Double Chin LiposuctionDouble Chin Liposuction is an aesthetic procedure suitable for women and men who suffer from chin fat. The prominent double chin makes the face appear fatter, older and rounder.

The chin fat accumulation that occurs in the double chin causes the face and neck to appear as a whole. For this reason, these people’s faces appear larger and their necks shorter.

Thanks to the fat tissue taken from the double chin, it reshapes the jowl area. A distinct transition is created between the face and neck.

Therefore, double chin liposuction is a very effective procedure in terms of facial aesthetics. People who have had a double chin operation see themselves as thinner and younger.

If you believe that the fat formed in the jowl area makes you look older and heavier, it may be the right time for double chin liposuction.

What Causes Double Chin?

Double chin; It is the region between the neck and the chin of the part that goes from the bottom of the chin to the neck.

Over time, jowl sagging may occur due to various effects. The operation performed to remove the appearance resulting from this sagging is called double chin liposuction. Below are the most common causes of jowl sagging:

  • Rapid weight gain,
  • Aging and associated collagen loss,
  • Excessive exposure to the sun,
  • To smoke,
  • Incorrect sleeping positions,
  • Genetic predisposition,
  • Being overweight.

What are the Advantages of Double Chin Liposuction?

In the double chin removal process, the excess fat between the chin and neck is pulled out with the vaser liposuction technique. In this way, the person’s jowl area becomes more prominent and aesthetic.

After having double chin liposuction, people look especially thinner and younger. After diet and sports, the jowl of a person who loses weight from her/his face becomes more pronounced than before.

Double chin liposuction also comes into play at this stage. Thanks to the fat tissue taken from the chin, the person’s jawline takes a sharp jaw line and looks thinner.

Who is Suitable for the Double Chin Liposuction Procedure?

Best candidates for double chin liposuction are people who want to see their neck area esthetic. They also can notice that the excess fat diminishes the form of their jawline.

A weak jawline is caused by a double chin. Double chin has bad effects on both men and women, it has different effects for each gender. For men, a strong jawline is a universal feature of masculinity, so weakness in this area can feminize the face.

For women, a weak jaw can create an undefined face aesthetic and the appearance of a sexy neck. Because of these, all people may be the best candidates who have problems with their double chin.

Double Chin Liposuction How can Double Chin Liposuction be Performed?

Before double chin liposuction, the doctor evaluates the patient with a physical examination. At this stage, it is very important to choose the right doctor who is experienced in the double chin liposuction.

The doctor determines the excess in the jowl during the physical examination. The designated area is drawn with the help of a pen. Then the person is taken into operation.

  • During the Double Chin Liposuction Operation

Local anesthesia is applied before the operation. Then, a small incision is made in the jowl area, just below the chin, and cannulas are inserted.

The doctor uses thin-tipped liposuction cannulas to remove fat. Vacuuming is done with cannulas and excess fat is removed from the area. After all the fat under the patient’s chin is removed, the incision is closed. In this way, the operation is completed.

  • After the Double Chin Liposuction Operation

A face strap is applied that applies pressure to the patient’s chin area. It is used to prevent sagging and edema. This process takes approximately 1 hour.

Using the face bandage for 1 week is very important for good results.

Double Chin Liposuction Recovery Process

After double chin liposuction, a special bandage is given to the patient from the head to the chin. It is recommended that the patient wear this head corset for 7 days. There may be mild pain in the first two days after the operation. This process is comfortable with the painkillers recommended by the doctor. 

After double chin liposuction, the patient can return to her/his normal life on the same day. The recovery period of edema and bruises that will occur after the operation takes about 7 days. The patient can return to work life in 3-4 days in a controlled manner. 

The possibility of scarring after double chin liposuction is very low. Scars disappear over time. If only the fat is removed from the patient with the double chin liposuction technique, the patient is not sutured. Therefore, there is no such thing as scars.

Double Chin Liposuction Will There be Sagging After Double Chin Liposuction?

After the double chin liposuction procedure, many people wonder whether there will be sagging in the jowl area again.

After double chin liposuction, sagging may occur again, albeit rarely, depending on the genetic structure, diet and lifestyle of the patient. 

In order to prevent this situation, the person should eat healthy and try not to gain weight, and maintain their form by doing regular sports and exercises. It allows the person to easily maintain the current shape by doing jaw exercises and face yoga.

How Much Does Double Chin Liposuction Cost in Istanbul?

The cost of double chin liposuction may vary from person to person, the reason for this is, For example, while only double chin liposuction is performed in some patients, combined procedures can be performed in some patients.The type and technique of the surgery must be clear, in order to provide accurate information.

In order to determine the cost of double chin liposuction, the patient must first be examined. After the examination, what to do is determined and a clear price information can be said after the operation is decided.

Therefore, if you want to learn the cost of double chin liposuction in Istanbul, you can contact us.That’s why it’s important to be examined. 

In order to get more detailed information about the double chin liposuction and to get information about the technique suitable for you, you should be examined by our doctor.

You can learn your price information in the most accurate way at the end of the examination. For Ministry of Health-accredited centers, it is not legal to specify prices on their website. Therefore, please dial 0212 241 46 24 to contact Quartz Clinique and get information on Double Chin Liposuction Prices in Istanbul, Turkey.