Eyebrow Lift

eyebrow lift

Eyebrows make women look younger and more energetic. Low eyebrow appearance makes an angry, tired, or even sad expression to the face. Eyebrow lift aesthetics could be applied for eyebrows that lose their form. In women and men, with the advancement of age or genetic factors, deep grooves and deep lined could appear between the eye brows. Moreover, factors such as weight loss, exposure to intense sunlight, and smoking could make individuals look older than they are. Eye brow lifting aesthetics aims the forehead area to look smoother by eliminating the wrinkles and re-forming the eyebrows which give a young and fresh look.

How Does Eyebrow Lift Perform?

Eyebrow lift is an aesthetic operation where horizontal lines in the forehead area are eliminated to have younger eyebrows. In eyebrow lift, low eyebrows are tightened and lifted which helps to give a natural arched structure as well as younger, lively and clear facial expression. Eyebrow lift is an ideal technique for those who do not prefer having face surgery.

Eyebrow lifting operations are performed with the help of a small incision made from scalp, just like forehead lifting  operations. Or it can be perfomed through full muscle or by entering through the upper eyelid. The permanent eyebrow lift operation and its scar changes according to the desired eyebrow shape and technique.

Eyebrow Lifting With Threads

As a more minimal method, we use threads in the eyebrow lift treatment. With a very small incision, if we want a higher eyebrow, we have the chance to remove the outer edge of the middle part. When we fix the tissue under the scalp with threads, we increase its lasting.

After the treatment, candidates could easily return to their daily life without worrying about the stitches.The treatment takes an average of 30-45 minutes and patients could leave the clinic after the procedure. The healing process is very fast as well.

Who Is Eligible for Eyebrow Lift?

If the patient’s eyebrows are lower than they should be, this may give individuals a tired and miserable look. If they have more imperfections such as deep horizontal lines on their forehead, vertical lines starting between the eyebrows and extending to their nose, or if their eyebrow structure is genetically low, it may be the right time to consider having Eyebrow Lifting Surgery.

Eyebrow lifting surgery completely eliminates these and similar problems. Eyebrows could be hung at the desired rate. If the patient’s upper eyelid is sagging and there are bags under their eyes, the plastic surgeon might recommend having the eyelid surgery in addition to the face lift surgery.

Can I get the information for eyebrow lift cost?

It is not legal for clinics approved by the Ministry of Health to quotes prices on their websites. You can get information about eyebrow lift costs by calling our clinic on the phone number which is 02122414624.

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