Under Eye FillerUnder eye filler minimizes the effects of aging, eliminates under-eye bagging, enhancing the skin color and wrinkles around the eyes.

Using Redensity II as tear trough filler, people can get rid of under-eye problems even in a single session.

Collapsing under eyes is one of the biggest aesthetic problems of people. Hyaluronic acid and cross-linked fillers help to eliminate swelling and bruising under the eyes and reconstruct the skin for a long time.

Moreover, Redensity II is a safe intervention that could be applied to the under eye area.

Even young people may be unhappy about having bags and darkness under their eyes. These problems might give a tired and old look. Since the eye area is one of the most sensitive parts of the face compared with the other regions, an aesthetic surgeon should apply this application.

What is Under Eye Filler?

With under eye filler, the treatment of dark circles and sunken under eyes can be applied without the need for surgical intervention. Under eye filler has been developed as a solution for people with such complaints, especially in the under eye area.

It can be applied to all ages over the age of 18 and is a quick treatment method. It is a non-surgical and easily applicable method. The desired result can be achieved in a short time.

Under eye filler has a slightly different structure than the fillers applied in the face area. The content of the under eye filler contains hyaluronic acid, vitamins and peptides that will increase the moisture level by nourishing the skin under the eyes.

What is a Classic Under Eye Filler?

Today, collapse and bruising occur as a result of the loss of volume of the under eye fat pads and the melting of the bone structure, this situation is quite common. Because of this, the person looks more tired and older. The problem can be solved with under eye filler surgery.

The main reason why under eye fillers are safe is that they contain hyaluronic acid, a substance with high fluidity that can be found naturally in the body.

With classical under eye filler, collapses and darkness that occur under the eyes can be corrected. Since the under eye area is not very affected by facial expressions, the permanence period of the under eye filler process is longer.

The effect period of classical filling surgeries is 1-1,5 years. In addition, this permanence period is extended in people who regularly have under eye filler.

With the under eye filler, the fat pads around the eyes gain volume again, and the collapse, darkness and wrinkles that occur under the eyes are intervened.

However, the tired appearance disappears and a younger and healthier facial expression emerges. In recent years, under eye filler has become a reliable and alternative method, especially as a very good alternative for people who do not like, refrain from or cannot find time for under eye filler surgery.

Why Do Darkness Occur Under Eyes?

The rings that occur under the eyes (racoon eyes) could make even young people look tired. The causes of under eye darkness and bags could be genetic factors, consumption of excessive alcohol, allergic reactions, sleep position, and sleep disorder.

Due to genetic factors, aging, pushing forward by the adipose tissue, under eye bags could occur. Moreover, because of aging, a gap could appear around the eyes.

Over time, decreases in the adipose tissue, and changes in bone structure, the shape of the face could be changed, and bags could appear. Even if the space around and under our eyes is millimetric, it is perceived dark and deep due to the shadows inside.

Who is Suitable for Under Eye Filler?

People who have under eye filler generally have dark circles on their lower eyelids, or those with mild to moderate bags on the lower eyelids. Without the need for a surgical aesthetic application, the person can get rid of the darkness and dark circles around the eyes with small touches in a short time.

Under eye filler can be effective on most of the under eye collapses, dark bruises and circles. However, it should be known that it may be more accurate to have lower eyelid aesthetics in people with large under eye bags.

Effective and beneficial results are obtained if the under eye filler is done carefully in younger people and people with smaller under eye bags.

How Does Under Eye Filler (Tear Trough Filler) is Performed?

The feature of under eye filler is that it gives light to the custody. Hyaluronic acid, that is produced naturally in our body, is used to enhance skin elasticity, firmness and smoothness. Tear Trough filler is performed with the help of very fine needles.

A special cocktail that includes hyaluronic acid-based formula is prepared and injected into the desired areas. This technique is applied to the upper part of the bone, not under the skin.

When filling under the eyes, the dermal filler should be injected slowly. Since anesthetic cream is applied around the eye area before the application, patients do not feel pain during the under-eye tear trough filler. This application is suitable for both men and women.

After the under eye area becomes completely numb with the applied cream, it is cleaned and the Redensity II filler, which is specially produced by Teosyal Company for the under eye area, is opened individually.

Redensity 2 filler is injected under the skin of the patient painlessly with the help of a cannula without a needle. The doctor decides the amount of filler to be used during the application. The process is completed in approximately 10 minutes.

Do I Feel Any Pain During Under Eye Filler Injection?

Before the procedure, the cream that performs local anesthesia is applied to the application area, the anesthetic substance is also included in the filling itself; In this way, the tear trough filler application becomes quite comfortable for the candidates.

After the procedure; Neither traces nor scarring occurs during and after under eye filler. Some patients can experience minimal bruising that will disappear within a day or two.

The result after the treatment; The difference under the eyes can be seen immediately after the application. Patients could even compare it.

The permanence of the process; The fillers could remain between 1 and 1.5 years.

What is the Permanence Period of Under Eye Filler?

The permanence period of the under eye filler varies between 12 and 18 months on average, and this period may differ from person to person. Factors that make the permanence period longer or shorter; The amount of filler used during the procedure and the level of collapse under the eyes.

What are Advantages of Under Eye Filler?

Under eye filler is one of the most popular non-surgical aesthetic applications recently.

The advantages of under eye filler can be listed as follows:

  • Does not require surgical procedure,
  • Pain and ache are not felt during the application,
  • The effect is seen in a immediately after the application,
  • When applied by an experienced doctor, the risks of side effects and complications are almost non-existent.

Are There Any Side Effects of Under Eye Filler?

Under eye filler is a filler technique approved by the FDA and used safely all over the world. The area around the eyes has a very complex anatomical structure and is a very difficult area to treat.

For this reason, the doctor who will perform the under eye filler application should be knowledgeable and experienced in this regard.

The area around the eyes is one of the areas with the highest density of blood vessels in the human body.

During the applications to be made in this area, one should be very careful, blunt-tipped cannulas should be used and the process should be completed by being carefully sterilized. When it is applied by people who are experienced in the field of under eye filler, it does not have any side effects or harm.

When is the Result of Under Eye Filler Visible?

The result of the under eye filler application is seen immediately after the procedure. In the first days, depending on the under eye filler, some edema and bruising may be noticed in and around the lower eyelid.

However, the positive change in the appearance of the lower eyelid is noticed very quickly. The effectiveness of under eye filler is close to surgical interventions.

How Much Does Under Eye Filler Cost in Istanbul, Turkey?

Under eye filler prices vary according to the brand and amount of filler to be used. Pricing is made per 1 cc. The reason for this is that there is a special opening filler for each person, which is not medically possible in terms of hygiene.

However, the same fee applies to all patients who will be charged the same amount of work. Otherwise, patients who pay more may feel bad and it is unethical.

Under normal inflation conditions, no patient who comes after a patient pays less for the same amount of work. For Ministry of Health-accredited centers, it is not legal to specify prices on their website.

Therefore, please dial 0212 241 46 24 to contact Quartz Clinique and get information on Under Eye Filler Prices in Istanbul, Turkey.