Facial Fat Transfer

Fat transfer to the face is suitable for individuals who have facial collapses and soft tissue lost. It is used to renew the fat tissues which usually decrease with the aging effect. Moreover, the fat transfer technique is also used for people who have genetically slim facial contours. It is generally preferred to use around the face and middle face area. With the mentioned technique, patients could have plumper cheekbones and eliminate wrinkles around the eyes. Fat transfer is done using individuals’ own body fat and is a very comfortable procedure that could be done within an average of 40 minutes.

In Which Areas Are Fat Transfer Could Be Applied On The Face?

Fat transfer could be done to the lips, cheekbones, temples, tear groove, nose, lip line, lower jawline, eyelids, under-eye, and chin areas. Facial Fat Transfer, which makes the face even fuller, is also preferable for reducing wrinkles. This technique is suitable for either men or women to have a fuller look on their faces. Finally, fat transfer is recommended for individuals whose face is flattened and require chin augmentation to make facial contours clearer.

Youth Coming From Your Own Fat

Fat transfer is not only making the face fuller, but it also has a regenerating effect. Since the injected fats are taken with vaser liposuction, the fat cells keep their vitality. Thus, the face contour is changed in the applied area. Deep lines that cause wrinkles on the face are filled with fat to make the face tighter. Moreover, with the help of Facial Fat Transfer, the facial contours become clearer. This procedure could be applied under the eye area as well.

Besides for the full effect of the fat transfer to face , it also helps to skin renewing itself. The applied fat tissues help regeneration of the stem cells and stimulate collagen production. As a result, the facial skin becomes fuller and brighter.

How Does Fat Transfer To Face Could Perform?

The fat tissues are taken from the other parts of the individuals’ body. Generally, abdomen, waist and hip areas are preferred. Fats are taken through vaser liposuction method with the help of thin cannulas.  In order for the fat tissues to last even longer, they are centrifuged; also known as purification. The fat tissues that become ready for injection are carefully transferred to the desired are with thin cannulas. There would not appear any scars after the procedure; the patients could continue to their daily routine afterwards.

How Is the Recovery Period?

Since the fat transfer to the face is done under local anesthesia, the patient would not have intense pain afterwards. It is normal to notice some swelling and bruises later on however, they usually go away in 2-3 days. In order to prevent edema, it is crucial to put some ice on the applied area. There will not be any scars 3 weeks after the procedure.

How Much Does It Cost?

It is not legal for clinics approved by the Ministry of Health to quotes prices on their websites. You can get information about  fat transfer to the face prices by calling our clinic on the phone number which is 02122414624.

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