Breast Lift Surgery

memeThe term breast lift surgery covers those operations performed to lift the sagging breast, with no significant problem in the size. Several factors contribute to breast sagging.

Aging or pregnancy and/or breastfeeding may lead to deformities in the form and position of the breast after development age. 

Furthermore, if elasticity of the skin is also lost, both form of the breast changes and sagging is observed with the breasts losing their elevation. Like the breast reduction surgeries, breast lift surgeries are performed with a planning suitable for the chosen technique.

Performed to reduce or eliminate these problems, breast lift surgeries’ purpose is to get a firmer skin and tip-tilted breasts by shaping the breast tissue.

Depending on the surgical technique of breast lifting, a scar may be observed as a flat line in the nipple, in the nipple and aerola or as a reverse T in the nipple. Sometimes breast lift surgeries are not sufficient alone to reach the desired size and form. In such cases, lifting surgery may be combined with silicon prosthesis.

Operation is generally performed under general anesthesia. However, local anesthesia may be applied, depending on the patient. It takes 2.5-3 hours. Patient stays at the hospital for 1-2 days. Then, she is discharged to visit the hospital for regular follow-up controls. Post-operation is unproblematic, except insignificant pains. If drainage tubes had been installed, these will be taken out in 24-48 hours. Sutures are removed in 7-12 days. Insignificant swelling and strain in the breast for 2-3 weeks. Some patients may also have bruises, which are resolved in 7-10 days. Patients may wear bra after the second day. This will act as a dressing and make the patient comfortable. Like all surgical interventions, breast lift surgeries can bring some risks and complications.

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