Double Chin Liposuction

double chin liposuction

Double chin is one of the most common aesthetic problems relating to the whole face and neck esthetic look for both men and women. Double chin esthetic by vaser liposuction, also known as submental lipo, is the reform of a double chin. If you have a double chin with fat on your neck area, this problem can be solved by vaser liposuction procedure to produce the best possible result. This type of facial cosmetic procedure should result in a more young, characteristic appearance and defined profile. The neck should be defined from the jawline, to have a strict transition from the shoulders to the head, you should get rid of your double chin look. 

Who is a good candidate for double chin liposuction procedure?

Best candidates for double chin vaser liposuction are people who do not want to see their neck area esthetic. They also may notice that the excess fat diminishes the form of their jawline. A weak jawline is caused by a double chin. Double chin has bad effects on both men and women, it has different effects for each gender. For men, a strong and defined jawline is a universal feature of masculinity, so weakness in this area can feminize the face. For women, a weak jaw can create an undefined face esthetic and the appearance of a sexy neck. Because of these, all people can be the best candidates who have problems with their double chin!

How double chin liposuction can be performed?

During double chin liposuction, sedation anaesthesia will be used. The surgeon makes a small incision underneath your double chin and removes all excess fat from that region. When the double chin contouring has been achieved, the incision will be stitched closed. 

Double chin liposuction recovery process!

You can be able to go home on the same day after a double chin liposuction procedure. One week after your operation, you will be able to return to your regular routine. If you have sutures, they are going to be removed after1 week post-op, and there will not be a scar. 

If you want to get rid of your double chin look and have a sexy neck, please contact QUARTZ CLINIC to book a consultation with one of our doctors. Our team is going to answer your questions. You can call or whatsapp by +905442684433

4 thoughts on “Double Chin Liposuction

  1. Deena says:

    I’m from the USA ans was wondering how much you charge for double chin removal! If’s be visiting Istanbul in July

    1. Op. Dr. Leyla Arvas says:

      The most effective solution in the double chin area is vaser liposuction method. Since Vaser is an ultrasonic method, it completely removes the fat cells in that area.
      It takes approximately 1-1.5 hours .Vaser technique is the process of melting the fat under the skin with an ultrasonic method without making any incisions.
      Then it is vacuumed and taken out and the skin is recovered with a bandage made under the chin.
      Our price is 12.000₺ by cash.

      1. Mehdi says:

        Is it with plasma j

        1. Op. Dr. Leyla Arvas says:

          Hi, I do liposuction with VASER, not J plasma

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