Neck Lift

neck lift

A neck lift is a plastic surgery aimed at rejuvenating the cervico-chin area: eliminating age-related wrinkles in the neck area, as well as getting rid of a double chin. A comprehensive neck lift, if necessary, may include liposuction (removal of excess fat), cervicoplasty (removal of excess skin) and platysmaplasty (lift of the cervical muscle – platysma). A neck lift is often combined with a facelift or supplemented with peeling, dermabrasion or laser skin resurfacing.

With neck lift surgery, you can get rid of your jowl and look fresh and younger instead of excess and wrinkled skin.

Neck and double chin procedures are applied for eliminating deformations between the face and décolletage. In neck and double chin procedures, the excess fat tissue is removed with Vaser Liposuction. At the same time, excess skin is cut, the person is given a younger and more aesthetic looking neck region.

With aging or because of genetic reasons the skin of neck and double chin can start sagging. The sagging skin in the neck area shows the person is older than his or her age.The double chin and saggy neck can make a person look sad and pale.To get rid of this problem and to look younger, you can get neck and double chin procedures.

Preparing for Neck Lift

Plastic surgery of the neck is relatively low-traumatic, but requires special training.

 It includes: 

Consultation with the operating surgeon. The doctor will tell you about all the features of the intervention, select the appropriate technique for its implementation, take into account the individual parameters of the patient’s appearance, the type of his skin, etc.

Comprehensive examination, if needed ECG and fluorography, as well as the delivery of blood tests. If necessary, the patient can be assigned other studies.

Consultation with an anesthesiologist. This doctor will identify all available general contraindications related to the patient’s health.

Consultation with narrow specialists (in the presence of chronic diseases). Doctors will determine the absence of contraindications and will reduce the risk of complications.

2 weeks before plastic surgery of the neck and lower third of the face, patients are advised to refuse:

  • Smoking
  • Active physical activity
  • The use of cosmetic products
  • Undergoing cosmetology procedures

Certain medications may also be prescribed to patients. If a person is already taking some means, be sure to inform the doctor about it. He will decide on cancellation, dosage adjustments or other actions.


The double chin and fat deposits on the neck are removed;

  • Eliminates skin folds and sagging;
  • The straight neck-chin angle is restored;
  • A clear chin contour and a slender neck line are restored.
  • Neck plastic surgery can return you 10-15 years!

Who needs a neck lift?

In general, a neck lift is performed when there is wrinkled and sagging skin in the area, a double chin, an absent neck contour without a chin outline, or fat deposits in this area. As a rule, this type of lifting is not recommended until the age of 50.

Validity and duration of Neck Lift

Before the cosmetic operation, a detailed discussion is carried out between the doctor and the patient, in which the wishes of the latter and the best option for their coordination with the methods of therapy are determined. Our experts will consult with you in order to ultimately obtain an aesthetic and satisfying result.

Typically, patients come to the clinic on the day of surgery on an empty stomach, like fasting. A final conversation with the surgeon is held to discuss the planned incisions while the patient is awake and standing. During the procedure, excess fat is removed in the neck area and the underlying muscles are tightened. Typically, a very small skin incision is made below the chin or behind the ears. As a result, the scars after the procedure are barely visible. The methods used are individually adapted to the specific patient. A neck lift is often combined with various facelift (facelift) techniques. It depends on the individual patient’s wishes and medical options. On average, a surgical procedure, which is performed under general anesthesia, takes three to five hours. 

Follow-up treatment and recovery after a neck lift

Patients stay in the hospital for an average of one to four days after the procedure for postoperative monitoring so that they can be treated promptly in case of severe pain or complications such as bleeding or infection. Swelling, bruising, skin numbness and a feeling of tightness may occur immediately after the lift. They usually disappear after seven to ten days. A two week rest period should be planned immediately after the procedure. Do not perform heavy physical work or exercise for four weeks after surgery. Typically, the patient can return to normal after four weeks. In order not to disrupt the scarring process, direct sunlight should be avoided in the first three months after the procedure.

Postoperative period of Necklift

The first day after the neck lift, the patient is in the hospital. For several days, it is possible to preserve edema and pain syndrome, for the relief of which special drugs are prescribed. Usually, the stitches are removed after 8-12 days.

The rehabilitation period after plastic surgery of the lower third of the face and neck lasts 3-5 weeks. Physiotherapy procedures aimed at restoring the processes of blood and lymph circulation allow accelerating healing and reducing swelling. 

Within 1 month after platysmaplasty, patients are prohibited from visiting the solarium, swimming pool, sauna and bath, using cosmetics and undergoing cosmetic procedures in the affected area. 

The operating surgeon will give specific recommendations. In many respects, they will be determined by the current state of the patient, the speed of recovery processes, the characteristics of the wound surface and the presence of concomitant diseases and pathologies. 

Indications for Neck Lift

Neck plastic surgery is indicated for women 40–65 years old in the following cases:

  • flabbiness, sagging skin;
  • double chin formation;
  • decreased muscle tone;
  • divergence of the edges of platysma.

The procedure is also performed at an earlier age if similar symptoms have been identified due to a genetic predisposition.

Contraindications for Neck Lift 

A neck lift is contraindicated in the presence of:

  • oncology;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • heart failure;
  • chronic diseases in a progressive stage;
  • blood clotting disorders;
  • damage to the cervical region;
  • complete loss of elasticity.
  • Procedure process

Before the operation, the patient undergoes the necessary tests in order to exclude all contraindications and minimize postoperative complications. During the examination, the surgeon determines:

  • the degree of skin elasticity;
  • the presence of body fat;
  • chin shape;
  • proportions of the cervico-chin angle;
  • symmetry of platism;
  • position and size of the salivary glands.

These data allow you to choose the optimal plastic method and achieve the maximum effect.

During the procedure, the doctor makes fine incisions in the chin and auricles, gently sutures the muscle, removes excess skin if necessary and forms new contours of the neck. Plastic surgery is performed under general anesthesia.

Duration of the procedure

The operation takes an average of 2 hours. 

Recovery process after neck and double chin procedure

There will not be any visible scar in the patient’s neck. The small incision scars for the liposuction normally are hidden in the neck folds. Those small incisions scars are fading by the time. 

It takes less time to recover from the neck and double chin procedure, you can start continuing your daily life very fast.

In case the patient has just the liposuction for the neck, then it takes just 5 days for recovery. But if a patient has skin tightening nearby liposuction for double chin, then it may take more than 10 days for recovery. After this period, daily activities can be easy. During the double chin tightening, the scars are hidden either behind the ear or hair roots

What are non-surgical methods of neck lift?

Neck aesthetics is an important element affecting our profile. Fine wrinkles in the neck and décolletage can also be removed with non-surgical methods such as fill mesotherapy or thermage. They can be applied to patients who do not want to have or who do not require a surgery.

Double chin

The second (double) chin is a cosmetic defect characterized by the appearance of fat and skin folds under the lower jaw and in the neck area. This problem occurs more often in men and women after 40-45 years. Sometimes excess fat in the chin can be deposited at a younger age.

Among the reasons that lead to the appearance of a double chin, there are: 

  • Hereditary features of the skin, muscle tissue, metabolism, anatomical structure and location of the lower jaw and hyoid bone.
  • Obesity.
  • Improper diet that contributes to the formation of body fat.
  • Sedentary lifestyle.
  • Violation of posture and “wrong habits” in which a person lowers his chin (stoop, reading with his head down, etc.).
  • Hormonal changes in the body.
  • A sudden loss of body weight, which causes the skin and muscles to begin to sag.
  • Age-related changes.
  • As a rule, after 45 years, a double chin is combined with wrinkles, soft tissue ptosis and other aesthetic imperfections.

What is non surgical double chin treatment?

Ultherapy activates metabolic processes in subcutaneous adipose tissue, stimulates collagen synthesis in the skin, and increases its tone. The connective tissue of the double chin is stimulated millimeter by millimeter.

For the double chin area, 1 session is required. The result is a clear and toned oval of the face, no folds and flabbiness in this area. And for the next few months, the dermis itself, without cosmetological assistance, will reproduce the processes of rejuvenation, intensively form collagen fibers and elastin, which is a “building material” for new tissues.

Thermage CPT is RF therapy.Under the influence of a high-frequency electromagnetic field, a controlled heating of the skin and subcutaneous fatty tissue of the chin region is carried out up to 40-42 ° C. As a result, RF-lipolysis quickly and effectively breaks down the fatty deposits that form the second chin, and as a result of RF-lifting, the existing excess skin that appears with age or after the removal of fatty deposits is removed.

Mesotherapy is the introduction of biostimulants, lipolytics (drugs that destroy fat), vasodilators, and vitamins by injections directly into the subcutaneous fatty tissue of the chin that provides a noticeable effect in a short time.

Are the results of neck lift and double chin procedures permanent?

Permanence of the results of neck and double chin procedures may vary depending on the patients’ habits. In neck and double chin procedures, fats in the patient’s double chin are removed. If the patient keeps on gaining weight after the operation, formation of fat is inevitable.

If neck and double chin procedures are applied to patients over 50, we recommend inclusion of the neck tightening procedure in the operation. After the neck tightening operation is made, the patients may develop a saggy double chin again due to aging and gravity, but this sagging will not be as prominent and intense as it was before the operation.

How much do neck lift and double chin procedures cost?

For Ministry of Health-accredited centers, it is not legal to specify prices on their website.  Therefore, please dial 0212 241 46 24 to contact our polyclinic and get information on our neck lift and double chin procedure prices.

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