Nose FillerNose filler is one of the most convenient solutions for those who are afraid of nose surgery and would not prefer a permanent change on their nose.

Nose filler aims to flatten the bridge of the nose and make the tip more raised. Dermal filler does not show any allergic reactions since its ingredients are compatible with the skin.

Nose filler is a very preferred application for correcting the general appearance of the nose and giving an aesthetic appearance in non-surgical procedures.

Nose filler is performed by experts and experienced doctors in the field. The application is made with dermal filler materials compatible with the body. For this reason, the adaptation of the nose filler to the body of the person and the adoption of the filler are carried out in a very short time.

The nose is a structure that causes the general appearance of people to change the most. It is tried to create a clear, straight and smooth appearance of the nasal folds in the nose structure.

Wrinkles and skin problems around the nose are also eliminated with nose filler. After the nose filler is done, asymmetrical problems and depression problems, if any, on the face of the person disappear. In this way, a clear and prominent nose is formed.

What is Nose Filler?

Nose filler is an aesthetic procedure applied with hyaluronic acid in order to correct deformities in the nose. Filler injections for the nose are applied depending on the structure, skin type, cartilage, and bone of the nose.

Some patients would not prefer to have nose surgery. In those cases, nose fillers are an extremely convenient procedure. This technique is suitable for those who have bones on the bridge of their noses and has a low end. Moreover, individuals who have thin nose structures could prefer using this application to make their loss look thicker.

Who is Suitable for Nose Filler?

The nose filler application has completed the development of the nose and the nose filler procedure does not have great harm or side effects. In some people, bruising after the procedure may be the only side effect of the application.

It is not possible to correct the functions of the nose with the nose filler process, which is performed only for the purpose of improving the external appearance, and since it is not a surgical procedure, there is only a slight stinging sensation compared to the pain that the nose aesthetic surgery can cause.

Nose FillerThings to Know Before Nose Filler

Before having a nose filler, the environment where the procedure will be performed must be a clinic and all necessary hygienic conditions must be fulfilled.

Apart from this, details such as the permanence of the procedure and the issues to be considered after the procedure will be clarified with the patient doctor.

The injection to be applied to the nose contains a filler material compatible with human biochemistry and hyaluronic acid.

Such filling materials are materials that have been used for a long time and are safe in procedures such as non-surgical lip augmentation or chin filling.

Another important point that people who want to have nose filler should know is which problems the procedure brings solutions to.

With nose filler, problems such as low nasal tip, nostril width, nasal arch disorder are eliminated.

Those who have nose filler before pregnancy do not have a problem depending on the structure of the nose during pregnancy, however, it should be known that it is definitely not recommended medically during pregnancy.

How Does Nose Filler Apply?

Prior to the application, the nose needs to be prepared for the procedure. Anesthetics (anesthesia creams) are applied to the nose to ensure numbness.

Depending on the structure of the nose, the surgeon would determine which part of the nose fillers would be applied. The application usually takes 15-30 minutes. Patients could continue their daily life right after the application. Minimal redness would recover in a few hours.

After the Nose Filler Procedure

Before the nose filler, the patient is pre-injected to measure the general response of the nose. The aim here is to measure the response of the nose.

People who have filler application should stay away from actions that change, eliminate and affect the reaction of this injection. Before the nose filler procedures, the patient is given general information about the pre-injection process and the deep-injection procedures.

After the nose filler procedure, people should be sensitive to the nose area for at least 3 days, protect the nose from impact, do not move without consulting a doctor, use the medicine, protect the nose from contact with hot water and excessive activity.

People who have nose filler should not forget that the skin is thin and should pay attention to the use of moisturizing creams that can damage the filler.

Why Should I Have a Nose Filler?

The nose fillers are suitable for those who are not able to have anesthesia and would like to see similar effects as surgery could think about this technique.

Moreover, patients who would need a touch-up after having a nose surgery could have filler rhinoplasty to ease the imperfections. Since nose fillers are much more economical and convenient than the surgery, many patients prefer fillers to nose. Finally, filler rhinoplasty offers quick and effective results compared to the surgeries.

Is the Nose Filler Permanent?

The effects of the nose fillers are temporary, and the results last between 16 and 18 months. After the 18 months, the fillers could melt and the nose could return to its natural state; however, patients could refill it if they wish, or could have nose surgery.

The recovery period is quite comfortable, and patients are satisfied with the results. Individuals could continue their daily life. Finally, there would not be swelling or bruising after having a nose filling.

Nose Filler before afterAdvantages of the Nose Filler

No surgical intervention is required for nose filler. This is one of the biggest advantages since there will be no risk because there will be no surgery.

With the filling process, the problems that occur in the nose can be eliminated in a single session. However, the psychological discomfort related to the nose disappears in a short time.

The nose filler process is applied in a shorter time with more affordable prices compared to the nose surgery process.

With nose filler, the desired nose type is obtained. In this way, people regain their self-confidence lost due to the nose.

The nose filler process is that simple and painless procedure. Recovery occurs in the shortest time after the procedure.

Since the substances in the injection process used are also found in the nose, the side effects are eliminated. Effects such as itching and redness in the nose are not observed and at the same time, it prevents the deterioration of the nose.

Disadvantages of the Nose Filler

The disadvantages of nose filler are very few. However, since the nose in question is intervened, it should be known that the person’s nose may not accept the filler material, and it may not be possible to correct the shape.

The quality of the filler material used in this regard is very important. If the person’s nose filler is made of poor quality and is done by an inexperienced doctor, filler application causes great problems.

If the injection process applied during the filler application is not done correctly in accordance with the technique, the filler is shorter and more effective.

Another disadvantage is that the nose initially recovers and then progresses rapidly. In addition to the injection, the nose may need to be supported with different treatment methods, and if this necessary procedure is not performed, the curvature does not disappear.

How Much Does Nose Filler Cost in Istanbul, Turkey?

Nose filler prices are more affordable when compared to nasal surgery prices. Features such as the structure of the nose in people and the number of procedures to be applied affect the nose filler price.

Along with all these, the experience of the doctor who will perform the nose filler and the characteristics of the desired nose also affect the price. The addition of drugs, creams or other necessary substances to the filler operation after the nose filler also affects the price.

Another factor that determines the price of nose filler is the number of sessions and the amount of filler material to be used in the nose. The price of nose filler is generally determined by taking the measurements of the nose for the desired nose structure and determining the filler material to be applied.

When the nose filler is applied, the factor of prolonging the permanence effect in the procedure depends on the movements of the person to whom the nose filler is made.

Nose filler prices vary according to the amount of product to be used. Pricing is made per 1 cc. The reason for this is that there is a special open filler for each person, which is not medically possible in terms of hygiene.

However, the same price applies to all patients who will be charged the same amount of work. Otherwise, patients who pay more may feel bad and it is unethical.

Under normal inflation conditions, no patient who comes after a patient pays less for the same amount of work. For Ministry of Health-accredited centers, it is not legal to specify prices on their website. Therefore, please dial 0212 241 46 24 to contact Quartz Clinique and get information on Nose Filler Prices in Istanbul, Turkey.