Lip Lift

Also known as a solution for the short upper lip, angel lip lift operation is fit for patients who are not satisfied with the length of their upper lips. The upper lip refers to the area between the columella base (column between nosetrils) and the reddish-pinkish area of the lip. In plastic surgery, the ideal length of this area is normally between 12 and 15 millimeters.  Nevertheless, this may vary depending on persons’ facial features and size. In lip lift surgery, we aim at reducing the distance in such area and creating an angel’s wing effect in persons’ lips.

What are the reasons for having an AngelLip lift?

First of all, facial features of persons who are interested in an upper lip lift or upper lift shortening surgery are checked. The length of the distance between the nose and lip must be measured, while the person is resting, that is, when his/her lips are not moving. In fact, perpendicular length of the upper lip extends to almost the length of the lower lip-chin. This feature is a sufficient reason for considering the upper lip shortening application, in order to create more harmony and balance.

When we smile, it is normal for the upper lift to be pulled upwards and outwards, revealing a part of our teeth. If your upper lip is too long, your teeth are not seen when you smile. This is one of the reasons for having an upper lip lift surgery. When your upper lip is lifted, your teeth will become more visible.

What is upper lip lift?

During the upper lip lifting surgery, the excess skin is removed, in order to shorten the vertical length. During the lip lift operation, an incision is made in the area where the upper lip meets the nose. The excess skin is removed through this incision. Edges of the incision in the nose base are sutured to complete the operation. This way, the distance between the upper lip and nose base is shortened, and the upper lip is taken up. After the lip lift operation, the upper lip will seem naturally upturned. Because sutures are made from under the nose in this procedure, operation scar is not visible.

Post-operation recovery process

Post-AngelLip lift operation recovery process varies between 5-7 days. In this process, you need to apply ice massage to your upper lip. It is normal to have a swollen lip during the first 72 hours after the operation. Sutures are removed within 5 days, and you get back to your everyday life.

What are the results of an AngelLip lift operation?

  • After the operation, the distance between the upper lip and nose gets shorter.
  • Vermillion line of the upper lip is taken up.
  • Red line of the upper lip gets longer.
  • The ratio of the upper and lower lips changes.

Who are good candidates for AngelLip lift?

If you regularly have fillers and like your lips bigger, lip lift is a surgery fit for you. Lip lift surgery brings positive results to those who look for permanent solutions for bigger lips and want to shorten the distance between their lip and nose.  After the one-hour operation, you can go back to your home and stand up within the same day. Allowing you to permanently have lips like angel’s wings, the lip lift operation is preferred by women who like to look attractive.

How much does AngelLip lift cost?

For Ministry of Health-accredited centers, it is not legal to specify prices on their website.  Therefore, please dial 0212 241 46 24 to contact our polyclinic and get information on lip lift surgery prices.

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