Arm Lift (Brachioplasty)

Due to aging, weight loss, and other factors skin may sag in the lower part of the arm. Arm Lift Surgery, Brachioplasty aims to get rid of the saggy skin and helps to have tighter and thinner arms. Once the surgery completed with an appropriate method, individuals could achieve their desired dynamic look. Since the saggy look in the upper arm area, may cause people to feel old and lead a lack of self-confidence this method helps individuals to have fit and toned arms.

What is Brachioplasty  (Arm Lift ) Surgery?

Due to weight loss and aging, the Brachioplasty technique aims to correct the fatty and saggy appearance on the arms. Physiologically, in the upper arm area, the skin and subcutaneous tissue are more relaxed. The only solution for severe sagging is surgical methods. In the surgical method, excess fat in the arm area is removed by using the vaser liposuction method. The remaining excess skin is removed, and the arm is lifted. The incisions are hidden in the arm. The scars run parallel to the arm inside and at the bottom of the arm.

Why does arm skin sags?

The main reasons for saggy arms are weight loss, age factor, and gravity. This could be seen in both men and women. Saggy arms are mostly seen people who used to exercise and stop exercising recently. This is because, the saggy arms occur when the development of the arm muscles stop, and the muscle rate decreases over time. In those cases, Brachioplasty surgery is the most appropriate technique to use.

How does Brachioplasty perform?

Temporary solutions such as firming creams, corset, or upper body/arm exercises are suggested for saggy arms, however, the only and permanent solution for saggy arms is Brachioplasty surgery. If the accumulated fat in the arm area bothers individuals very much, they could think about having Brachioplasty surgery to have the best and permanent results.

Arm lift aesthetics are performed under general anesthesia. Depending on the rate of sagging and thickness of the subcutaneous adipose tissue, the patient and the surgeon discuss the details of the procedure.

If there are an extreme sagginess and loose skin due to frequent weight loss, first, liposuction could be performed. After the liposuction application, the loose skin is surgically removed and stretched. Sometimes, the saggy skin could only be seen under the armpit. In such patients, excess skin under the armpit is removed with minimal stitches. If the sagginess of the skin continues all the way down to the elbow, an arm lifting operation may be applied starting from the elbow and extending to the armpit. In this process, some scars may remain after the operation.

Since arm-lifting surgery is a one-time surgery, patients who have had this operation before would not need to repeat this surgery periodically. The lifted arms do not return to their original state after lifting, however, if the patients lose excess weight, arms sagging would be inevitable.

What should be considered before arm lift surgery?

As with all surgeries requiring general anesthesia, a 6-hour fasting period is required before surgery. It is advised for patients who would undergo surgery not to take blood thinners such as aspirin at least 3 days before surgery.

How is the recovery process after the surgery?

Arm lifting surgery lasts approximately 1-3 hours under general anesthesia. Patients would need to stay at the hospital for a day. After the operation, an arm corset should be worn for approximately 6 weeks. During this time, edema and light bruises gradually disappear. In arm lifting surgeries, there would not be any serious pain, if there would be some pain some painkillers could be taken after consulting with the surgeon. Patients could return to their daily routine after 5-7 days.

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