the labia in the genital area. In the genital area, there are two areas of the labia, internal and external. Since plastic surgery of the outer labia is not performed very often, labiaplasty operations are called operations that are performed on the inner labia.

For several days after surgery, you may experience swelling and slight tenderness. After 1 week, the sutures dissolve. This is not an operation that requires stitches to be removed.

Among plastic surgery on the vagina, labiaplasty (plastic surgery on the inner labia) and vaginoplasty (narrowing of the vagina) are often combined. In cases where these two operations are performed simultaneously, the operation is performed under general anaesthesia and hospitalization for 1 day is recommended. The recovery processes are the same for both procedures. The patient is discharged from the hospital the next day.

Non-Surgical Genital Aesthetics

In mild cases or as supportive procedures for the improvement of the genital area some non-surgical procedures can be applied. Our doctors can decide it during face to face consultation and after an examination. One of the non-surgical Genital Aesthetics procedures is Laser whitening of intimate areas.

The problem of hyperpigmentation worries many people not only on the face. The formation of age spots or discolouration of the skin can also be observed on the body, including intimate areas. The problem of the formation of pigmentation in the area of the labia majora, anus, on the pubis, and also on the inner surface of the thighs is quite common. The problem of pigmentation causes some discomfort in sexual life, many women are embarrassed to sunbathe if there is pigmentation on the thighs. To solve this problem, our doctors offer laser skin whitening procedures.

The procedure is performed only on the skin side, no gynaecological interventions occur. Laser whitening is performed by experienced cosmetologists.

Laser Vaginal Tightening

A laser non-surgical procedure can be applied for other reasons as genital beautification is a laser for tightening the genital areas like the vagina and labia. The procedure is painless, you only feel a slight warmth. Laser rejuvenation (intimate) is a non-invasive medical procedure aimed to improve the function and appearance of the vagina and labia. Procedure is not an operation, is not associated with pain, lasts from 15 to 30 minutes and solves problems of a physiological and aesthetic nature. This procedure is aimed at restoring the tone, shape and physiological functions of the female genital organs.

How does it work? The beam directed to the walls of the vagina is dosed and evenly warms up the tissues. Heating the walls triggers the synthesis of collagen and elastin, which form the skeleton of the muscular organ. In parallel, the mucosal epithelium is restored. As a result, the walls of the vagina are tightened, blood flow and metabolic processes increase in the tissues. Biocenosis and pH levels are close to normal.

Genital Area Filler

The other non-surgical solution is the injection of Hyaluronic acid injections to the genital areas. Hyaluronic acid injections into the intimate area helps to solve several problems:

Eliminate external defects of the genital organs with asymmetry of the labia majora, with their too small volume, with atrophic changes (decreased skin tone).

Elimination of discomfort if dryness of the mucous membrane, itching, burning sensation, pain during sexual intercourse, postpartum or post-traumatic scars, atrophy of the vaginal mucosa are concerned.

Improving the quality of sexual life and sexual pleasure – injections into the erogenous zones of the anterior vaginal wall, restoring elasticity and narrowing the vaginal canal after childbirth or during menopause.

Injections can help reduce stress urinary incontinence.

Hyaluronic acid is a natural product that is found in our skin and mucous membranes, moisturizes them and gives them volume. When the amount of hyaluronic acid in these tissues decreases, they gradually age and lose their tone. Injections help to restore the skin and mucous membranes, their elasticity and volume. Hyaluronic acid is widely used in aesthetic medicine, not only for beauty but also for the health and well-being of women.

Before the injection of fillers based on hyaluronic acid, a visit to the gynaecologist is required to carry out an examination and clarify the type and the appropriate injection volume.

An injection is a minimally invasive procedure performed under local anaesthesia. For this, pain-relieving ointments or injections are used.

How much does Genital Aesthetics cost? 

For Ministry of Health-accredited centres, it’s not legal to specify prices on their website. Therefore, please dial 0212 241 46 24 to contact our polyclinic and find information on our Genital Aesthetics prices.