Nano Fat InjectionsNano fat injection is a very effective application that eliminates the volume loss that occurs on the face of people with aging.

Nano fat injections can be applied in areas such as under the eyes, forehead, cheeks and chin. With this application, extremely natural and beautiful results are obtained.

What are Nano Fat Injections?

Nano Fat Injection, also known as “Nano Fat Graft” method, starts with the micro injection technique from the area of the human body that is rich in fat tissue, and then undergoes a special process as it will be brought to a suitable nanoparticle structure for the area to be applied.

A special fat transfer method applied in this way is called nano fat injections. The adipose tissue and its components obtained from the person’s body are very rich in stem cells.

This structure is also very suitable for wound recovery and tissue regeneration. Since fat cells are rich in stem cells, the nano fat graft method provides skin regeneration. Facial contours change over time and as people age. With nano fat injections, the face is shaped and wrinkles are removed.

Who is Suitable for Nano Fat Injections?

Nano fat graft gives very effective results by adding volume to the skin, correcting the defects in the area from which fat was removed and increasing the quality of the skin. Nano fat injections can be applied to every healthy person.

It is necessary to have the following criteria for the nano fat graft method:

  • Having fine lines around the eyes and nose,
  • Having bruises under the eyes and dark circles under the eyes,
  • Wrinkles on the neck and decollete,
  • Having wrinkles on the forehead,
  • Wrinkles around the lips,
  • Having pits caused by acne,
  • Depression under the skin or on the skin due to liposuction or wound.

Which Areas can Nano Fat Graft be Applied?

Nano fat graft is applied to every skin area that has decreased quality, stained, wrinkled, thinned and damaged. Nano fat graft is a very rich fat in terms of stem cells and its main task is to repair and restructure tissue.

Nano fat graft is used in the following areas:

  • Bruises in under-eyes,
  • Wrinkles around the eyes,
  • Collapses in the face area,
  • Wrinkles around the mouth,
  • Decollete area,
  • Neck area,
  • The appearance of sunken skin on the skin,
  • In the deformation of the skin due to the injury,
  • Aging treatment on hands.

Vaser LiposuctionHow is Nano Fat Injections Applied?

In the nano fat graft method, the adipose tissue taken from an area rich in fat cells of the patient is enriched with stem cells by cannulas and then injected into the area to be treated.

The adipose tissue taken in nano fat injections is mechanically decomposed into cells. It is then filtered to obtain stem cell-rich nano fat cells.

In the last stage, the fat tissue, which is thinned to the stage that it can pass through 0.7 mm cannulas with special filters and contains plenty of cytokines, is injected under the subcutaneous layer of the area to be recovered.

How is the Under-Eye Nano Fat Injections Applied?

Nano fat injection is one of the most preferred methods if people have sunken skin with darkening of the skin under the eyes.

Nano fat graft is obtained by breaking up the fat taken from the patient in such a way that it can pass through the smallest injectors and then filtering it.

With nano fat, there are natural substances that are in the fat cells and reduce skin wrinkles and also eliminate color darkening.

The volume correction under the eyes and the rejuvenating effect increase the quality of the skin.

When is the Result of Nano Fat Graft Visible?

The results of nano fat graft begin to be seen between 1 and 3 months. After the application, approximately 70% of the transferred fat remains in the body, the rest may melt. Therefore, it gives final results after 3 months and skin quality improves within 6 months.

Recovery After Nano Fat Graft Application

After the nano fat injections, the patient returns home on the same day and the patient should rest at home for 2 or 3 days. After 2-3 days of rest, the patient can easily return to his daily routine life.

In the first week after the application, mild edema, bruising and swelling complications are seen in the treated area and this is a possible situation.

It goes away on its own after several days. Since the patient’s smoking reduces the oxygen rate in the blood, it negatively affects the result and permanence of the nano fat. Therefore, patients who will have nano fat grafts should not smoke.

Is Nano Fat Graft Application Permanent?

The duration of nano fat graft in a single session is between 40% and 70% depending on the patient’s structure. In repeated sessions, the volume of the treated areas increases.

However, whether it is in sufficient amounts or not may vary according to the expectation of the patient. Therefore, the expectation of the patient may be met in the first session.

After the second session, approximately 80% permanence is achieved. This permanence is not a lifetime permanence. The fat cells in the area where the nano fat graft is applied are subject to the aging process of the body and a decrease in volume can be seen over the years, this is a very natural process.

How Many Sessions is the Nano Fat Graft Application Performed?

The application is generally done in a single session. Up to 70% of the wrinkle appearance on the face is removed with nano fat application, which is done in just one session.

Additional sessions are recommended by the doctor in order to obtain very good and permanent results in the area where the application will be made.

Difference Between Nano Fat and Dermal Fillers

The biggest difference between nano fat and fillers is that dermal fillers are not permanent and dermal fillers have an effectiveness that lasts for approximately 18 months.

Nano fat filler, on the other hand, has a permanence of approximately 4-5 years. In addition, with the effect of fat stem cells, active healing and fullness are provided in the application area.

Are There Any Side Effects of Nano Fat Graft Application?

Nano fat graft gives very satisfactory results and the application of nano fat injections, which is rich in stem cells, has no side effects. It is an extremely safe application.

How Much Does Nano Fat Injections Cost in Istanbul?

Nano fat graft prices vary according to the region to be applied in the patient. Therefore, the price of nano fat injections may vary from person to person. Another factor that determines the nano fat graft price is the experience of your doctor and your doctor’s expertise in this subject.

With all, it should be noted that the same price is valid for the same amount of work, so that no patient with the same amount of work pays more than the other patient.

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