Eyelid filler injection is an aesthetic procedure to eliminate wrinkles, sunken eyes, and droopy upper eyelid look. Eyelid treatments are focused on the particular anatomical change that leads to the problem.

Since upper eyelid fillers do not require anesthesia and have a short and easy recovery process, it is one of the most effective and convenient procedures.

Why Does the Upper Eyelid Sag?

Involuntary facial movements such as blinking, cause wrinkles around the eyes. As we age, with the reduction of fat and collagen, the fatty look on the brow-upper lid becomes hollow and the bone structure below the brows become visible. This gives eyes tired and old look. Since eyelid filler is the most effective and convenient procedure, patients prefer it over surgeries.

When we talk about eyelids, we should think about all the eye areas including under-eye bags and under-sockets. Therefore, eyelid fillers could be applied on the upper eyelid, under the eyes or on the eyelids depending on the individuals’ needs.

The skin around the eyes has thinnest and sensitive structures. For this reason, surgeons should be very careful during the procedure. Patients could have a consultation with Dr Arvas prior to the application.

What are the Advantages of Upper Eyelid Filler?

Upper eyelid fillers have many advantages. The most important of these advantages is the resolution of most of the eyelid-related problems without surgical intervention.

In this way, eyelid fillers are an important alternative for people who do not consider surgery. It is an important advantage that it can be performed without the need for anesthesia.

It is very easy to get rid of eyelid problems within minutes without being exposed to the side effects of the anesthetic drug. It is not a procedure that patients need to rest, and the patient can return to work or social life after eyelid fillers.

Therefore, the patient does not need to take a break from his/her work life or spend a long time on eyelid filler application.

After the upper eyelid fillers, the eyelids begin to reflect the light better. And therefore the person looks younger than she/he is. As the eyelids of the person appear more tense, a brighter appearance occurs.

What are Upper Eyelid Fillers For?

  • To make the eyes look open and brighter,
  • To improve hollow and dark circles,
  • To give the almond shape to the eyes,
  • To minimize the wrinkles and saggy look.

Eyelid FillerHow are Upper Eyelid Fillers Done?

Hyaluronic acid is used for upper eyelid filler injections. The aim of upper eyelid filler injection is to add volume around the eyes, improve dark circles, and give a fresher look to the whole face.

The injection could be used on the upper eyelid and brow area. With the control of the surgeon, fillers are injected into the required areas.

Who are the Best Candidates for the Procedure?

Due to genetics or aging, individuals could have hollow and lack of volume under their eyes. They are suitable candidates for the procedure. Since the hyaluronic acid fillers are soft and could easily blend into the skin, they are the best to create a natural and fresh look on the desired areas.

How Long Does an Upper Eyelid Filler Application Take?

Eyelid filler injections are extremely short. Injection is completed in 10 to 15 minutes in total. If we add the preparation phase, the total time can be between 20 and 25 minutes.

Is Upper Eyelid Filler Worth?

One of the most crucial advantages of upper eyelid fillers is its price and convenience. As the eyelid surgeries are much more painful and expensive, patients prefer fillers to surgeries.

Individuals who have had eyelid fillers around the desired areas, confirm that their eyes look younger, fresher, and have a dynamic appearance.

After of the Upper Eyelid Filler

For those who want to benefit from eyelid fillers, one wondered what kind of process awaits them after the procedure.

The Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions After the Procedure are Listed Below:

  • People can see the result of upper eyelid filler application immediately,
  • There may be slight redness at the injection site and the redness is completely temporary,
  • Depending on the skin structure of the patient, there may be a slight bruise,
  • Bruising, redness or swelling generally goes away within 1 or 2 days.
  • The filler material has a life and at the end of this life, the filler process can be repeated,
  • It is very important to take care not to hit the injection area after upper eyelid fillers,
  • No cosmetic product should be applied on the day of  the eyelid filler,
  • The filler area should not be massaged and this area should not be touched for a few days,
  • It is very important to consider the doctor’s recommendations and warnings.

Will Wrinkles Go Away with Upper Eyelid Filler?

We can say that the upper eyelid wrinkles can be opened with filler, albeit to a certain extent. Skin-deep wrinkles disappear completely and pass. But deep wrinkles only look a little tighter. The answer to this problem is closely related to the ratio of the filler material and the skin structure of the person.

Wrinkle formation in the aging process of every woman and man is not the same, it varies from person to person. The place where wrinkles occur may vary according to mimics, and the depth of wrinkles may be different.

Eyelid fillers provide filler under the skin and a more stretched skin appearance is obtained in this area. The appearance of wrinkles is also alleviated. Eyelid fillers main purpose is not to open wrinkles. Your doctor will give you the most detailed information in this view.

Is the Effect of Upper Eyelid Filler Permanent?

Eyelid fillers are applied to obtain a fuller and more stretched look around the eyes and to remove sagging, though slightly. The result of upper eyelid fillers is not permanent.

The duration of permanence varies depending on the skin structure of the woman or man and a number of similar issues. Fillers made with the use of hyaluronic acid types in the filler process applied for the first time can provide permanence for approximately 2 years.

The permanence period of upper eyelid filler procedures, which is performed for the second time after the first application, is longer. Today, there are many different types of fillers used in filler processes.

The quality and duration of action of these filler materials are not the same. Which fillers material is used can affect the permanence of the eyelid filler.

Eyelid fillers can last a little longer if they are done regularly. There is no need to wait when the effect of the filler wears off. It is possible to repeat the filler process immediately without the need for skin rest.

For this reason, people can achieve the eyelid appearance they want. Patients who want a permanent result should be warm to surgical intervention.

Is Upper Eyelid Filler a Painful Application?

This application does not cause pain. It is performed painlessly because there is no need for anesthesia. Only a slight pain can be felt around the eyes during the injection.

The reason for this is the injection needle. And it disappears in a very short time. It is one of the procedures that can be applied with peace of mind without any worry about pain.

What is Upper Eyelid Filler Cost in Turkey?

Upper Eyelid filler price is among the important issues to be considered when choosing a clinic. It is very important to focus on the experience and quality of the application, rather than the prices of upper eyelid fillers. No matter how simple this process may seem, it is a very serious application that requires experience and detail.

If you are interested in rejuvenating your face but are not quite ready, willing or able to undergo invasive surgery, eyelid fillers may be a great option for you. Eyelid fillers are one of the most preferred alternatives with their prices and success.

Upper eyelid filler prices vary according to the amount of product to be used. Pricing is made per 1 cc. The reason for this is that there is a special open filler for each person, which is not medically possible in terms of hygiene.

However, the same price applies to all patients who will be charged the same amount of work. Otherwise, patients who pay more may feel bad and it is unethical.

Under normal inflation conditions, no patient who comes after a patient pays less for the same amount of work. For Ministry of Health-accredited centers, it is not legal to specify prices on their website. Therefore, please dial 0212 241 46 24 to contact Quartz Clinique and get information on Upper Eyelid Filler Prices in Istanbul, Turkey.