temporal liftTemporal Lift surgery is a cosmetic procedure that has effects to reduce wrinkles, sagging, and hooding around the forehead as well as corners of the eyes and brow area.

As we age, wrinkles and sagging may occur in many parts of the body. Both men and women start to look for alternative ways to keep a youthful appearance to their faces and bodies.

The most obvious changes are usually seen in the face. Due to the loss of elasticity of the skin tissue, these changes mostly happen around the eyes, forehead and temple.

Why Does Sagging Occur in Temples?

One of the most crucial factors is gravity. Over the course of aging, the skin tissue loses its elasticity, and sagging happens. Moreover, some environmental factors including alcohol, smoking, sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy diet, and stress could lead to skin sagging as well. Finally, other reasons such as intensive use of mimics on the temple area could cause deformation in the aforementioned regions.

Who is Suitable for Temporal Lift?

A drooping temple is much more of a sign of aging than a drooping eyebrow. A temple lift is an ideal surgery for many patients seeking minimally invasive facial rejuvenation.

A temple lift is recommended for people who have a sad or worried expression due to the natural aging process, droopy eyebrows, or “hooded” eyelids, yet are satisfied with the rest of their forehead.

Temporal Lift is suitable for the following situations:

  • Those who want to reduce the visible effects of aging on the face,
  • Those who have drooping eyebrows and sagging skin due to hereditary or aging,
  • Those who do not need a full eyebrow lift and only want the tip of their eyebrows to be pulled,
  • Those with deep lines at the eyebrow tip and on both sides of the eye.

At What Age can Temporal Lift be Done?

In general, the age limit for temple stretching is over 45 for women and over 55 for men. Better and more beautiful results are obtained in patients with a small subcutaneous fat layer in the face area. If there is more than 1 cm of skin on the face, temple lift operation is a suitable procedure.

Before Temporary Lift Operation

  • Before the temple lift surgery, necessary medical tests are performed, your consultation with your doctor and your examination are completed,
  • Aspirin and herbal teas, vitamins and blood thinners should be discontinued 10 days before the temple stretch,
  • Before the operation, smoking should be stopped at the time recommended by the doctor,
  • Fluid and food flow should be stopped 8 hours before the operation.

How Does the Temporal Lift Operation Perform?

The operation could be performed under local or general anesthesia depending on the surgeon’s and patient’s preferences. The Temple Lifting surgery could be one of the most risk-free operations compared to other aesthetic applications.

The operation is completed between 30 – 60 minutes depending on the other procedures combined with the operation.

During the surgery, two small incisions are made where the hairline meets in the scalp to hide the scars. Afterward, the skin will be lifted and stretched upwards.

If sagging is seen intensely in temples, excess skin will be removed to achieve a smoother look. Finally, small incisions will be closed with small sutures.

Result of Temporal Lift

A temporal lift is a surgical operation to rejuvenate the face. The operation is extremely effective and stretches not only the facial skin, but also the layers underneath.

If the temporal lift is expanded, besides facial rejuvenation, correction of wrinkles in the neck area can be added if necessary. Temporal lift is performed under general anesthesia and takes between 3 and 6 hours.

temporal liftAfter the Temporal Lift

A temporal lift is a minimally invasive procedure that can be performed in a short time.

Sutures are placed on the patient’s incisions immediately after the temporal lift procedure. Approximately 24 – 48 light bandages are applied to the patient’s head. 

On discharge from the hospital, the patient is given instructions regarding dressing care. The bandage is generally removed 24-48 hours after surgery. 

In the first week after temporal lift surgery, the patient should sleep with 2-3 pillows to keep his/her head up. This helps to reduce swelling and bruising.

The patient may have bruising on the forehead and around the eyes after temporal lift. This bruising can generally disappear within 7 or 10 days. However, it can last for 6 or 8 weeks.

The bruising and swelling can be camouflaged with special make-up. The best way to reduce swelling and bruising that occurs in the first 24 – 48 hours after a temporal lift is to raise ice packs and a pillow.

The applied ice should not come into direct contact with the skin. The ice should be wrapped in a plastic bag or towel, this way it provides a nice coolness rather than a bitter cold. 

After temporal lift, the sutures are removed between the 10th and 14th days. Choosing the right doctor is very important for good results.

The Recovery Period of Temporal Lift

Whilst patients would be discharged within the same day of the operation, the recovery period is short compared to other cosmetic operations, the period takes about two weeks.

It is recommended to minimize making mimics on temples, eyes, and eyebrows area. In order to reduce bruising and swelling, patients could ice the area for 10 minutes at a time.

The sutures would be removed within the first 7 days after the surgery. The incisions might leave scars however since they are hidden in the hairline, they are not visible at all.

Finally, as this operation is less invasive than the other procedures, it has low-risk and minimal side effects.

Combined Operations with Temporal Lift

Problems such as sagging in the temple area affect the eye circles negatively. The sagging problem in the temple area causes the eyelid to sag over time.

Therefore, temporal lift surgery can be applied together with Eyelid Aesthetics in some cases. Sometimes, temporal lift surgery can be performed in combination with eyebrow lift surgery, depending on the person’s facial structure and face sagging problem.

Risks of Temporal Lift

During the temporal lift operation, there may be a risk of damaging a branch of the facial nerve as a result of swelling or a peripheral lesion, but this risk disappears after the operation.

Infection is a risk that can happen after temporal lift. After the operation, the scars are behind the ears or on the hairy parts of the head, and therefore they are almost unnoticeable.

Will There be Pain After the Temporal Lift?

After the forehead or temporal lift operation, a bandage is applied to the patient for 2-3 days. After the operation, it is possible to take a bath from the 3rd or 4th day.

There is no disturbing and strong pain in the postoperative period. There may be a little headache, usually caused by tension. This is relieved by taking a painkiller. Swelling can be seen between the 3rd and the 5th day after the forehead lift. These complaints usually disappear within 10 days.

How Much Does Temporal Lift Cost in Istanbul, Turkey?

Temporal Lift price may vary depending on the scope of the procedure to be performed, the material to be used and the technique. However, while determining the price, the same price applies to all patients who will receive the same amount of work.

In this way, no patient pays more than the other patient for the same amount of work and does not feel bad. For Ministry of Health-accredited centers, it is not legal to specify prices on their website.

The appropriate treatment plan is made in line with the needs and demands of the people, and you can learn a net price after the examination.

You can contact Quartz Clinique directly at +90212 241 46 24 to learn about Fox Eye Lift prices in general and to get more information about Fox Eye Lift in Istanbul, Turkey.

Temporal lift makes you look younger. This process can help bring you back to your younger years. The recovery time is very short and it is an application that gives immediate results.

If you are planning to have Temporal Lift, you should do detailed research on the subject and then do what is recommended to you. With a nice care after the application, your impressive result can be effective for a long time.