Breast ImplantsBreast size in women can vary depending on weight gain, breastfeeding period and genetic structure.

Breast aesthetics is applied in cases where the structure of the breast is small, breast sagging and deformity.

Women prefer breast augmentation with breast implants to increase the volume of missing breast tissue or lost breast tissue and to have an aesthetically beautiful appearance.

In breast augmentation, breast implants are used to increase the volume and to supplement the breast tissue with insufficient breast tissue. Breast implants are natural looking. It maintains its shape for many years and does not require any further processing.

Before breast augmentation, the patient’s breast tissue, dimensions, breast size and shape desired by the patient are planned. The type of implant to be used and the size of the implant are determined for the patient.

Each planning is specific to the patient and the breast tissue of the patient. Appropriate implant selection is very important for successful breast augmentation.

What Does Breast Implant Mean?

Breast implants are used in breast augmentation in the form of imitation of breast tissue that has lost its volume or is not in the volume desired by the patient. This medical structure used in breast augmentation is called breast implant or breast silicone.

The outer surface of breast implants is covered with a hard silicone. The inner parts are much softer, gel-like. These implants have various physical properties.

There are varieties in size, shape, surface and content. They can be smooth as a surface or they can be textured. The contents of the implants are in the form of saline, cohesive gel or silicone.

Breast ImplantsWhat is the Actual Breast Size?

Although the size of the bra in breast augmentation is not known very much by women, it consists of two separate features as chest circumference and cap. Breast augmentation is done with these criteria. This measurement system is as follows:

The chest circumference measured from the bottom of the breast represents the numerical part.

Then, the breast circumference measured from the nipple is measured with 2.5 cm intervals, as AA if it is 10 cm larger than the under-breast measurement, A if it is 12.5 cm larger, and B if it is 15 cm.

In general, the woman can grow up to 3 sizes with the implant. If she wants larger breasts, first skin expansion and then implant placement are considered necessary by the doctor.

Breast size is a personal situation and the person should decide for herself whether the breast is large or small. It should be noted that if the nipple placement of the person is at or slightly above the lower border of the breast, and if it has the appropriate volume with the person’s body, it becomes a natural and beautiful breast image.

What are the Types of Breast Implants?

Breast implants used in breast augmentation contain silicone material. They are divided into groups according to their diversity. Within themselves, they are divided into classes. Grouped implants are distinguished from each other by their shape, content and sheath structure.

Breast Implants by Shape

According to their shape, breast implants are divided into two groups:

  • Round Breast Implants,
  • Drop (Anatomical) Breast Implants.

Round breast implants resemble a hemisphere. The middle part of the implant is thick. After placement,a fuller appearance is obtained in the milk area of the breast. Anatomically, with its other name, drop implants, they resemble rain drops. The upper part is thin and the lower part is wider.

After its placement, a fuller appearance is obtained in the lower part of the breast. Drop implants are often preferred by doctors and patients in breast augmentation because they give the desired natural breast appearance.

Implants with this form are generally preferred in operations where breast sagging is low and breast lift is not performed.

As a result, for which breast types round or drop implants will be used, it depends on the breast tissue and structure of the person. When the implants used in breast augmentation are examined, women mostly prefer round prosthesis, since the purpose of the surgery is breast augmentation.

In other cases, if the breast tissue of the person is low, within the doctor’s plans, drop implants that grow from the top down are frequently preferred to capture the natural appearance.

Breast ImplantsBreast Implants by Content

Breast implants; They are classified as containing silicone and saline. Implants with saline content; It is divided into two classes as liquid silicone and cohesive gel.

The content of breast implants with a silicone outer sheath can be gel-like silicone or saline.

Breast implants, which are filled with saline, are easily placed in the patient with small incisions made around the belly button or under the armpit.

However, if the breast implant receives a trauma and is damaged, the saline in it may leak. If this situation occurs, it does not cause any problems for the breast and breast tissue.

There is a possibility of replacement in the future. In implants with gel content, there is no risk in case of injury due to trauma. And even if the adhesive molecules in its content are cut, there is no leakage.

Breast Implants by Sheaths

The outer sheaths of breast implants are covered with a hard silicone. They are divided into two groups as rough (textured) and smooth surface (smooth). There is a greater risk of capsular contracture around breast implants with a rough surface. Therefore, they are more preferred by doctors.

Breast implants; It is placed from areas such as the belly button, armpit, nipple, under the breast. At the same time, the areas where these implants will be placed, such as; submuscular, supramuscular, submammary and submuscular, may be different.

Which of the implants used in breast augmentation will be preferred depends on the breast structure, volume and the structure of the woman’s body.

In breast augmentation focused on patient satisfaction, the selection of the appropriate implant, the placement area, the area to be placed and the surgical technique to be used are very important for a good result.

While making the decision, the doctor decides on the shape of the breast to be created with the trial implants and the necessary modifications are made.

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