A forehead lift is a very common and excellent surgical procedure that restores youthfulness. People who typically have sagging forehead skin are looking like that their eyes look tired and their upper lids heavy. A forehead lift, or an eyebrow lift, is also a procedure that strengthens the muscular framework of the forehead, tightens the skin and removes its excess part. The operation can be performed as in the classical technique, i.e. through an incision in the scalp immediately behind the hairline, and endoscopically, through 3-5 short incisions, using a camera that transmits an image to a monitor, making it easier for the surgeon to visualize the areas where surgeon is working.

Forehead lift is a rejuvenation surgery which restores a more attractive appearance on the face. This surgery lifts drooping forehead skin and improves the horizontal lines which make your face angry, sad and tired. So procedures help to  improve lateral hoods, which is sagging skin that drops the upper eyes.

The forehead lift procedure is often performed in combination with upper eyelid surgery “blepharoplasty” if you have sagging in the upper eyelids. 

How forehead lift performed? 

Forehead lift surgery includes getting rid of the skin that is negatively affected by  sagging to achieve a smooth forehead look. A forehead lift is most commonly performed under sedation anesthesia and may generally take 1-1.5 hours. This procedure minimizes skin lines. Generally incision is hidden just behind the hairline, technique provides smoother forehead skin and a more young facial appearance. 

With the operation begins your head will not be shaved. A coronal incision will be used. The incision is usually made well behind the hairline by the way the scar won’t be visible. Through the incision, your skin on the forehead is going to be lifted and underlying muscles of the forehead can be rejuvenated. Your face and hair will be washed to protect your skin.

Since the introduction of the endoscopic forehead lift in the mid-90s, for the minimum invasiveness of the procedure, it leaves invisible scars on the scalp, in 90 percent of cases we carry out a forehead lift with this method. For us, the fewer scars the better. And we transfer this rule not only to the forehead lift, but also to the facelift and eyelid correction. The so-called open forehead lift, with an ear-to-ear incision, is currently only offered in exceptional cases. Many patients and patients are increasingly asking for a forehead lift – we have a lot of practice and experience in performing this operation.

Forehead lift – the solution to a common sagging problem

Many patients who come to us because of sagging upper eyelids additionally have at least flabby forehead and soft tissues, so that the eyebrows, under the influence of the weakened forehead skin and soft tissues, move below their normal position above the bony eye socket, and hang over the eyes like a dome. We will surprise you when, in front of the mirror, pulling your eyebrows up slightly, we show you where their problem really is. For us, experienced plastic and aesthetic surgery surgeons, endoscopic forehead lift is available, an unusual and elegant technique for solving this problem.

It is especially important to do a mild facelift, because otherwise you may end up with a surprised expression. Like many of our preferred low-scar surgery, this method works well for shrinking skin. We, plastic surgeons, prefer the use of these tools (for nose surgery, fat removal, breast lift, the least scar technique, dermabrasion laser, etc.)

A quick overview of a forehead lift

Duration: about two hours (depending on the type of surgery)

Anesthesia: local anesthesia

Stay in the clinic: outpatient, with ordinary operations one day in the clinic

You can lead a socially active lifestyle: after about 7-14 days.

Sports: after at least 3 weeks

The forehead is in constant motion. Especially in people who constantly frown, or those who see poorly and constantly strain their foreheads, deep wrinkles can form at an early age. In addition, with age, the skin on the face loses its firmness and weakens. Also, sunlight, drastic weight loss or congenital factors can, in addition to lifestyle and habits, cause a loss of skin elasticity and speed up this process. Because of this, eyebrows sag over time, and the skin on the upper eyelids becomes wrinkled. You could look for yourself by pulling your forehead up slightly, so that the eyebrows are back in their usual position. This is how long-term wrinkles appear. The drooping of the eyebrows and the appearance of deep wrinkles on the forehead can give your face an angry, sad, old, or tired expression that doesn’t match your mood.

 Who is a good candidate for forehead lift surgery?

Patients with realistic goals for their forehead lift surgery, should have good health.  Procedure can help people of any age who have wanted to get rid of or frown lines due to stress or muscle activity, or simply have deep horizontal creases on the forehead. Some people have inherited conditions who can result in a more alert and refreshed look by this procedure. 

  • If you have sagging eyebrows
  • If you have miss natural youthful forehead and face
  • If you have excess skin on your upper eyelids
  • If you have horizontal forehead wrinkles & lines
  • If you have vertical wrinkles and lines between your eyebrows 

What can a forehead lift change? 

A forehead lift can be performed by lifting the forehead itself and the frontal muscles. It will give your face a less preoccupied and fresh look. A pleasant side effect is the raising of the eyebrows to a certain extent.

For many years, a forehead lift was only possible with a long cut along the hairline or hairline. Today, as an alternative, with the modern endoscopic forehead lift, this correction is done through small incisions made behind the hairline. These cuts are visually the most invisible and are hidden under the hair.

As a result, a scar remains under the hair, only a few centimeters long. The skin of the forehead is loosened through small entrance incisions and then lifted and secured in a new position. This method significantly shortens the healing period after surgery and is much more invisible. Simultaneously with both of these methods, it is possible to eliminate the wrinkles on the forehead, which appear if a person frowns frequently.

A forehead lift corrects not only the skin, but also the soft tissues underneath. After tightening the skin, soft tissues and muscles, forehead wrinkles will be smoothed out for a long time. As the eyebrows are raised, the wrinkles on the upper part of the face will also become less noticeable. Depending on whether the eyebrows are raised, the face will be transformed and rejuvenated. In cases with a pronounced frown line on the forehead, the muscles responsible for its contraction will be weakened. Weakening the muscle in the future will prevent the frown line from forming again. Your face as a whole will have a friendlier and more genuine expression. 

You can imagine roughly how your face will look after lifting if you raise your eyebrows in front of the mirror, keeping them at the edges. Pull gently up the skin of the forehead and eyebrows – this will roughly correspond to the result you get after lifting.

What are the forehead lift methods?

There are three types of forehead lift: open lift, endoscopic lift and temporary (temporal) lift. Previously, the only one used was the open forehead lift, which required an incision in the upper face line along the hairline, from ear to ear. In this way, the forehead was cut, tightened, excess pieces of fabric were removed, and it was sewn back. The seam was thus hidden behind the hairline. In patients with a very high forehead, the incision is made directly at the border of the hairline, so that the forehead without scalp does not appear to be very raised after lifting it. The seam then runs on the border between the forehead and the hair around the individual hair roots. 

With a very high hairline, this method can be used to smooth out pronounced, transverse wrinkles very well. In patients with aging and flaccid skin, an open forehead lift is sometimes required. The procedure usually requires one day of hospitalization and is usually performed under general anesthesia. Today, a so-called endoscope (endoscopic forehead lift) is often used, with the result that only four very small incisions are needed behind the hairline. Through these incisions, the forehead is loosened by the endoscopic entry and control of the endoscopic camera, and then tightened and secured.

 As a less invasive procedure, the endoscopic forehead lift is especially suitable for patients / patients whose skin has sufficient elasticity. Through small incisions, access to the forehead is required only for a narrow endoscope. Both methods, the conventional open procedure and the endoscopic forehead lift, can be combined with weakening of the muscles responsible for the anger lines. 

What are the risks of a forehead lift? 

In general, a forehead lift is a low-risk procedure. Side effects, however, cannot always be completely ruled out, and in some cases they are unpredictable. This can be, for example, muscular numbness in the forehead caused by nerve damage resulting from limited mobility of the eyebrows. The same symptomatology, however, can occur for a short time, for example, it can cause a bruise that will press on the nerve. As with other surgical procedures, numbness may occur at the surgical site, but it usually disappears on its own after two to four weeks. In rare cases, hair loss is possible in the areas of incisions, in places where endoscopic equipment is inserted.

Your new appearance after a forehead lift

With the right wishes and realistic expectations, the majority of patients are satisfied and happy with the result achieved, regardless of the surgical technique that was used. Improving appearance, for many, means positive improvements in life with greater acceptance of the new self and increased self-esteem. Although this method cannot stop the aging process as such, it is possible to create a rejuvenated appearance of the face for many years. Many patients only notice after a forehead lift how much they were affected by the loose skin on the forehead.

Can a forehead lift be repeated?

In principle, the forehead lift can be repeated. Regular consultations with your plastic surgeon can prevent and eliminate complications that arise at an early stage. If problems arise, in individual cases it should be checked whether corrective actions are necessary, and if so, which ones.

Forehead Lift Recovery Process!

People who have had a forehead lift recovery process depend on a patient. Generally, people who have forehead lift surgery can go back to work within 2-4 days.  Forehead lift surgery may cause some numbness and temporary headache because of incision especially at the first two days. But these pain can be controlled with prescription medications and painkillers. Edemas may also affect the cheeks and eyes for a while. These effects are going to finish after 2-3 weeks. Most stitches or clips will be removed at the end of the 7th day. Some of the hair around the incision may fall out and may temporarily be a bit thinner. Your missing hair is going to grow again in a few weeks.

A large amount of information will be shared during your forehead consultation. All risks and complications are going to be explained with an idea of what you should expect in terms of results and recovery.

Complications of Forehead Lift

Damage to the nerves of the face, leading to loss of facial expressions, muscle weakness, facial asymmetry, persistent loss of sensitivity. Wide, sometimes hypertrophic scars.

Recovery Period of Forehead lift

Patients return to work 7-10 days after surgery, and even earlier in the case of endoscopic tightening. For several weeks, you will have to exclude power loads. Bruises completely dissolve in 2-3 weeks. Exposure to direct sunlight in the first 3-6 months after surgery can lead to hyperpigmentation of the forehead, therefore, for this period, patients should be excluded from prolonged exposure to the sun.The result after the operation lasts for 5-10 years.

What is Forehead Lift Cost?

Forehead lift prices are changed to used techniques and doctors’ experience. If you need to restore a more charismatic and sexy forehead appearance, please contact QUARTZ CLINIC to book a consultation with one of our doctors. Our team is going to answer your questions. You can call or whatsapp by +905442684433