If your eyebrows look low and there is a dense and deep wrinkle on your forehead, you can eliminate this with forehead lift surgery.

Effects of aging are inevitable and eyebrow and forehead area is where we can see the first effects. The skin loses its elasticity. The effect of the sun, wind and gravity causes formation of eyebrow and forehead lines.

This may cause you to look older than you actually are even in your thirties or to have an tired, angry or sad look, although you do not actually feel that way. As a result, many people choose to have a forehead lift due to these reasons.

Differences in the aging process of men and women and innovations in the medical technology allow this procedure to be applied with different methods.

A forehead lift is a very common and excellent surgical procedure that restores youthfulness. People who typically have sagging forehead skin are looking like that their eyes look tired and their upper lids heavy.

Forehead lift is a rejuvenation surgery which restores a more attractive appearance on the face. This surgery lifts drooping forehead skin and improves the horizontal lines which make your face angry, sad and tired. So procedures help to  improve lateral hoods, which is sagging skin that drops the upper eyes.

The forehead lift procedure is often performed in combination with upper eyelid surgery “blepharoplasty” if you have sagging in the upper eyelids. 

Forehead LiftHow Forehead Lift can be Performed?

Forehead lift surgery includes getting rid of the skin that is negatively affected by sagging to achieve a smooth forehead look.

A forehead lift is most commonly performed under sedation anesthesia and may generally take 1-1.5 hours. This procedure minimizes skin lines.

Generally incision is hidden just behind the hairline, technique provides smoother forehead skin and a more young facial appearance. 

With the operation begins your head will not be shaved. A coronal incision will be used. The incision is usually made well behind the hairline by the way the scar won’t be visible.

Through the incision, your skin on the forehead is going to be lifted and underlying muscles of the forehead can be rejuvenated. Your face and hair will be washed to protect your skin.

Who is a Good Candidate for Forehead Lift Surgery?

Patients with realistic goals for their forehead lift surgery, should have good health.  Procedure can help people of any age who have wanted to get rid of or frown lines due to stress or muscle activity, or simply have deep horizontal creases on the forehead. Some people have inherited conditions who can result in a more alert and refreshed look by this procedure. 

  • If you have sagging eyebrows
  • If you have miss natural youthful forehead and face
  • If you have excess skin on your upper eyelids
  • If you have horizontal forehead wrinkles & lines
  • If you have vertical wrinkles and lines between your eyebrows

Forehead Lift Recovery Process!

People who have had a forehead lift recovery process depend on a patient. Generally, people who have forehead lift surgery can go back to work within 2-4 days. 

Forehead lift surgery may cause some numbness and temporary headache because of incision especially at the first two days. But these pain can be controlled with prescription medications and painkillers.

Edemas may also affect the cheeks and eyes for a while. These effects are going to finish after 2-3 weeks. Most stitches or clips will be removed at the end of 7th day.

Some of the hair around the incision may fall out and may temporarily be a bit thinner. Your missing hair is going to grow again in a few weeks.

A large amount of information will be shared during your forehead consultation. All risks and complications are going to be explained with an idea of what you should expect in terms of results and recovery.

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