Lip lift is a surgical facial rejuvenation application performed by shortening the distance between the upper lip and nose.

The most functional and important part of the face for communication is the lips. Lips’ structure and shape can define the emotional appearance of our face as we are looking happy, sad or excited.

Besides the communication function, our lips are playing a main role in combination with our teeth. Voluminous lips and straight white teeth can give us beautiful smiles.

The aesthetic problems related to the lip may be in the upper or lower lips. The upper lip area addresses the area between the nostrils and red lip area. This area’s length should be 12 or 15 millimeters ideally.

It can vary person to person related to facial size and balance. In the operations as Lip Lifting we target to decrease the distance between these areas to lift up the lips and to give patients lifted and voluminous lips.

Lip LiftUpgrade Upper Lip Volume With a Lip Lift

A lip lift is a popular surgical procedure that can be done for patients of all ages, and benefits those who wish to improve their smile and the appearance of the mouth area.

Through this procedure, the surgeon reduces the distance between the upper lip and the base of the nose, which gives the appearance of full lips and an overall youthful complexion.

A well performed lip lift can also eliminate the need for lip fillers as the lifting of the upper lip also creates an eversion effect and exposes more of the natural upper lip.

Permanent Effects of Lip Lift on the Lip

  • Decrease in the distance between the upper lip and the nose
  • More evident upper lip
  • More evident upper teeth
  • Proportion and balance of facial features
  • Making the face look younger
  • Making the face more symmetrical and aesthetic

Who is Suitable for Lip Lift?

During the consultation first our doctors will examine and check the facial balance and lip position and teeths for lip lift. Doctors will measure the distance between the nose and lip in a resting position while the patient’s lips are not moving.

Ideally the distance between the lips and nostrils should be the same as the length of chin-lip.If there is an imbalance in thi , it can be a good argument to do lip lift for the patient to shorten this distance.

While smiling, we can move our lips to the direction of up and down showing our teeth. In case the upper lips are long, the teeth will not be visible while you are smiling. This is also another argument to have lip lift procedure. After the lip lifting procedure your teeth will be seen.

If you are concerned about a long or thin upper lip or an aging upper lip, and have not achieved the results you want with other types of lip augmentation, such as dermal fillers, a lip lift may be the way to go.

Who is not Suitable for Lip Lift?

The smokers, the patients who take blood thinners regularly and who have complicated medical history issues, should be examined and evaluated attentively and may be asked to wait to have a lip lift.

In case you had rhinoplasty or dental treatments related to smile design, some portion of your lips will be lifted. You should have a consultation with the doctor and evaluate if you are a good candidate for liplift.

Also, you may need to wait for some period to recover from nose operation and dental treatment to have lip lift.

Lip LiftWhat is Lip Lift Surgery?

Lip Lift surgery is a very preferred method. An incision is made under the nose at the junction of the upper lip area with the nose, and the excess skin is removed. Then it is stitched together by joining.

The incision is closed in folds, sutures are placed under the skin to create sufficient force to maintain the lip shape.

After the suture is placed, the skin edges are meticulously aligned to make the incision as less visible as possible. 

The Lip Lift operation reshapes the “cupid arc” (two different peaks above the upper lip). With Lip Lift, the distance between the base of the nose and the upper part of the lips is shaped.

The ideal length of this vertical area is considered to be between 12-15 millimeters (mm). Fuller lips are desired by women, in which case injectable filler can be applied. After the operation, the incision sites are hidden to prevent scarring.

The recovery period after Lip Lift surgery varies between 5-7 days. In this process, ice can be applied to the upper lip.

Lip swelling is considered normal in the first 72 hours after surgery. Stitches are removed within 5-7 days.

Combined Surgery with Lip Lift

Lip lifting can be done alone or in combination with other treatments. Common combinations include facelifts, upper and lower blepharoplasty, eyebrow lift, fat injection, and other facial rejuvenation procedures.

Before Lift Lift Surgery

Eating and drinking should be stopped 6 hours before the Lip Lift operation. As is done before every operation, alcohol and smoking should be stopped at least one week before. Blood thinners aspirin, ibuprofen, vitamin E etc. The use of drugs should be stopped a few weeks before your doctor warns you.

Duration of Lip Lift Surgery

From 0.5 to 1 hour, depending on the volume of the operation. If other procedures are planned at the same time, the total operation time increases.

After Lip Lift Surgery

Edema is expected in the first days after the Lip Lift operation and this is considered a normal situation. Edema should be known as the body’s reaction to surgery and stitches, and it is a natural process.

After the operation, these edemas disappear over time and a normal appearance is achieved. However, the body may react to the stitches differently from edema. These are considered normal after surgery, there is no bad condition. 

Sometimes, temporary numbness, pain, tension, infection, bleeding, swelling may occur from person to person. With the advice given to you by your doctor, you can get through the postoperative period with fewer side effects. A lip lift is an outpatient procedure. You can shower gently after 48 hours.

Lip Lift Surgery Recovery Process

Today, especially in recent years, the importance given to the appearance of the lip has increased. For this reason, lip aesthetics is among the most preferred aesthetic applications.

Lip Lift; It defines the lip lines and gives a permanent fullness to the upper lips. Lip Lift is a surgical procedure applied to the upper lip. Since Lip Lift is a surgical procedure, swelling may occur on the lips after the operation.

It is possible to have swelling on the lips after Lip Lift surgery. This swelling, which has formed, usually decreases within 1 week (7 days) and disappears on its own.

The lips are relieved by applying ice compresses on the first day of the Lip Lift operation and for 5-6 days afterwards. Ice compress application helps to reduce swelling.

Edema passes in 1 week, but minimal swelling may remain. It takes approximately 4-6 weeks for this minimal swelling to go away and the lip line to settle.

Lip Lift Surgery Complications

Unfortunately, complications can arise after any surgery, and you need to be aware of this. Some of the possible complications include slow healing, infection, bleeding, poor scarring, asymmetry, pain, skin numbness or tenderness, grayness (fluid buildup), weakness in your smile, repeated lip lengthening, excessive teeth show ‘, under or over rise.

Lip LiftWhat are the Methods of Lip Lift Surgery?

Lip Lift is an easy procedure. However, there are several other lip lift techniques. Species and techniques are very important. Lip Lift is named as follows according to the shape of the surgical incision:

  • Direct Lip Lift

It is called Lip Lift with the gull wing technique; a more prominent lip border is created with direct Lip Lift. By removing a thin strip of skin from the upper lip, the skin is pulled upwards and the pink part of the lips is more pronounced.

  • Subnasal Megaphone

It is one of the most applied and common Lip Lift techniques. The doctor makes a concealed incision along the base of the nose, which is usually less visible. The incision is usually made in the form of a megaphone. With this technique, the middle of the lip is pulled towards the right and left nose.

  • Central Lip Lift

In this technique, the space between the nose and the lip is shortened by making an incision under the nose.

  • Corner Lip Lift

Two small incisions are made in both corners of the mouth. A small amount of skin is taken. There may be people who want to have fuller lips, so they decide to have this technique done together with another type of lip lift.

  • İtalian Lip Lift

It requires two incisions under the two nostrils and is very similar to a megaphone. Usually, there is no visible scarring.

What are the Types of Lip Lift?

  • Bullhorn Lip Lift

Bullhorn Lip Lift operation is performed by lifting upwards from the middle of the upper lip with a horn-shaped incision under the nose. In this method, the teeth of the person are somewhat visible. A hidden incision scar remains under the nose. It is a very effective method that gives good results in patients with a long philtrum area.

  • Gullwing Lip Lift

This method is preferred by women with thin upper lips. A thin incision is taken over the upper lip and applied in a way that makes the lip pink appear longer. The wrinkles on the lips, which we usually call cigarette wrinkles, are removed.

  • Corner Lip Lift

It is generally preferred by old women and men with a sad lip expression. In this method, two small incisions are taken from the corners of the lips and a beautiful lip appearance is made.

  • Italian Lip Lift

In this method, two small incisions are made under the two nostrils and less scarring is ensured than the bull horn method. The results are close to each other. In the Italian Lip Lift method, the upper two hills of the lip are raised. The curve of the upper lip arcs is increased. The result of this method has little effect on the visibility of the teeth.

Positive Effects of Lip Lift

If you regularly have fillers and like your lips bigger, lip lift is a surgery fit for you. Lip lift surgery brings positive results to those who look for permanent solutions for bigger lips and want to shorten the distance between their lip and nose.

After the one-hour operation, you can go back to your home and stand up within the same day. Allowing you to permanently have lips like angel’s wings, the lip lift operation is preferred by women who like to look attractive.

After Lip Lift Surgery;

  • After the operation, the distance between the upper lip and nose gets shorter.
  • The Vermillion line of the upper lip is taken up.
  • Red line of the upper lip gets longer.
  • The ratio of the upper and lower lips changes.

What is the Goal of Lip Lift Surgery?

Depending on genetic or gravitational reasons, the distance between lip and nose may be elongated and this can give people old looking and less attractive looks.

With lip lift operations our doctors can improve the balance between face and lips and increase the volume of the lips. As a result, the distance between nose and lips will be decreased and volume of lips will be improved. There are different procedures under the lip lift operation depending on the case.

What are the Results of a Lip lift Surgery?

With lip lift you can get the following results:

  • The lip-nose distance that appears disproportionate on your face is shortened.
  • The appearance of wrinkles around your lips is improving.
  • Your lips become fuller and gain volume.
  • Due to the permanent effect of Lip Lift, your need for lip augmentation is reduced.
  • Your upper teeth become more prominent and your smile improves.
  • The corners of your lips go up and the tired expression on your face disappears.
  • There is a proportion in your lip image, as a result, it becomes compatible with your face.
  • The appearance of your lips is improving.
  • The Vermillion line of the upper lip is taken up.
  • Red line of the upper lip gets longer.
  • The ratio of the upper and lower lips changes.

What About the Scar of Lip Lift?

The cuts for the Lip lift surgery are done under the nose case near the nostrils area and can be prolonged to the nostrils curves. The incision scar will be hidden very well inside the nostrils cavities and it will be faded in one month.

During one month of the healing process of the scar, the patient can hide it by applying soft makeup to the scar areas while continuing social and daily life.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lip Lift

What is Upper Lip Lift?

Lip lift operation aims to remove the excess skin in the upper parts of the lips to shorten the distance. The incision is made in the area between the upper lips and nose, excess skin cutted and removed.

The incision under the nose base is stitched. With this method the distances are shortened. Immediately after the surgery the upper lip is lifted.

What are the Common Reasons Why Patients Decide to Have a Lip Lift?

Many patients decide to have a lip lift to improve the appearance of their face by reducing the length of the upper lip. This facial enhancement can improve the definition of lips and restore their youthful appearance.

In addition, this surgery can change the function of the lips to improve the appearance of the lips and teeth. Often a lip lift will help show more of the patient’s lips.

Who is the Ideal Candidate for a Lip Lift?

The ideal candidate for a lip lift is someone with thin, inverted, or shapeless upper lips. Typically, patients looking for a plumping up lip tend to have more lasting results than lip fillers (which only add volume). In addition, this surgery is performed on patients who want to reduce the length between the nose and lip.

How Long Does It Take to See Lip Lift Results?

As early as three weeks after the operation, patients will begin to see their results. Over the course of three to four months, further clarity and improved lip ratio will become evident as the skin tissue begins to soften over time.

What are the Risks and Associated Complications of this Surgery?

Typical risks associated with this surgery include infection, scarring, and fluid buildup after surgery. During consultation with the surgeon, it is very important to inform the doctor of any previous uses of fillers and silicone implants in order to prevent any adverse complications. Patients with silicone implants may experience increased edema due to silicone.

Who are the Best Candidates for Lip Lift?

If you regularly have fillers and like your lips bigger, lip lift is a surgery fit for you. Lip lift surgery brings positive results to those who look for permanent solutions for bigger lips and want to shorten the distance between their lip and nose.

After the one-hour operation, you can go back to your home and stand up within the same day. Allowing you to permanently have lips like angel’s wings, the lip lift operation is preferred by women who like to look attractive.

What are the Benefits of Lip Lift?

The Lip Lift is a procedure that improves the facial balance and full shape of the face. The results are recognizable immediately after the surgery. Most of the patients do not need any surgical or non-surgical manipulations after lip lift procedure.

Due to the initial swelling, your lips will look puffy and the movement as well as sensation will be reduced. As the swelling settles, your lips will regain the original movement. It usually takes between 3-4 weeks to see full results.

What are the Complications of Lip Lift?

The main complication after a lip lift is a noticeable scar. For this reason patients who have a history of poor scarring (hypertrophic or keloids) are not good candidates. Other rare complications include; infection, delayed healing, asymmetry, under or overcorrection, scar contracture and smile distortion.

How Much Does Lip Lift Cost in Turkey?

Lip Lift price varies according to the experience of the doctor. Choosing a doctor is very important in Lip Lift operation to get good results and attractive and full lips. 

Everyone’s dream is to have full and shaped lips. Which Lip Lift method will be applied; the price will be determined according to the application.

That’s why it’s important to be examined. In order to get more detailed information about the Lip Lift and to get information about the technique suitable for you, you should be examined by our doctor. 

You can learn your price information in the most accurate way at the end of the examination. For Ministry of Health-accredited centers, it is not legal to specify prices on their website. Therefore, please dial 0212 241 46 24 to contact Quartz Clinique and get information on Lip Lift Prices In ISTANBUL, TURKEY.