Facial Fat TransferFacial fat transfer is suitable for individuals who have facial collapses and soft tissue lost. It is used to renew the fat tissues which usually decrease with the aging effect.

Moreover, the fat transfer technique is also used for people who have genetically slim facial contours. It is generally preferred to use around the face and middle face area.

With the facial fat transfer technique, patients could have plumper cheekbones and eliminate wrinkles around the eyes.

Fat transfer is done using individuals’ own body fat and is a very comfortable procedure that could be done within an average of 40 minutes.

Who is Suitable for Facial Fat Transfer?

Facial fat transfer can be applied from the age of 30 in the aging process. The patient’s face should be observed as they age, and areas where the volume is critically reduced should be reinforced in the process.

If we want to give an example, facial fat transfer can be applied to the areas where the need is intense, starting at the age of 30, once every 2-3 years, and in each session.

If the person is already in the advanced stages of aging, the volume required for fat injection to the face will be very high. In such a case, high volume facial fat transfer can be applied to the entire face in a single session, as part of facial rejuvenation surgeries.

Persons who are suitable for this should be patient and have realistic expectations, swelling after the procedure can be very high.

In Which Areas Fat Transfer could be Applied on the Face?

Fat transfer application to the face is mostly preferred. The subcutaneous adipose tissue in the face area decreases and this causes the skin to lose its tension. Wrinkles and pits occur. With the process of replacing the reduced fat tissue with fat transfer, the person gets a naturally beautiful appearance.

The areas where fat transfer is made to the face are:

  • Forehead area,
  • Temporal region (temporal region),
  • Cheek area,
  • Under eye area,
  • Nasolabial region (the line from the nose to the mouth),
  • Mimic lines between the eyebrows,
  • Upper lip area,
  • Lower lip area,
  • Forehead mimic lines.

Youth Coming from Your Own Fat

Fat transfer is not only making the face fuller, but it also has a regenerating effect. Since the injected fats are taken with vaser liposuction, the fat cells keep their vitality.

Thus, the face contour is changed in the applied area. Deep lines that cause wrinkles on the face are filled with fat to make the face tighter. Moreover, with the help of Facial Fat Transfer, the facial contours become clearer. This procedure could be applied under the eye area as well.

Besides the full effect of the fat transfer to the face, it also helps skin renew itself. The applied fat tissues help regeneration of the stem cells and stimulate collagen production. As a result, the facial skin becomes fuller and brighter.

How Does Facial Fat Transfer Performed

The operation can be performed with local anesthesia. Fat transfer can only be performed under local anesthesia to areas such as the nose, lips or nasolabial lines. If the whole face is to be applied, it can be done with general anesthesia depending on the patient’s condition.

For fat transfer, fat cells can usually be taken from the abdomen or areas such as the hips. It is appropriate to wear a corset to the fat removed area for 2 to 4 weeks to shape the fat area.

Fat transfer can take about 1 hour when applied to the entire face, and takes up to 30 minutes if applied to a single area. No hospitalization is required. If the fat transfer is done to the whole face or to a large area after the procedure, it is fixed with a bandage and this bandage remains for a week.

Ice should be applied for the first 3 days after the operation, work that can increase blood pressure should be avoided, painkillers and antibiotics given with a doctor’s prescription should be used regularly.

All these accelerate the healing process and provide good results. There would not appear any scars after the procedure; the patients could continue to their daily routine afterwards.

What are Facial Fat Transfer Techniques?

There are various techniques that can be used for the target in Facial Fat Transfer. Your doctor will explain which technique is suitable for which patient and for what purpose.

  • Structural Fat Graft (Coleman Technique)

It is a technique developed by Dr. Sydney Coleman. Fats are taken with 2.4 mm cannulas and then centrifuged. It is applied to the tissue with 1.2 mm cannulas, a volume of 1 milliliter is given in an average of 10 passes. With this technique, the permanence of the fat is approximately 30-40%.

This technique is very suitable for the chin line, cheeks, under the chin, and nasolabial grooves. Edema can be very pronounced. The fat particles in this technique are large. Some irregularities may occur in places where the skin is thin, such as the eyelids, temples, forehead.

  • Micro Fat Graft (Microfat)

With this technique; 1.4-millimeter cannulas are used to take the fat, and 0.7-millimeter cannulas are used to give it. In this delicacy, pressure-related fat loss is more and the permanence decreases to the level of approximately 10-20%. However, since the particles are very fine, they can be applied under the thin skin by knitting very well.

In micro fat transfer, adipose tissue can be thinned very much, provided that it is passed through micro filters, and can be applied to the tissue with much finer cannulas. Permanence in this application is about 10%. But roughening is minimal. It is very suitable for under-eye, temple and forehead applications.

  • Nano Fat Graft (Nanofat)

In this technique, the fat is first emulsified and then passed through a very fine filter. There are no living fat cells in the obtained fat. Only stem cells survive.

Then this tissue can be applied into the skin with very fine needles. Nanofat is applied for superficial skin problems, fine wrinkles and superficial color problems.

It does not create any volume increase. It is preferred for its stem cell effect and its effect begins to be seen approximately 6-12 months after the application.

Stem Cell Fat TransferHow is the Recovery Period of Facial Fat Transfer?

Since the fat transfer to the face is done under local anesthesia, the patient would not have intense pain afterwards.

It is normal to notice some swelling and bruises later on however, they usually go away in 2-3 days. In order to prevent edema, it is crucial to put some ice on the applied area. There will not be any scars 3 weeks after the procedure.

Is Facial Fat Transfer Permanent?

The permanence of the application of fat injection to the face leads to a number of different results.

Facial fat transfer is both permanent and non-permanent. This situation can be explained as follows. In each session of facial fat transfer, approximately 10%-40% of the transferred fat lives, the rest dies.

The process is a cell transfer process and cells can be damaged and die while being taken from the body, transported, filtered, injected.

As a result of the transfer process, some of the surviving cells may die if they cannot find a capillary to connect in their new nests.

As a result, for example, 2 out of 10 adipose tissues survive and these 2 surviving adipose tissues live and age together with the person like other tissues of the person.

How Much Does Facial Fat Transfer Cost in Istanbul?

The price of the Facial Fat Transfer procedure may vary according to the hospital where the procedure is performed. Another factor that determines the price in Facial Fat Transfer is the experience of the doctor.

Facial Fat Transfer prices are significantly higher in cases where it is performed on the entire face under general anesthesia, compared to the one performed on a specific area.

In order to get more detailed information about the Facial Fat Transfer and to get information about the technique suitable for you, you should be examined by our doctor. You can learn your price information in the most accurate way at the end of the examination.

For Ministry of Health-accredited centers, it is not legal to specify prices on their website. Therefore, please dial 0212 241 46 24 to contact Quartz Clinique and get information on Facial Fat Transfer Prices in Istanbul, Turkey.